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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 9 Recap

While everyone was talking indignantly, I didn’t expect that Gu Yaodong suddenly ran to Police Officer Liu to show his courtesy. Not only did he help him carry the box, he even took the initiative to clean the sanitation, which shocked the colleagues in the Second Penalty Division, and their hearts were mixed. When eating at noon, Gu Yaodong habitually carried the lunch box to the Xing Er location. Originally, Zhao Zhiyong waved at him, but he did not expect Xiao Datou to step on the empty seat and expel him in disgust.

Gu Yaodong concealed his loss and found a place to sit nearby. Even though he seemed to bury his head in a meal, he kept his ears up and eavesdropped on the conversations of several people in the torture place, lest he might miss a word. In the eyes of outsiders, Gu Yaodong looks eagerly looking forward to climbing high. The people in Xing No. 2 have no lofty ambitions, but more or less have a sense of justice and honor, so they think Gu Yaodong eats the inside and out, but actually borrows from Liu. The police officer’s hand approached Chen Xianmin.

Officer Liu carried the lunch box and walked towards the gate of the detention center. Gu Yaodong chased him from behind. He wanted to go in with him to meet the prisoner on the grounds of describing the physical features of the prisoner. It just so happened that Police Officer Liu couldn’t write a case report recently, so he scratched his head and worked up the numbers all day, so he agreed to write it on his behalf.

The iron gate of the detention center was closed, and two guards armed with guns stood guard at the door. Gu Yaodong panicked with a guilty conscience until he smoothly entered the place where the prisoner was held. Before Gu Yaodong entered the door, he had noticed the layout of the detention center. Upon seeing Officer Liu, the police officer on duty Xu San quickly selected a key from the cabinet and handed it to him. Xu San wanted to have two drinks with Officer Liu, so he asked Gu Yaodong to help clean the corridor. Officer Liu took the key and left the registration room. Gu Yaodong immediately followed, taking the mop and bucket with him.

After passing through the twisty passage, Gu Yaodong followed Officer Liu to the end of the passage and stood outside the last cell. He watched as Officer Liu opened the inspection window with the smaller of the keys, and then Gu Yaodong held the lunch box in both hands. The narrow window reached in, because the appearance was too modest, but it seemed to come to apologize.

Officer Liu returned to the registration room. Gu Yaodong stayed in the corridor to clean. He heard the voice of the two people next door. He seemed to have been drinking, so he took the opportunity to open the open door and see through the light that the room was full. Labor insurance items. Standing under the ventilation window in the courtyard, Gu Yaodong immediately measured the approximate height from the ground to the window with his hands. When Officer Liu came out, he was already squatting on the ground to look at the ants, seemingly interested.

That night, Gu’s family was in a mess. Gu Yuexi rummaged in the room and could not find the VIP card for the hairdressing salon, while Gu’s mother screamed and rushed down from the second floor with a group photo of the family in her hand. Alone Gu Yaodong’s head was deducted, leaving only his body and a strange black hole.

Gu Yaodong locked the door of the room and was working attentively under the desk lamp. On the table was a blue-shell certificate and the big head shot cut out in the group photo. He used a razor blade to remove Gu Yuexi’s photo, and then paste the big head photo on it. The blue-shell ID is considered complete, and it can basically be fake.

Early the next morning, Gu Yaodong handed the written report to Officer Liu, and by the way applied to him to visit the prisoner again, just to deepen his image and memory. Regarding the face of the report, Officer Liu simply took him to the detention center for the second time, went to the registration room to sign as usual, and took out the key to Chen Xianmin’s cell.

Gu Yaodong took advantage of the fact that there was no one around, and left a key stamp on the face as planned. Then he went to open the inspection window and passed the lunch box, and finally saw Chen Xianmin’s true appearance, especially when he was wearing a shabby prison uniform, still standing tall. The straight, neither humble nor arrogant character really shocked him.

Gu Yaodong prepared everything, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately told his family about something, as if to explain the funeral. The eldest sister Gu Yuexi noticed something was wrong, and Shen Qinghe was also a little suspicious, so after everyone was asleep, she sneaked out and went to the small road near Fu’an Lane as agreed. At this time, Xia Jicheng was waiting for her in the car.

As the sky dawned, Gu Yaodong hurried out with his bag on his back. Because he was going to escort Chen Xianmin to Tilanqiao Prison tomorrow, he prepared his tools in advance and stayed alone in the office waiting for the time to pass until it was completely dark. On the other side, Wang Keda was thinking about the issue of Shi Liyou being robbed in Dachang Inn, and even worried that there was a ghost in the police station, so he simply re-formed the escort plan to attract fish to the bait.

Gu Yaodong cleverly entered the detention center with a clever trick, and took the opportunity to put sleeping pills in Xu Sanjiu on the grounds of looking for a sentry. At this time, the yard was completely dark, and Gu Yaodong quietly walked under the ventilation window of the storage room, took out Gu Bangcai’s telescopic copper pipe from his bag, pulled it up to the longest just enough to reach the ventilation window, and then opened the window to enter. Xu San seemed to hear the sound and immediately walked to the storage room with a flashlight.

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