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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 20 Recap

Karen and Jessica submitted their respective project plans to Mingyuan. Mingyuan adopted the Karen group’s design and individually asked Karen to sign Tiantian’s name. Karen, who has always admired Tiantian, agreed. But Tang Guoer asked how Jessica caught the man’s heart. Jessica suggested that Tang Guoer use food temptation, so Tang Guoer began to learn cooking seriously.

In the middle of the night, working overtime every day until she fell asleep, Ming Yuan put his suit on Tian Tian’s body and made a cup of coffee for her. After waking up every day, she realized that Mingyuan was doing a good thing, so she took her clothes and freshly brewed coffee to Mingyuan’s office, only to see Tang Guoer giving Mingyuan supper.

Embarrassed Tian Tian was stuck in place, Tang Guoer asked Tian Tian why he came to pester Mingyuan in the middle of the night. The innocent Tian Tian said that he was only here to return clothes. Tang Guoer satirized Mingyuan and Tian Tian’s old relationship, and Mingyuan explained. In the ins and outs, Tang Guoer then accused Ming Yuan of being bad to him, but Ming Yuan felt that Tang Guoer was unreasonable.

An angry Tang Guoer returned to Zhao’s house, and could no longer bear Zhao Lange’s words to make things difficult, furious, and angered Zhao Lange’s stomachache, but Zhao Lange ignored his own safety and only let Mingyuan comfort Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer, who was completely broken down, also lost his temper to Mingyuan, complaining that he was wronged in Zhao’s family, but Mingyuan only knew that he was kind to Tiantian. The guilty Mingyuan hugged Tang Guoer to apologize and promised to stay with Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer stopped crying now.

In order to open up the international market, Tiantian used Suhang’s embroidered silk to design new products, which was praised by Karen, but Wang Ye questioned the sales. Tiantian believed that Wang Ye’s words were justified and sales could guarantee expansion. However, he did not expect to fall into the trap of Wang Ye and Zhao Lange again. Wang Ye was specifically to stop Li from releasing new products.

Tang Guoer dressed herself beautifully and made her bedroom romantic. He waited for Mingyuan to spend the Spring Festival with her, but was turned down again by Mingyuan because he had to work overtime. After sending out new design works to Mingyuan every day, he took the elevator home. Unexpectedly, he was trapped in the elevator during a thunderstorm.

Anxiously, I called Mingyuan every day. Unexpectedly, the elevator suddenly went out of power and fell rapidly. He was so scared that he screamed and lost his cell phone. Anxious Mingyuan called Tiantian’s name and woke Tang Guoer. Mingyuan left Tang Guoer and hurried to save Tiantian. Tang Guoer was worried that Mingyuan would go to private meeting Tiantian, so she quickly got up and followed Mingyuan.

Mingyuan rushed to the Li Group, he and the security team broke open the elevator door and rescued Tian Tian, ​​who was in a coma. Tang Guoer saw Mingyuan’s eager appearance holding Tiantian to the hospital, and fully understood that Mingyuan always loved Tiantian. Her eyes were filled with despair and helplessness. She squatted alone in the rainstorm and wept, which made her even more so. Hate every day. And Mingyuan accompanied Tian Tian in the hospital until she woke up.

What Tiantian cares most about is his design draft, but Tang Guoer sells Tiantian’s design draft to his opponent. As soon as the opponent’s press conference opened, Jessica and Tang Guoer joined forces to frame Tiantian plagiarism. Tang Guoer humiliated Tiantian in front of everyone, and transferred Tian Tian to the logistics department, not allowing Tian Tian to continue designing.

Li Manli held an emergency meeting to discuss the matter, but Tang Guoer asked everyone to buy coffee every day. When she put the coffee in front of Tang Guoer that day, Tang Guoer blamed Tian Tian for buying it wrong. He not only had to buy it again, but also spilled the coffee on the table and tidy it up every day, in order to humiliate the background of the daily cleaners. This made Wang Ye look down on it and satirized Tang Guoer for making trouble without reason.

Li Manli decided to adopt the plan of the Jessica group and asked Mingyuan to seriously deal with the plagiarism every day. After the meeting, Ming Yuan advised Tang Guoer not to deceive people too much, but Tang Guoer no longer regarded Tiantian as a girlfriend, but a rival in love. Tang Guoer slapped Tiantian again. She not only slandered Tiantian plagiarism, but also slandered her as a junior. Tian Tian wanted to explain but couldn’t get Tang Guoer’s respect. In total despair, Tian Tian said that she would continue to design in the name of Tang Guoer.

Wang Ye stopped Jessica from going, and threatened Jessica to tell the secret of Tiantian’s manuscript leakage by using Jessica’s fake pregnancy to deceive the second generation of the wealthy man. But this matter really has nothing to do with Jessica. Proving that he was innocent and willing to confront his opponent, Wang Ye went to the opponent designer to inquire about the source of the manuscript.

Mingyuan lied that he had sold Tiantian’s manuscript to his opponent. Zhao Lange beamed his brows and boasted that Mingyuan had done a good job. Mingyuan understood that Zhao’s true father and son had nothing to do with the manuscript leakage. He happened to hear Tang Guoer’s conversation with the designer of the opponent, and he was completely disappointed when he learned that Tang Guoer was doing the trick.

Ming Yuan originally wanted to use Tiantian’s work to bring Li to the next level, so as to fight against Zhao Lan’s plots and tricks, and preserve Tang Guo’er’s happiness for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Tang Guoer only wanted to be jealous and ruin Ming Yuan’s plan. Your own good life.

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