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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 11 Recap

The police car from the Second Penalty Division drove slowly along the side of the road, and everyone in the car had their own concerns. Gu Yaodong sat on the bedside, looking down at the outside, his thoughts intermittently. The tank was nearly empty, and he simply went to a nearby gas station. At this time, Shen Qinghe had dried out all his clothes and only a yellow bed sheet was left. This was a safety signal to start the operation and meant three members of the police committee action team disguised as oil workers. Can act according to plan.

Since the oil truck has not yet arrived at the gasoline station, the oiler lied to clean up the paint spilled on the road and wanted to move the prisoner into the remote path. Wang Keda was both vigilant and faintly excited. He told Yang Kui to inform everyone to prepare. Bit. At this time, the second division of the Xing Department parked the police car on the side of the road.

Qi Shengping still talked about the Double Ten Agreement slowly. Xia Jicheng was clearly anxious inside, but he still had to pretend to be very educated, and his right sense of squareness was what Qi Shengping admired most. After Qi Shengping left the office satisfied, Xia Jicheng hurriedly called. According to the previous agreement, if the phone rings twice, it means the action needs to be cancelled.

Shen Qinghe looked at the telephone booth in amazement, and as the last ringing was interrupted, he rushed to the balcony to remove the yellow sheets that were hanging in the most prominent position. When the gas station crew saw the signal, they immediately realized the seriousness of the matter, but the comrades in ambush in the alley were completely unaware of the fact that the prison car blocked the view of the path, and could only notify them one by one.

Originally, the team members wanted to go around the path through the back door, but Wang Keda stopped him and asked them to show their household registration. Shen Qinghe didn’t care about changing clothes, and hurried to the door. Then he got into an unlicensed green truck, took out a cap from under the seat and put it on, then changed into a work jacket and easy-to-move flat shoes. .

On the other side, Xingyi Division was pursuing Shen Qinghe’s truck with all its strength, and the continuous sound of firefighting was frightening. On the other side, Xingyi Division all had their heads eaten noodles, and even talked about the situation according to the radio broadcast. Several police cars and Shen Qinghe’s truck whizzed through the streets and alleys. Gu Yaodong stared at the radio nervously. Even if he was not involved in the battle, he did not forget his duties as a police officer.

Wang Keda asked Yang Kui to copy it from outside, but he chased after him. Shen Qinghe drove the car to a concealed container stacking point at the dock, and successfully replaced it with a black truck, and left the dock on another road. When Wang Keda and others arrived, they found that the car was already empty.

After hearing this broadcast on the radio, the second branch of the Xing Department began an excited discussion again. Everyone felt incredible and believed that the driver was Bai Hua, otherwise it would not disappear in full view.

Compared with the continuous gunfire on the Waibaidu Bridge, the police station looks particularly peaceful at the moment. After witnessing the telecommunication department female police talking and laughing and leaving together, Xia Jicheng hurriedly opened the door with a wire and quickly found Wang Keda’s call records in the last few days, a series of numbers. Among them, a recurring number is particularly noticeable.

Xia Jicheng walked out of the police station and found that the number was located at the Lihua Apartment in the phone booth three streets away. Then he went alone and asked the police officer in charge of guarding Chen Xianmin to send him to Tilanqiao Prison immediately. At first, the two police officers were suspicious, but due to Xia Jicheng’s identity, they had to leave with him. Xia Jicheng sent the two to the outskirts and told them to drive to the bridge to meet Xing’s place. As a result, they were surrounded by action teams ambushes. Old Dong also arranged for someone to send Chen Xianmin to the dock to leave Shanghai.

As Xing No. 2 wanted to take the opportunity to pick up the white birch, she is now scrambling through the streets and alleys. Shen Qinghe has already memorized the topography of Fu’an Alley. Whether it is every street or every lane, she has walked countless times with her feet. I have arranged and combined countless times in my heart, so this spider-web map is too simple for her, but the second police officer was panting and almost lost his way.

In the end, Shen Qinghe took the shortcut back to the original intersection, jumped onto an empty police car, and proficiently pulled out the two lines of the spark plug, causing the police car to start smoothly. Just when she raised her head to step on the accelerator, she suddenly saw Gu Yaodong standing in front of the car, raising her pistol at herself. Gu Yaodong didn’t know how to use a pistol. He was a little flustered. Sweat dripped down his cheeks, gradually fascinated by his eyes. The operatives were ready to act on their own. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong could see the lower half of Shen Qinghe’s face in the shadows. Frozen in place, slowly turned around.

Shen Qinghe drove away, but Gu Yaodong was unable to slow down, until the two police officers all came. Due to successive missteps, people and vehicles were lost. Penalty 1 and Penalty 2 could only return to the police station in a prison car. As a result, the two teams had a dispute on the way, and then scuffled, and basically all returned.

Wang Keda was furious about this. He had already embarrassed himself in front of the Communist Party, but now he fought with Xing No. 2 and fell to the ground with no face. There were constant roars from the opposite side, but the second place of punishment was inexplicably harmonious. Xia Jicheng ate the roast chicken with relish without preaching, but instead urged everyone to return the guns as soon as possible to the weapons department.

Afterwards, the deputy director’s office also heard a roar of incompetence. Qi Shengping thought that the plan was secretive, but he did not expect to be hit by the Communist Party. Wang Keda believes that if he can learn the location of Chen Xianmin in a very short time, it must be an internal ghost in the police station, but this is not the time for analysis. After all, the chief has to be held accountable for this matter. Xia Jicheng deliberately pushed the black pot to the two police officers who disappeared. Wang Keda was grateful to him, not only to clear the suspicion but also to be a good person by the way.

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