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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 47 Recap

Chi Tiecheng pretended to be the task force and called the airport to thank them for their support. He also asked if there was any bulletproof glass. The answer was really gone. Chi Tiecheng knew that Songjiang only wanted to obtain bulletproof glass at Songjiang Airport. The United States once assisted an aircraft with only two bulletproof glass on it, which could only be installed on both sides of the car. The envoy must be here and follow the plan to assassinate Muto.

In bulletproof glass. However, this requires a high degree of tacit cooperation between two snipers. At first, only Su Wenqian could cooperate with Chi Tiecheng, but now the plan cannot be realized. Li Beicai is not angry, Su Wenqian is not the only sniper in the world, he has confidence in himself. Chi Tiecheng sneered, but decided to let him try.

Chi Tiecheng took the apprentices to the factory. This plan was very difficult. Li Beica volunteered but fired three shots before hitting. Chi Tiecheng was disappointed. It seems that only Su Wenqian can cooperate with him. Leng Qiao remembered that he had seen Su Wenqian’s photos when he was developing the photos. Li Beifa admitted that he had hidden the photos and said that he didn’t want Chi Tiecheng to be disturbed because of Su Wenqian’s affairs.

Li Beifa felt that Chi Tiecheng only had to meet Su Wenqian. The judgment will decrease, and Chi Tiecheng has not been blocked by a single edge and directly slapped Li Beicai. Qin Henian arranged for Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue to visit Su Wenqian at 3:30 in the afternoon. Section Chief Cao called Su Wenqian in advance, but Su Wenqian was very resistant. He did not want to see them both mother and daughter at this time.

Jin Dou said that Principal Fang asked him to see Xiaoxue and brought her review materials. The school recommended Xiaoxue’s composition to the city competition and won the first prize. Jin Dou also apologized to Xiaoxue and said that she did not expect her father to be so good, Xiaoxue Looking at the composition, he cried aggrievedly. Ouyang Xiangling brought Su Wenqian some clothes for Qin Zishu. The task force did not allow members to see Su Wenqian, so she could not go together.

After Jin Dou came back, he told Principal Fang these things. Principal Fang was very satisfied and rewarded him with a piece of chocolate. Principal Fang immediately told Chi Tiecheng that Su Wenqian had been transferred to Songjiang Prison, and Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter would visit the prison at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Chi Tiecheng ignored Principal Fang’s doubts. Today, Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter’s visit to the prison was their opportunity. Li Beifa felt that all this was a coincidence, but Chi Tiecheng knew that if Su Wenqian really wanted to do a bitter trick, he would not let Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter. It was involved, and he happened to learn a secret of Su Wenqian and Xiaoxue, chocolate.

Qin Zishu didn’t understand why Ouyang Xiangling didn’t go to see Su Wenqian. Ouyang Xiangling felt it was inconvenient to go, but Qin Zishu understood that she was afraid that Su Wenqian was not the Su Wenqian in her heart, and that he was afraid that he would be irrelevant because of personal affair. Qin Zishu wanted to talk to Ouyang Xiangling about her feelings for Su Wenqian.

She felt that to a certain extent Ouyang Xiangling’s feelings for Su Wenqian were deep for her and Xiaoxue. Su Wenqian was kind to their mother and daughter because of guilt, Ouyang The appearance of Xiangling can make Su Wenqian stand up in just a few days and become braver than before. I hope Ouyang Xiangling believes that she is the only one who can influence Su Wenqian, even if one day Su Wenqian makes a mistake, she is the only one. Can wake up.

When I went to see Su Wenqian, Xiao Xuete got off the bus and used all his pocket money to buy a piece of chocolate. Ouyang Xiangling still went to see Su Wenqian with Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, but they didn’t expect that Chi Tiecheng would make tricks in the chocolate. Ouyang Xiangling let Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue go in first, and he and Jiang Lan waited outside.

Su Wenqian was very upset to see Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and had a bad attitude, saying that she didn’t need them to see her. Xiaoxue looked at the stranger Su Wenqian sadly, and Su Wenqian said that she would go his own way with them like a different person.

Xiaoxue felt that she and Su Wenqian were a family, and wanted to be like him before. She also took out the piece of chocolate and said to share it with him. Su Wenqian directly stuffed the whole piece of chocolate into his mouth and scolded Xiaoxue for being naive, asking them not to disturb her in the future.

Xiaoxue’s crying became louder and louder, and Ouyang Xiangling rushed in and asked why Su Wenqian treated people who care about him this way. Su Wenqian was a little bit self-defeating, and angrily accused Ouyang Xiangling that they forced him to pick up the gun and he was now in prison. What did he do wrong! Su Wenqian fainted as soon as he was about to go back. The infirmary couldn’t handle it, and he quickly contacted Songjiang Hospital to send an ambulance.

Ouyang Xiangling and Jiang Lan got into the ambulance together. Su Wenqian woke up pale, and stubbornly pushed away Ouyang Xiangling’s caring hand. After Jiang Lan noticed the abnormality, he immediately reminded Ouyang Xiangling that the doctors and nurses in the car were Li Beifa and Shanleng posing as the two sides moved their hands. Ouyang Xiangling covered Jiang Lan from jumping off the car and hit Cui Jiu who was driving. Li Beicai quickly took the place of the driver, and the ambulance drove towards the Bell Tower Square.

Section Chief Cao rushed to the prison after receiving the news, but only when he met the real doctors and nurses did he realize that he was fooled. A single edge took up Ouyang Xiangling. Seeing that Su Wenqian didn’t get better, he was puzzled, and quickly started a heart resuscitation for him. Section Chief Cao wondered how Su Wenqian was poisoned. After learning that he had eaten Xiaoxue’s chocolate and found the wrapping paper, Jiang Lan ran back to tell Section Chief Cao that something was wrong.

When Chi Tiecheng saw Su Wenqian, he was very dangerous and quickly injected him with adrenaline. Section Chief Cao asked people to draft a wanted order to search for Su Wenqian throughout the city, and also stated that if resistance was encountered, Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter were shocked.

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