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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 7 Recap

Mother Gu called her daughter home, intending to have a good relationship with Shen Qinghe. Several people played mahjong around the poker table. They were really enjoying themselves, but a strange man suddenly came to inform that the order has arrived. Shen Qinghe seemed calm on the surface, and her heart was unavoidable. She often had business dealings with the big world, but the truck loaded with firearms was parked there under the name of delivery, and she urgently needed to solve the accident personally.

Shen Qinghe went out in a hurry, and Gu’s mother and eldest sister immediately urged Gu Yaodong to chase them because they were worried about being unsafe at night. As the tram slowly started, Gu Yaodong followed behind on his bicycle. Shen Qinghe sat by the window of the tram and glanced out of the window. He couldn’t help being a little surprised. He didn’t go across the road until he arrived at the station and entered a brightly lit ladies salon.

At this time, Zhongzheng East Road was full of various shops. Sitting in the corner of one of the cafes, Ding Fang was surprised to find Gu Yaodong squatting next to the car. Shen Qinghe came out from the back door of the salon and walked along the small road to the big world. In front of him, a black car crashed into the side of the truck. The driver of the car was drunk and unreasonably making trouble, causing everyone to scramble to watch.

Gu Yaodong was still waiting at the entrance of the salon, seeing that the number of pedestrians on the road decreased, the neon lights were gradually extinguished, and there was even a light rain in the sky. Ding Fang walked out of the cafe holding the manuscript, first arranged the glass, then went to say hello to Gu Yaodong, two police cars roared past.

Ding Fang wanted Gu Yaodong to take him home because he didn’t bring an umbrella. The two of them walked side by side, but kept apart. Especially Gu Yaodong didn’t want to talk at all. When he discovered that something was going on at the intersection of the big world, he hurried to follow those watching the excitement.

People ran to check. At this time, two police cars from the Huangpu branch were parked at the gate of the warehouse. Several police officers stood by the car and waited. The captain of the operation Huang Huifeng and other policemen whispered that they had to tow the truck away even if they received Shen Qinghe’s benefits.

When the authorities were in a stalemate, Gu Yaodong immediately stepped forward to clear the siege and show his credentials. At first, Huang Huifeng was somewhat respectful because he was a police officer of the General Administration. But when he saw the entry time on his ID for less than a month, he instantly understood that Gu Yaodong was a newcomer and became an uncle. He changed his attitude towards him, and his words were full of mockery.

As the branch forcibly towed away the truck, Shen Qinghe was not in a high mood. She repelled Gu Yaodong’s excessive concern and hoped to keep the minimum distance between men and women. Gu Yaodong witnessed Shen Qinghe going away, and then pushed the bicycle lonely in the opposite direction to Shen Qinghe.

After leaving the big world, Shen Qinghe went to Hongfeng Rice Store according to Dong’s suggestion and explained in detail the situation of the mountain products on the car. One of the boxes contained the equipment on the day of the operation. Old Dong thought that since it was too late, the police were unlikely to be interested in staying up late to open the box for inspection, so it was a blessing for the police commissioner to be able to get away.

Before leaving, Lao Dong handed Gu Yaodong’s umbrella to her. Shen Qinghe realized that his tone was too heavy, and when he returned home, he apologized to Gu Yaodong. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong asked about Bai Hua instead, and even suspected that she was Bai Hua himself.

Since Chen Xianmin was arrested in one sentence, there has been no more follow-up. Gu Yaodong only knows his carpenter status when he was arrested and his new name Liu Zepei, but apart from that, his knowledge of the case is limited to only a few cross reports. Zhao Zhiyong is concerned about Gu Yaodong’s newcomer summing up the progress, but when Gu Yaodong wrote the closing report, he discovered that the two cases currently involved, whether it is Chen Xianmin or Dachang Inn, basically have no end.

While Gu Yaodong was talking with Zhao Zhiyong, Xia Jicheng heard that Gu Yaodong was bullied and even seized his documents last night, so he decided to ask him for an explanation, and then two police trucks stopped at the gate of Huangpu branch. Almost all the police officers from the Second Criminal Division were dispatched, all wearing uniforms and caps, vigorous and full of vigor, but Xia Jicheng only wore a white shirt, but looked more majestic.

Huang Huifeng was so frightened by the battle in front of him that he hurriedly took out his documents from under the bowl and handed it over. Coupled with the intimidation of the people in the second office, he wanted to kneel on the spot and beg for forgiveness. For the time being, Xia Jicheng ignored Huang Huifeng’s collusion with others to deliberately crash into a car to extort money, but he still came forward to warn, and logically wanted to return to the truck.

Because of this, Gu Yaodong was moved, and instantly felt that his director was brilliant and great, but when he learned that Xia Jicheng was going to the Huangpu General Administration to discuss an argument for Shen Qinghe, his mood fell into a trough again. Zhao Zhiyong found that Gu Yaodong had always been entangled with this matter, but he felt that he was both ridiculously stupid and sad. Like himself when he first came to the police station, I am afraid that only by experiencing more things can he sum up the rules of speaking properly and doing things in a modest way. .

Ding Fang came to the Second Penalty Office to report the crime in person, stating that Gu Yaodong should be asked to protect her personal safety. Gu Yaodong went to the apartment with Ding Fang to find out. It turned out that dozens of reporters were surrounded by the apartment building, holding their cameras looking into the building, and someone shouting “Mr. Dongli” from time to time.

Gu Yaodong dispersed all the reporters as a police officer and finally recovered peace. He didn’t expect to see her and Chen Xianmin in Ding Fang’s house. Only then did he know that Chen Xianmin was the editor-in-chief of “New World” magazine, and Ding Fang wrote the first novel. It was he who published it on his behalf.

Knowing that Chen Xianmin had become a murderer, Ding Fang refused to believe her life and death. Seeing her affirmative look, Gu Yaodong’s doubts that had been hidden in her heart gradually rose. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, Ding Fang thought it was a reporter again, but Gu Yaodong found a black car parked downstairs, and several thug-like men were walking upstairs.

In order to avoid the pursuit of these people, Gu Yaodong led Ding Fang out of the bathroom window, followed the water pipe to the first floor, and then ran away. Ding Fang was penniless but could not live in a humble inn, so Gu Yaodong led her home to stay for a few days.

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