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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 17 Recap

Da Lin came to help the banquet guests in the Xiao Mansion, but was provoked and ridiculed by people close to him, Xiao Yanyan stood up to help Da Lin without saying a word. At this time, Han Derang came to Xiao Mansion, Xiao Yanyan smiled, and quickly stepped forward to take Han Derang’s arm.

Ye Luxian asked her to choose the auspicious day for the post-little day, but there was still half a year before the auspicious day. Ye Luxian could not wait so long. He decided to take the Yanyan into the palace as a noble concubine and the queen’s etiquette. After dealing with this matter, Yelvxian met with him, but did not pay the courtesy of the monarch to Yelvxian. Yelvxian was unwilling to share the brotherhood with him, so he pulled and said nothing.

In recent years, their brothers have suffered a lot of grievances. Although it is too late to protect him, they at least have an explanation to the dead father and eldest brother. Later, they were awarded the title of King Ning and handed over the matter of accepting concubine Since I didn’t do it, I didn’t look at the three characters Xiao Yanyan on the list, and felt a little dissatisfied in my heart.

Hu Yan went to the inventory to check Xiao Yanyan’s dowry, but found that there was a golden crown for the imperial concubine in the dowry. She was deeply shocked, especially when she watched Xiao Yanyan and Han De let them love each other in the courtyard, she couldn’t help but let Yanyan take a look. His dowry also asked when Han Derang would marry Yanyan.

Xiao Yanyan took the golden crown of the imperial concubine and asked Xiao Siwen. Xiao Siwen showed Xiao Yanyan the will of the marriage. Xiao Yanyan was unwilling to marry Ye Luxian. She had been engaged to Han Deran. Xiao Siwen is the leader of the descendants. If Xiao Siwen comes forward, Yelvxian will definitely think about it, but Xiao Siwen also decided to let Xiao Yanyan marry Yelvxian.

He has accepted the imperial decree for this marriage, and the master really likes her, and the assistant master In the above, benefiting Sheji is not something other women can do, so Xiao Yanyan and Hande Rang are destined to have no relationship. Xiao Yanyan could not accept this fact, she told Xiao Simwen clearly that she would never marry Yelvxian.

Handerang returned to the house and asked Han Kuangsi about his marriage. Han’s father told Handerang truthfully that Yelvxian had already ordered Yanyan to be his concubine on the first day after returning from Montenegro. Han Deremin remembered the words that Yelvxian had said before. He was very angry, and it was an unrighteous act to rob a wife, and Yelvxian was extremely dizzy.

Hand let the anger rush into the palace. He wanted to see Ye Luxian. Ye Luxian didn’t want to see Handejean, but after thinking about it, he decided to face Handejean. When Handejean saw Yeluxian, he punched him severely. He never expected Yelvxian will take his love.

Ye Luxian said that both Daliao and him needed Yanyan. He couldn’t let go of Yanyan. Han Deran let Yeluxian from his childhood to most of his life. He regarded Yeluxian as a relative, but this time, he would never let Yanyan go. The two brothers have been in love for many years, and after all, they quarreled for Xiao Yanyan, but Yelvxian repeatedly claimed that he married Xiao Yanyan not only because he wanted Yanyan, but also because Daliao needed Yanyan.

When Han Derang returned to the mansion, Xiao Yanyan was waiting for him in the room. The two had already known Yelvxian’s love for the sword, and they only recognized each other in their hearts. In order to stay together for life, Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan decided to elope, leave Shangjing and Daliao. Seeing the two men riding their horses away, Father Han’s eyes were dim.

For the sake of the child, he chose to ignore it after all. Hu Nian learned that Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang were going to elope. She knew that this was Yanyan’s choice, so she wanted to give Yanyan gold so that Yanyan could live better. Unexpectedly, Hu Nian met Xiao Siwen at the door. Xiao Siwen learned of what Hu Nian did. He was furious, but Hu Nian knelt down and begged Xiao Siwen to quit the marriage between Yanyan and Ye Luxian. She did not want to look at her sister. It ruined happiness.

Now she and the happiness in the bones are gone. If Yelvxian wants to marry her descendants, she is willing to enter the palace on behalf of Yanyan. Xiao Siwen told Hu Nian that among the three sisters, only Yanyan had the most resolute temperament, and the master had feelings for her, so she was the most suitable to enter the palace. If Hu Nian entered the palace on behalf of Yanyan, the Taiping King would definitely attack the capital.

The family has also become a sinner of Daliao. Xiao Siwen has always valued Hu Nian the most. If he had an accident one day, Hu Nian would be the head of the Xiao family. Being the head of the Xiao family is much more important than being a queen. He gave a token to Hu Nian and let him Hu Nian recovered Xiao Yanyan, and only when Xiao Yanyan returned safely could they control the situation in the most favorable situation for them.

When Ye Luxian learned that Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang were missing, he did not send anyone to chase after him, and believed that the Xiao family and the Han family knew what to do. Xiao Yanyan and Hande allowed them to rush to Youzhou quickly, and as long as they passed the front Youzhou, they were considered to have left the Liao Dynasty.

The sky was gloomy and it was about to rain, and Han Deran was afraid that Yan Yan would get sick from the rain. He and Yan Yan stopped in the roadside hut to rest for one night. The two hugged each other, identified each other, and thought about a happy life in the future. As everyone knows, the soldiers and horses chasing the two are already on the road, and Xiao Yanyan and Han Deran are destined to not escape from Daliao and their separate fate.

The next day, Han Deran and Xiao Yanyan boarded Yanyuntai again before leaving Daliao, overlooking the sixteen states of Youzhou. Xiao Yanyan cut off a bunch of hair between herself and Han Derang. She knotted the two hair strands together. The two of them had settled in Yanyuntai and decided to bury everything in the past in Yanyuntai.

Afterwards, the two of them led each other to leave Daliao, but Hu Nian appeared in Yanyuntai, she stopped them and asked Yanyan to go back with her. Handerang and Yanyan were unwilling to separate, and the two resisted desperately, but the two were unable to resist the Xiao family warriors. Yanyan was forcibly caught, and Handerang was seriously injured in the resistance. Xiao Yanyan cried as she watched Handerang’s stab wound on her body. Endless. Although Hu Yan couldn’t bear to separate the two of them, she always kept in mind the mission her father gave her and couldn’t fulfill them.

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