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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 10 Recap

Xu San found that the ventilation window in the storage room had been opened, and suddenly became sleepy and drunk. He jumped up from the bed and hurriedly drew out his pistol to the cell. Gu Yaodong couldn’t hear the surrounding movement, so he could only continue to bury his head and file the keys. Fortunately, Xia Jicheng appeared in time and slapped Xu San’s face with a slap on Xu San’s face, and then brought him back to the registration room.

The registration room was messy, and bottles of peanuts were scattered randomly. Xu San knew the seriousness of drinking during duty hours, so there was no time to think about the transom. He only hoped that Xia Jicheng would not report the matter to his superiors. Xu Sanjiang told the truth about the situation that he had just suspected, but the transom had been closed by Gu Yaodong in advance, Xu San had nothing to say.

Gu Yaodong came to the cell where Chen Xianmin was detained after all his hardships. He hurried to wake up the other party, first he knew his identity, and then took out the replacement clothes from his bag, and gave out the rescue plan. Leave the nightclub by car. Unexpectedly, Chen Xianmin thanked him for his kindness, and then tactfully refused, knowing that tonight might be a precious opportunity to gain freedom, but Gu Yaodong planned to perfect it and only forget the aftermath. If he let an honest and kind policeman fall into prison, he must be conscientious. Can’t make it through.

Hearing Chen Xianmin’s inner worries, Gu Yaodong suddenly realized how naive this plan is, even full of loopholes. Looking at the helpless young boy in front of him, Chen Xianmin was moved from the bottom of his heart and said that this arrest has nothing to do with him. Then he encouraged each other with a sentence from the German poet Schiller, hoping that everyone can be loyal to their young dreams.

Xia Jicheng stood silently at the door, as if he had seen the loss on Gu Yaodong’s face. Although he had already guessed the result, he still let him go “rampaging”, just to take the opportunity to relieve the knot in his heart, but not I hope this little policeman can only cower and hide in guilt from now on.

After leaving the detention center, Xia Jicheng took Gu Yaodong to the street stall to eat noodles, and then went to the party that hadn’t ended yet at Xing Er’s office. Gu Yaodong sat in the back seat and watched the Fatong and neon lights flashing across the car window, as if everything that happened just now was like a dream. If it wasn’t for the faint pain of the wound cut by a file, the words of the German poet were far better than The wound stirred his nerves more clearly.

In the face of Gu Yaodong, the uninvited guest, the people who had been drinking and laughing were silent for a moment, but they still haven’t forgotten how he eats inside and out. Seeing Xia Jicheng’s face, everyone was not going to be too embarrassed to care about Yaodong, simply taking out two pots of wine for him to drink, it was considered a drunken grudge.

Xia Jicheng went to Hongfeng Midian to confirm the rescue plan for the next day with Lao Dong. Tonight, he will drain two-thirds of the tank’s fuel and then change the fuel tank meter to full fuel. Estimated by the distance, the prisoner car will run out of gas to the Baiwaidu Bridge. By then, the gas station has been replaced by a comrade of the police committee action team.

After receiving Xia Jicheng’s notice, Shen Qinghe rushed to the tavern to take the unconscious Gu Yaodong home. Gu Yaodong muttered unconsciously while lying on the bed. Shen Qinghe knew his obsession with the original intention, but he did not expect to have a deep misunderstanding of Xia Jicheng.

When Gu Yaodong woke up again, it was the next morning. He accidentally found himself lying on clean sheets and wearing clean pajamas. He was shocked, especially when he learned that his family hadn’t changed his clothes, so he suspected that What Shen Qinghe did, but Shen Qinghe refused to admit it.

The escort time is approaching, and Wang Keda is reporting the situation in the deputy director’s office. He is going to be led by Yang Kui in the same car with Chen Xianmin, and the Second Criminal Division is responsible for guarding the periphery. If anything happens, he can provide immediate support. Xia Jicheng heard that Chen Xianmin had been arranged to board the car in advance, but was a little surprised. Obviously Qi Shengping did not know beforehand.

Xu San anxiously came to Xia Jicheng, saying that someone came to the registration room to replace him this morning. Xia Jicheng had some doubts, so he found an excuse to go to the escort car to check it, and through the details of the socks, it was determined that the punishment unit deliberately pretended to be Chen Xianmin, presumably the real Chen Xianmin had been transferred privately.

Originally Xia Jicheng wanted to call Shen Qinghe, but Qi Shengping suddenly came to him to talk about things, with a heart-to-heart look on his face. If Xia Jicheng changed to the usual situation, he would have been excited, but now he only feels that the claws are scratching his heart and have to be with him Smiley sat beside.

Everything around Fu’an Lane seemed to be business as usual, Shen Qinghe pretending to be drying clothes on the drying platform, always waiting for the ringing of the phone booth on the side of the drying platform. The watch time points to eight o’clock, and the phone has been quiet, indicating that the plan is smooth and the prison van has departed from the police station. Wang Keda’s black car followed behind the prison vehicle. Yang Kui and Xingyi’s police officer were sitting in the prison vehicle, probably because they were too bored. Officer Liu took off his hood and breathed a sigh of relief.

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