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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 1 Recap

Duan Ran returned from studying abroad for three years and Qian Xixi signed a contract with a sky-high price.

Duan Ran (played by Huang Jingyu), the son of retail giant Duan Shengyun, a top student studying abroad, can be said to be born with a golden key. Qian Xixi (played by Wu Jinyan) was divorced from a young age and was fostered in Duan Ran’s family. Because of his different background from Duan Ran, Qian Xixi’s strong character was also created. Even when he was sent to others, he was looked down upon. Qian Xixi was so strong and created a good career.

Duan Ran returned to China after studying abroad for three years. Duan Ran’s father hoped that Duan Ran would come back and study with Qian Xixi, but Duan Ran was unconvinced, thinking that Qian Xixi had to rely on his father in the end. Work in a live broadcast company invested by my father. But Duan Shengyun told Duan Ran that Qian Xixi didn’t know the company was his when he applied for the job, nor did he mention him. He was chosen abruptly.

Now he is not only a director, but also a popular anchor. Duan Ran came to the live broadcast company again unconvinced, and saw Qian Xixi’s super work ability with his own eyes. The sales task of two million a day was not a problem. This also had to be admired by Duan Ran.

Qian Xixi also saw Duan Ran in the live broadcast room and smiled provocatively. Duan Ran’s heart suddenly felt a lot of “unhappy” and grievances. Since his parents divorced when he was eight years old, Qian Xixi received a few tears. Duan Ran’s mother’s heart, Duan’s mother directly brought Qian Xixi back home. Qian Xixi also turned from a neighbor to a regular member of the Duan Ran’s family, and successfully captured the hearts of his parents.

Qian Xixi’s love even surpasses him. Although Qian Xixi eats food at their home, he is frugal, and pays a lot of food every month. His parents regard Qian Xixi as a model and let Duan Ran a good job. Follow along. Duan Ran had to remind his parents that he was also a student who had a full scholarship at school, but these were ignored by his parents.

Duan Ran went abroad to study for three years. After returning, he found that his room, his wardrobe, his towel, and even his hat and car had become Qian Xixi’s special items. He can’t say he doesn’t want to, but he has to be willing to be happy. .

Qian Xixi will go out to discuss matters after finishing the live broadcast. Duan Ran grabs Qian Xixi by the hair and screams to take her to dinner. After Duan Ran left, President Chen Chen Lang got a little hairy. I don’t know what Duan Ran came to do today. Both inside and outside the words revealed that he was unwilling to work in the big company his father opened. Chen Lang was worried that it was for his position. But the secretary thought that Duan Ran was looking for Qian Xixi, because in his opinion, the two are not like brothers and sisters, but more like a couple.

Duan Ran drove Qian Xixi where he was talking about the matter, and left in the sports car, and told Qian Xixi that this baby car belonged to him, and that Qian Xixi’s hand was just a spare key. From today on, he has the right to use this car. It was given to him again, so angry that Qian Xixi chased the car and scolded that Duan Ran was a villain. He promised to use it for her before, but now he is going back again.

Qian Xixi believes that there are more and more live broadcast platforms for e-commerce, and she does not want to continue selling low-end products, worrying that it will not be able to operate in the long term. My friend Zhang Jiayun took Qian Xixi to see Mr. Wu to discuss the matter, but the negotiation was not completed. Mr. Wu asked Qian Xixi to go back and wait for the news. Zhang Jiayun pestered Qian Xixi to ask every word he had said after he came back, and suspected that Duan Ran and Qian Xixi were not like brothers and sisters. Qian Xixi patted his chest to ensure that the two are brothers and sisters. Zhang Jiayun wondered if Understand why two people can’t be a pair if they are so in harmony?

Qian Xixi felt that Duan Shengyun and his wife treated her as a daughter. She lived and ate and lived in the Duan’s family over the years, and she was worried about Duan’s only son. At this moment, the two suddenly saw Zhang Jiayun’s boyfriend Chen Lang coming, and they hurriedly hid in fright.

Duan Ran drove the baby car to the 4S shop and asked him to clean the car inside and out. It seemed to him that it was a bit flawed, and all the small decorations on the front seat were discarded. After Duan Ran sent the baby, he came to Qian Xixi and found Qian Xixi was sneaking after someone, but because of Duan Ran’s sudden arrival, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran lost people, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran again It was a bickering.

Duan Ran wants to take Qian Xixi to eat, but Qian Xixi is busy calculating some financial accounts, but some don’t understand. Duan Ran just a few short sentences to convince Qian Xixi, willing to follow Duan Ran to eat , I want to learn more while eating.

Chen Lang came to QE company to find Mr. Shen, and he was concerned about whether Duan Ran would go to him. Mr. Shen believed that although Duan Shengyun wanted to let Duan Ran come to QE, if Duan Ran wanted to go to an e-commerce company, Duan Shengyun would definitely not object. Chen Lang’s heart was violently stirred.

According to what Duan Ran taught her, Qian Xixi made a report on the rate of return on investment and showed it to Duan Ran. Duan Ran believed that this was just some gross profit and could not be calculated accurately, and gave some better suggestions. Qian Xixi After using Duan Ran, he drove him away. Duan Ran reminded Qian Xixi not to invest too much.

The next day, Qian Xixi came to Mr. Wu again. Mr. Wu was anxious to go to the toilet. Qian Xixi rushed to the toilet regardless of his intentions. He also wanted Mr. Wu to guarantee that he could get a profit of 1.2 million by investing 100,000. With a sales volume of 200,000, if you can’t do it, you will lose 10,000 to use the men’s toilet a day. Mr. Wu asked Qian Xixi to write this sentence in the contract and agreed to sign the contract.

After Qian Xixi signed the contract, he called Deciduously to have dinner and drink to celebrate. He proudly gave out the contract to Duan Ran, but Duan Ran thought that he would definitely not be able to achieve it. Qian Xixi wanted to do the cleaning for the next six months. Toilet preparation. Qian Xixi burst into tears, begging Duan Ran for help, and the more he cried, the more sad that Duan Ransheng was afraid of being heard by others, so he quickly persuaded Qian Xixi not to cry. Qian Xixi just couldn’t stop crying, and the more he cried.

Loudly, Duan Ran had no choice but to agree to help. Qian Xixi looked up and laughed, and he was drinking with Duan Ran. Duan Ran wanted to sternly reprimand Qian Xixi for being heartless. After signing a sky-high price contract, he could still drink and shamelessly, but Qian Xixi told Duan Ran about the fun of e-commerce and made Duan Ran realize that if he wanted to.

It is not impossible to achieve this sales volume, so I am ready to help Qian Xixi generously and fully. When Qian Xixi and Duan Ran came to the company the next day, they found that there was no one in the company.

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