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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 2 Recap

Just when Qian Xixi and Duan Ran didn’t know where the owners of the company were going, Chen Lang took everyone to play on the beach and called Duan Shengyun, threatening Duan Shengyun to transfer 80% of the e-commerce company’s shares. Give it to him, and blame Duan Shengyun for investing in his company to support him, but now Duan Ran will give the company to Duan Ran once he returns. If Duan Shengyun does not agree to the transfer, the live broadcast will not be launched at 5 o’clock this afternoon, and in Duan Shengyun’s opinion, Rui is QE’s asset and will never be given to Chen Lang.

Qian Xixi called Chen Lang to find out about the situation, and blamed Chen Lang for not taking the person away, but Chen Lang thought that Duan Ran was going to occupy his place, and when he went to the e-commerce company that day, he sat in his place. On the chair, this is provocation. Qian Xixi asked Duan Ran to call all the pretty girls he knew to sell the goods on live broadcast, but learned from his colleague Yu Shi that Chen Lang had taken the goods away.

Chen Lang not only took everyone away, but also confiscated their mobile phones and hid them. They were not allowed to disclose the news. On the surface, it was a team building. Yu Shi was a financial officer assigned by Duan Shengyun and was not seen by Chen Lang, so he was left alone in the entire company.

Qian Xixi asked Yu Shi to find out the ID cards and phone numbers of the employees of the company, and found that they had bought tickets to Sanya, and immediately went to Sanya to buy plane tickets with Duan Ran. On the way, Qian Xixi told Duan Ran that Chen Lang was a small employee in a company before, but he was unwilling to invest all his funds in the company, and he was considered a relatively powerful person.

Qi Yuanyuan overheard the conversation between Chen Lang and Qian Xixi, and asked what happened to Chen Lang. Chen Lang truthfully told Qi Yuanyuan what happened today, and claimed that today, as long as Duan Shengyun agrees, he would immediately start the live broadcast. He also took everything with him. Clothes. At the same time, Chen Lang also promised that as long as he was there, Qi Yuanyuan would always be a live broadcast sister.

Company employee Su Su called Qian Xixi to reveal where he was, but Chen Lang found out. Chen Lang directly asked him to hide his clothes. At the same time, he left Su Su and took everyone to sea.

On the one hand, Qian Xixi asked Duan Ran to go to the beach to find Su Su. On the other hand, he ran to buy all the clothes needed for the live broadcast. He worried that even if he found someone to start the live broadcast, Chen Lang would have nothing to do with the goods. Su Su learned that Qian Xixi took the photo book to buy clothes and found it too troublesome and too slow, so he remembered that there was a list on the company’s computer, so it was very convenient to shop. It happened that Qian Xixi was still in the company and Qian Xixi quickly gave it to him. Yu Shi called to help.

Qian Xixi called in advance to order the goods, and then rushed to pick up the goods. Some of the goods were out of stock, but Qian Xixi was lucky enough to see the styles she needed from passers-by and reluctantly replaced the scarce ones with her own bags. A piece of clothing.

Duan Ran also found Su Su on the beach with the phone photo sent by Qian Xixi. When Duan Ran and Su Su were planning to go out to sea to find someone, Qi Yuanyuan called and asked what happened between Su Su and Duan Shengyun. ? After learning about the situation, Qi Yuanyuan sent the address to Susu, and Duan Ran also rented two boats and prepared to rush over, leaving Qian Xixi with a boat for Qian Xixi and notifying Qian Xixi the time immediately It’s coming soon, even if two pieces of clothes are missing, it doesn’t matter. The live broadcast is the most important thing. Qian Xixi hurried over.

After Qian Xixi arrived at the pier, he found that there was no boat at all. He was always on the phone when calling Duan Ran. Qian Xixi looked at the pile of clothes in a hurry. Duan Ran called and negotiated with Chen Lang at this time, but Chen Lang reminded Duan Ran that if he can’t live broadcast the pineapple’s clothes today, Duan Shengyun will not be able to eat and walk around. With every segment of the phone, Duan Ran had already landed and found Chen Lang, and reprimanding Chen Lang was a scourge.

Chen Lang claimed that it was Duan Shengyun who invested in Rui when it was most difficult, and took away 80% of Rui’s shares. This was a stabbing. Duan Ran accused Chen Lang of being a coward, and that his company failed because of a small structure. Duan Ran went to the company to find Qian Xixi for dinner, but he didn’t expect Chen Lang to run away with all the staff. The broadcast is about to start in a few minutes. Chen Lang thought it was too late anyway, but Duan Ran called Qian Xixi and sent an extra-large ship to Qian Xixi, just to show Chen Lang. See what a “surprise” is.

Mr. Wu from the Bopineapple company went to the company to look for Qian Xixi and wanted to see Bopineapple’s launch, but he didn’t expect that the company had no one. Yu Shi hurriedly explained that they had all gone out to do outdoor live broadcasts. This was unprecedented, and it was for The company’s tailor-made surprises, Mr. Wu is also full of confidence waiting to see the surprises.

Yu Shi hurriedly called and told Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi asked Yu Shi to try his best to hold Mr. Wu, but Qian Xixi also felt that time was running out and called Chen Lang, hoping to renegotiate. Chen Lang asked Duan Shengyun must return Rui to him at the original price, otherwise the live broadcast will not be launched. After learning about the situation, Duan Shengyun negotiated with Chen Lang and claimed that Duan Ran was never a threat and had no plans to go to the company. He hoped that the company’s internal affairs would be resolved internally and the live broadcast would not be affected.

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