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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 12 Recap

Chen Xianmin’s matter was settled, but Gu Yaodong’s heart was stirred up. He ran home excitedly, and found that Shen Qinghe was not in the house. The pavilion is warmly decorated, and Gu Yaodong is immersed in it, as if Shen Qinghe is standing in front of him, admiring and fascinating him. At the same time, Shen Qinghe stood quietly beside the bridge, and the same sunset caused each other to fall into contemplation.

Shen Qinghe reported the situation during the day to the old Dong. Gu Yaodong’s behavior was really elusive, and he couldn’t know the other party’s inner thoughts. Old Dong thought that since he had not received a call from Xia Jicheng, it indicated that he did not need to leave Gu’s house at present, but Shen Qinghe did not know how to deal with it. He was both worried and complicated, and seemed to be more confused than exposed.

The sky fell, Fu’an was lighting up thousands of houses, and Gu Yaodong waited absently for Shen Qinghe to return. As a result, he was so late to see a figure, so that he was uncharacteristically standing at the door with an empty dustpan and looking around, causing the suspicion of the older sister Gu Yuexi. However, Shen Qinghe turned a blind eye to Gu Yaodong after returning, but Gu Yaodong found that her arm was injured and he became more sure of Bai Hua’s identity.

Gu Yuexi found that his younger brother was standing outside Shen Qinghe’s door with a silly face, and hurriedly pulled him into the room and taught him carefully so as to understand the girl’s “being pursued” psychology. Gu Yaodong was confused when he heard, listening to the noise of the rain outside the window that night, tossing and turning until dawn.

At breakfast, Shen Qinghe took the initiative to talk to Gu Yaodong in order to avoid suspicion, saying that he had met him on Hengshan Road. As a result, this rhetoric seemed to be even worse. The Gu family talked about yesterday’s gun battle at the dinner table, worrying that the Communist Party Baihua was near Fu’an Alley, Gu Yaodong Yu Guang glanced at Shen Qinghe, suppressed a smile, and spoke to dispel everyone’s concerns.

After Shen Qinghe left, the Gu family three immediately let go of the topic, breaking Gu Yaodong’s secret love for Shen Qinghe. However, Gu Yaodong seemed to be said to be central thinking, ashamed and annoyed, he quickly explained and insisted on denying his enthusiasm. Unexpectedly, Shen Qinghe returned to take things. He couldn’t explain after passing by several times, so he simply shut up and stopped talking.

Due to serious rain leakage from the eaves of the pavilion, Gu Yaodong took a tool to repair the roof, and suddenly heard a sound from the room, so he looked in through the hole and happened to see Shen Qinghe was counting money, but he accidentally knocked off the tiles. On the ground. Feeling helpless, Shen Qinghe had to go to the roof to repair himself, far more skilled than Gu Yaodong. Afterwards, Shen Qinghe asked Gu Yaodong why he would help himself. Gu Yaodong believed that people’s ideas would change at any time, and he did not dislike Shen Qinghe.

Xia Jicheng ordered Shen Qinghe’s favorite chestnut cake in the coffee shop in advance. Shen Qinghe came to the appointment. He was in a good mood, but when he heard that Xia Jicheng arranged for someone to join her at the Cathay Pacific Theater, his face instantly became extremely bad. The police committee needs to develop new people, so Xia Jicheng has chosen a target in the police station, which means that this person will become Shen Qinghe’s new partner, but she is unwilling to accept it from the bottom of her heart, and she is determined that no one can replace Xia Jicheng.

However, emotional depression does not mean canceling the mission. Xia Jicheng bought Yellow Rose and two movie tickets and gave it to Gu Yaodong. Under the guise of a missed appointment, he told Gu Yaodong to bring things to see Shen Qinghe. Now Gu Yaodong is still immersed in the entanglement of the love between men and women. He didn’t want to go there, but because Xia Jicheng’s face turned black and almost angry, he hurried to the Cathay Grand Theater.

At this time, Shen Qinghe was waiting at the entrance of the theater. He saw that the person coming was Gu Yaodong, and he immediately turned and left, leaving Gu Yaodong standing there at a loss. After waiting for a long time without seeing anyone, Gu Yaodong could only take the flowers home. Just as he happily put the flowers in the vase, he didn’t expect Shen Qinghe to come back from the outside with a gloomy expression and went straight upstairs into the house.

Gu Yaodong held the yellow rose and went to Shen Qinghe to explain the situation, but was interrupted before he could finish speaking. The more Shen Qinghe thought about it, the more angry he got, and he vented to Gu Yaodong out of his head. In the face of Shen Qinghe’s resentment, Gu Yaodong did not dare to say anything for a long time. After she finally said that she was tired, she rushed to the pavilion with a washbasin to help catch the rain seriously. Shen Qinghe realized that he had just spoken a little too much, so he apologized to him, but Gu Yaodong didn’t care, and said goodnight and turned back to the room, looking at the yellow roses in the vase with a smirk.

Since the Soviet-Russian withdrawal from Northern Manchuria on April 6, the communist army seized the opportunity to occupy many cities such as Harbin and Qiqihar. Nanjing has already ordered the regain of lost ground, and war in the Northeast is about to break out. The proposal to amend the constitution at the Second Plenary Session of the National Government’s Sixth Central Committee aroused a fierce reaction from the Communist Party, but the two parties still did not openly break with each other. General Marshall ordered the United States to impose a ten-month arms embargo on the National Government.

It was June 1946, when Chiang Kai-shek unilaterally tore up the Double Ten Agreement, the Kuomintang army aggressively attacked the Liberated Area of ​​the Central Plains, and the civil war broke out completely. In 1947, Shanghai was in turmoil again. A large number of students marched in the streets, holding high the banner of anti-war, and together with more than 60 cities in the Kuomintang-controlled areas such as Peking, Nanjing, and Chongqing, set off a struggle of the largest scale in the history of the Chinese student movement.

Gu Yaodong got off the tram and looked at the parade all over the street, feeling quite shocked. Qi Shengping cancelled all police officers’ holidays and asked them to stand by at the police station at all times. The old couple felt that the current situation was unstable, and they urged Gu Yaodong not to participate, and went home as soon as possible in the future. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Gu Yaodong sneaked out of the house. Gu’s mother noticed the abnormality but did not get up to check.

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