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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 31 Recap

Seeing Li Qingliu entering the palace alone without Long Aoyi, the imperial concubine couldn’t help asking about her situation. Li Qingliu concealed the fake pregnancy of Long Aoyi temporarily, lied that she was resting at home due to physical discomfort. The emperor was relieved when she heard the words. At the same time, she also told Li Qingliu to take good care of Long Aoyi. She loved this girl very much, as if Seeing Li Qingliu’s birth mother, Cui, was the reason why the emperor was so pampered.

Long Zhu’s gang searched for many places, but Long Aoyi was not seen, and they were suddenly anxious. It just so happened that there was thunder and lightning again that night, and heavy rain was like a note. Li Qing lingered on the dragon and was proud of his safety, and had no intention of tasting the delicacies prepared by Du Xiaoxian himself. Du Xiaoxian saw what he was thinking and felt that he was a childhood sweetheart, but after all, he could not make fun of fate. Although his concubine was intentional but unintentional, he decided to cancel the marriage contract.

Li Qingliu didn’t care about Du Xiaoxian’s emotions, and immediately rushed out to find Long Aoyi. Unexpectedly, Long Aoyi was curled up at the door to hide from the rain. Long Aoyi said that he would wait for the rain to stop and leave, but Li Qingliu directly hugged her in his arms and hugged her before she finished speaking.

Afterwards, the two changed clean clothes. Long Aoyi explained the reason for the fake pregnancy. Li Qingliu didn’t care about the predecessors, and told her not to speak out, so as not to be used by someone who wanted to use it, which might lead to murder. Li Qingliu took the initiative to catch Long Aoyi, claiming that she would never be allowed to leave herself. At the same time, Du Xiaoxian sat in the room feeling lost. Even if she temporarily canceled the marriage contract, she would never let Long Aoyi go. She was ready to find a chance to publicize the fake pregnancy, so that she had no room to stand up.

Early the next morning, Li Qingliu couldn’t bear to wake up Long Aoyi. He simply went to the court first. Before leaving, he left a note to show his love and promised to ask the emperor for resignation after everything was resolved. He traveled around with her and stayed together for life. . Later, Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu went to Qinglong Temple to pray for incense, but Long Aoyi found through the window that Wujiang presided over the treatment of the dumb monk without question, which seemed to hide a secret.

Concubine De had a great time playing the piano for the emperor, but the emperor missed the Cui family and praised Li Qingliu in person, planning to train him well. Hearing this, De Fei became more and more difficult to calm the gloomy fire, and planned to take advantage of Qiu Yu’s hands and feet to completely get rid of Li Qingliu. With reference to Yuan Zai’s proposal, the emperor decided to reduce the size of Qiuzhen, and let the prince, Li Zhao, and Li Qingliu lead the hunt respectively, and score points according to the number of prey.

Du Xiaoxian was dancing and praying for blessing on the hunting day. Long Ao didn’t take it seriously, and led the princesses to dance in the Five Animals Show. Suddenly, he found that the Prince’s bow bag was missing in the grass, and there was a moon hook for the thief to fish his money bag. He couldn’t help but wonder. Long Aoyi noticed that the guards around De Fei looked abnormal, so he guessed that De Fei wanted to use the Prince’s hand to kill Li Qingliu, and drove away immediately.

Li Zhao’s saddle had a problem, so he could only stay where he was. Li Qingliu and the prince chased the white deer. They wanted to capture the white deer and ask the emperor for a reward. They did not expect the assassin to disguise the white deer in fur, and deliberately led the prince to release an arrow and shot. Long Aoyi. Seeing Long Aoyi fall to the ground injured, Li Qingliu rushed forward and hugged her, panicking. When Long Ao saw that he was safe and sound, he was finally relieved. Fortunately, the burden on his stomach blocked the arrow and was not injured.

When De Fei heard that Li Qingliu had escaped, she was immediately furious. She simply ordered her men to deal with the mercury-infused bows and arrows so as not to be discovered. He did not expect this scene to be seen by Li Zhao. Li Qingliu asked Lu Erye to investigate the suspicious guard, and learned that this person was a child of the Pang family. Because Pangdahai was promoted by the concubine Dee, he worked in the forbidden army in the guard harem. Because Shencejun and Jinwuwei did their duties and did not interfere with each other, Lu Erye could not investigate further. Li Qingliu wanted to see him, but was told yesterday that he was sick and left the palace.

Long Aoyi chose a quiet place in the palace and set up a palace meeting with a sign. De Fei’s personal maid, Brow Niang, was arrogant and ordered Long Aoyi to remove the sign. Unexpectedly, Shanggong Bureau, on the order of the imperial concubine, specially defended Long Aoyi and reprimanded the Brow Niang regardless of severity. Huang Taiji lent the jade chapter to Long Aoyi. As long as there is this thing, no one would dare to disrespect her. Long Ao was touched and couldn’t help thinking of Sister Feng.

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