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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 46 Recap

Principal Fang went to see Chi Tiecheng, and they all received a telegram from the bureau. They were angry at the failure of tonight’s mission, but Liao Jie sent Zhuang Tingfeng as a special envoy, so he did not pursue this matter for the time being.

If they fail again, they will Will be dealt with by military law. Principal Fang was very angry. He was taken over at Songjiang Station and he was almost spotted. Chi Tiecheng said that he was responsible for this failure. Principal Fang asked him to withdraw from the operation and wait for punishment. Chi Tiecheng agreed and let his apprentice follow the instructions of Principal Fang. However, Shan Leng and Leng Qiao were obviously unwilling.

They wanted to accompany Chi Tiecheng to suspend their duties and wait for punishment. Li Beifan also had this attitude. Principal Fang knew that Qin Henian was protected, and he could not afford the consequences of failure. He did not expect that the jellyfish group was a monolithic one, and his attitude towards Chi Tiecheng immediately softened, and he expressed his willingness to make him the first person in charge.

Ouyang Xiangling had been waiting outside Su Wenqian’s room, and when the director and Chief Cao came out, they informed the whole meeting. The Jellyfish Group and Principal Fang began to wonder how to kill the envoy. Did the Communist Party know that the identity of the envoy is very important to them? Chi Tiecheng asked President Fang to check the information and asked Shan Leng, Leng Qiao and Li Beicai to help.

The Public Security Bureau met to discuss protecting the security of the special envoy. They did not disclose the identity of the special envoy to prevent leaks. When President Fang saw that Li Beifa’s hand was injured, he came forward to inquire and reminded him not to make a mistake. He also said that he had actually received two telegrams, and the other was about the secret of Chi Tiecheng. Chi Tiecheng’s recent actions have failed one after another, and President Fang persuaded Li Bei-Ra to do it for himself.

Ouyang Xiangling was very excited to learn that Su Wenqian would be transferred to the judiciary. He hoped that the director would give Su Wenqian a chance. He was deceived by Chi Tiecheng, not to mention that they now face major cases and need his ability in special projects. But Section Chief Cao thinks that Su Wenqian is a person of right and wrong. Ouyang Xiangling’s idea is very irrational. The director is also very firm on this matter. Not only will Su Wenqian be transferred to the judiciary tomorrow, but Ouyang Xiangling will be temporarily exempted. Job.

The director told Mayor Wen that they decided to implement the plan, which was the only way. The Songjiang Railway Station undercurrent surging, Su Wenqian was transferred to the judicial organ early in the morning, and Ouyang Xiangling was ashamed. Liao Jie stayed up all night and received a call early in the morning.

The Central Military Commission agreed to his request for a truce for two days. Liao Jie understood that the poem worked, and now can only see if Zhuang Tingfeng can successfully see Qin Henian. The Qin family. Qin Zishu played the piano, Xiaoxue flipped through her father’s letter on the bed. Qin Henian coaxed her to eat and drink milk, but Xiaoxue refused to eat. Ouyang Xiangling came, and Qin Zishu stumbled downstairs, she was very worried about Su Wenqian.

Knowing that Su Wenqian was imprisoned, Qin Zishu was anxious and wanted to go to the Public Security Bureau. Su Wenqian didn’t intentionally harm Qin Henian. This was a trap from beginning to end, but Ouyang Xiangling really had nothing to do. Xiaoxue also cried and scolded them. Bad guys. The Jellyfish team’s investigation concluded that the Public Security Bureau knew the identity of the special envoy. They felt that the public security bureau had called the steel plate to convert the special envoy’s car into a bulletproof car and took very strict security measures. After listening to Shan Leng and others’ analysis, Chi Tiecheng said that their analysis failed.

Xiaoxue fell asleep crying tiredly. Ouyang Xiangling hoped that Qin Zishu would do her a favor. She felt that Su Wenqian was not an obsessive person. She wanted to chat with Su Wenqian, but the director gave a death order not to visit the prison, not to mention she was suspended. Now, I can only hope in Qin Henian. The postal van did not come out after entering the public security bureau. The jellyfish group immediately understood that they wanted the special envoy to board the postal van. The other vehicles were used to confuse the line of sight, but the postal van is very large. How can they determine the position of the special envoy?

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