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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 19 Recap

Sang Rong advised her daughter to put aside all worries and bravely pursue her own happiness. However, when Tian Tian decided to fly high with Ming Yuan, Ming Yuan did not show up. Tired of body and mind, Tian Tian had to push a heavy suitcase home, but saw Tang Guoer and Mingyuan coming out of the house arm in arm. Tang Guoer told Tiantian that she and Mingyuan were going to get married next week. They were coming. Those who sent the invitations made Mingyuan misunderstand him every day and hate him even more.

She fulfilled her childhood promise every day and spent several days making luxurious wedding gowns for Tang Guoer himself, but Tang Guoer satirized her coveted husband every day by choosing the yin and yang in the name of a hijab. However, Tang Guoer didn’t want to cover the bride’s head when she put on makeup for Tang Guoer every day on the wedding day. She wanted to wear the golden phoenix crown, so she helped her get it every day.

Every day, Mingyuan wants to explain the incident, but Mingyuan thinks that the matter is over, he can do nothing. Tiantian had to ask Mingyuan to treat Tang Guoer well. Mingyuan said that he would definitely fulfill his husband’s obligations, but he didn’t want Tiantian and Wang Ye to get too close. He worried that Wang Ye would harm Tiantian again.

Wang Ye recalled the little things he had had with Tang Guoer, and decided to see Tang Guoer for the last time. Worried that Wang Ye would go to the wedding scene to make trouble, Zhao Lange, who was ruining his plan, showed him the video of Yunqing’s life and confessed to his late gastric cancer. Wang Ye burst into tears and promised to clear up his grievances for his mother and revive the family business. , And no longer want to see Tang Guoer.

The wedding was held as scheduled. Mingyuan led Tang Guoer slowly into the wedding scene, Li Manli and Zhao Lange both smiled happily. Tian Tian watched them take the oath and blessed them with red eyes. Ming Yuan saw such a silent Tian Tian, ​​his heartache was so severe that it was difficult for him to take the oath for a while. Later, Zhao Lange claimed at the wedding that he would invest one billion in the Guoer brand, while Li Manli claimed that he would give 20% of Zhao’s group shares.

Tang Guoer waited for Mingyuan to spend the spring evening in the wedding room, but Mingyuan hid in the study under the pretext of being busy on business. And here, heartbroken every day buying drunk on the street, Wang Ye, who is also desperate, accompanies her. Tears-stained Tiantian complained to Wang Ye. She couldn’t understand why Ming Yuan Mingming promised her to fly with each other, but eventually married Tang Guoer. Wang Ye’s pitiful appearance made Wang Ye feel guilty.

Tang Guoer got up after three poles in the sun. Zhao Lange asked Tang Guoer why he didn’t go to the company. Tang Guoer lied that he was more free to work at home. Zhao Lange asked Tang Guoer to take care of all the housework, including all housework. But Tang Guoer, who didn’t touch Yang Chunshui’s hands, was embarrassed. The reason why Zhao Lange quit the babysitter was finally found. It turned out that he wanted to take the opportunity to torture Tang Guoer.

Mingyuan skipped the honeymoon period, and went to work with Li on the second day of marriage, which was greatly praised by Li Manli. He brought a group of Zhao elites, including Wang Ye. Li Manli pretended to be curious about why Wang Ye joined the Zhao family, which did not make Ming Yuan suspicious. Li Manli worried that Wang Ye would be detrimental to Guoer and Mingyuan, but Mingyuan said that Zhao Lange had acquiesced, and Li Manli stopped saying more.

Tang Guoer complained to Li Manli about the grievance she suffered in Zhao’s family. Li Manli told Tang Guoer to be vigilant at all times, so that Zhao and his sons could not see that she could not design. Coincidentally, when Zhao and his son came home from get off work, Tang Guoer happily ran to greet them, asking them to taste the food they cooked. Unexpectedly, if Zhao Lange didn’t buy it, and didn’t eat it, Tang Guoer was frightened.

Mingyuan begged Zhao Lange not to embarrass Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer brought a bowl of noodles and came in because she was afraid that Zhao Lange would starve her body. But Zhao Lange disliked Tang Guoer very much, drove Tang Guoer out angrily, and smashed Tang Guoer, which made Tang Guoer ashamed. I don’t know why Zhao Lange’s mood changed so much.

Mingyuan divided the newly formed design part into two groups. Tang Guoer wanted Tiantian to be in a group with her so that she would not reveal her true identity, but the employees thought that such an arrangement was unfair to everyone, so Tang Guoer had to listen to Mingyuan Arrangement, was assigned to another group. After the meeting, Tang Guoer asked Wang Ye to leave the company, but Wang Ye said that only Mingyuan had the right to decide whether to stay or not, and Tang Guoer was angry.

Colleagues envied Tiantian for stepping up to the sky because of Tang Guoer’s stand-in, but Jessica satirized Tiantian and Mingyuan’s not simple relationship. At this moment, Tang Guoer suddenly appeared and called Tiantian away, so that Jessica closed her mouth in fright. Tang Guoer asked Tiantian and Wang Ye why she still wanted to destroy her relationship with Mingyuan. She also warned Tiantian not to seduce Mingyuan. Disappointed Tiantian hoped that Tang Guoer would not be arrogant. Wang Ye’s deployment was not her control.

Mingyuan asked Tang Guoer to return alone under the pretext of dealing with business. As soon as Tang Guoer got home, she ordered the nanny to cook a lot of delicious food, and complained to Li Manli about Zhao Lange’s ruthlessness. It just so happened that Li Manli came to talk about new projects of the Guoer brand every day, but Tang Guoer left first without seeing the sky.

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