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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 4 Recap

After the celebration banquet, Xia Jicheng returned to the police station building. From a distance, only the household registration department light was visible, so he went to wake Gu Yaodong. Although Xia Ji drove him home, he didn’t say a word from beginning to end, and his face seemed a little livid, causing Gu Yaodong to sit on pins and needles, hoping not to have accidents on the way.

There are two bedrooms on the second floor of the Gu’s house, which are shared by the brothers and sisters. There is also a small pavilion at the corner of the stairs. Because the windows face north, it is especially small and dark, cold in winter and cool in summer, so no one wants to rent it. Recently, the rents on the market have skyrocketed.

Gu’s mother wanted to rent out the house to make up for the family, but the light bulb in the house was broken again, but Gu Bang reluctantly wrote an advertisement for rent. The old couple’s righteous thoughts were broken when they suddenly saw a black car. Stop at your door.

Gu’s mother mistakenly regarded Xia Jicheng as a driver, and later found out that she was embarrassed again. As a result, Xia Jicheng didn’t mind, smiled and walked into the guest hall in the eyes of the family of three, without thinking of himself as an outsider, and just found a place to sit down. Hearing that Gu’s mother decided to rent out the pavilion, Xia Jicheng took the initiative to go to the terrace and watch. Gu Yaodong didn’t know what he was thinking about, and just looking for words for words, Xia Jicheng laughed at him for making such a move.

Before leaving, Xia Jicheng took the renting advertisement from the table and drove to Hongfeng Rice Store. At this time, Shen Qinghe and Lao Dong had been waiting for a long time. The three seriously discussed the rescue plan, considering that Chen Xianmin will be transferred from the police station to Tilanqiao Prison in a week, during which time he will pass through a gas station, and the gas station is opposite to the terrace on the third floor of Gu’s family, so he wants to use the gas station to carry out the rescue , Shen Qinghe was able to live in Gu’s house as a tenant for observation at any time.

In order to find out the route from Fu’an to the gas station and the surrounding situation as soon as possible, Shen Qinghe rushed to visit at noon the next day and indicated his intention. Looking at the neatly dressed and smiling young woman in front of her, Gu’s mother was naturally full of joy, even a little unbelievable, especially Gu Yaodong and Gu Bangcai, father and son, really can’t figure out why Shen Qinghe, since he is not stupid, would spend money to rent a broken house. .

The pavilion room was dimly lit, and as Shen Qinghe opened the curtains, the dilapidated scene in the room was unobstructed. Gu Yaodong didn’t want Shen Qinghe to waste the money, and deliberately revealed that the house was leaking rain. He didn’t expect Shen Qinghe to hear the words indifferently. Instead, he was ready for three months’ rent. Even Gu’s mother was a little flattered.

On the night of check-in, Shen Qinghe stood alone on the terrace. Because of the wide view around, the gas station can be seen in the distance. It happened that a petrol truck was parked, and Shen Qinghe immediately returned to the room to lock the door while the staff unloaded the oil drum, and drew a map on the paper with the dim light, and extended to the gas station starting from Fu’an Lane.

In the early morning of the next morning, Gu Yaodong carried his bag and went out as usual, but Shen Qinghe knew that he had been suspended from his job. It was inevitable that he couldn’t bear it, so he simply introduced the job of driving a truck. Gu Yaodong understood Shen Qinghe’s kindness, but he also tactfully refused. Since he was still wearing a police uniform, he was still a member of the Shanghai Police Department.

Since Chen Xianmin has already been dealt with in a criminal case, the Secretary wants to take this case to reshape the image of the police station. Just as Gu Yaodong is a top student of Soochow University, with a high degree of education and a good image, Qi Shengping decided to push him out to show that the police station is full of talent. Even though Yang Kui was indignant and annoyed that he was busy working for a long time, he finally attributed the credit to Gu Yaodong.

However, after a brief consideration, Wang Keda believed that Gu Yaodong’s contribution may not be a bad thing. The Communist Party could not identify a traitor in a short time. It would be better to use Gu Yaodong to cover up Shi Liyou’s existence, believing that Chen Xianmin was found out because of Gu Yaodong, and Shi Liyou was sent back to the underground party organization to continue to provide them with information.

At the same time, as soon as Gu Yaodong entered the prison office, he saw that his desk was full of debris, and his personal belongings were also thrown on the ground. Xiao Datou and others did not forget a few harsh words, but Zhao Zhiyong felt sorry for him. Seeing Yang Kui appearing at the door of the office, everyone held their breath and waited for the dismissal notice to be issued. Unexpectedly, Yang Kui told Gu Yaodong to accept the award.

Before everyone could react, they saw Qi Shengping walking in with Xia Jicheng, Wang Keda, Secretary Fang and others, and everyone was stunned by the battle. Secretary Fang personally arranged for Gu Yaodong, and the police officer beside him was almost dumbfounded, until after listening to Qi Shengping’s following praise, he immediately understood that Gu Yaodong had become a hero of the police force, and his user registration helped solve the case.

The front page of the newspaper published Gu Yaodong’s meritorious service news. Gu’s mother had no time to get a haircut. She ran home with her hair full of curls. Gu Bang was so excited that he took the wallet and rushed to the vegetable market, ready to celebrate for his son. Shen Qinghe came back carrying the canned red fruit from Changli Company and planned to cook the braised pork himself. He suddenly saw the contents of the newspaper and his smile froze for an instant.

Xia Jicheng sent Gu Yaodong to the door of his house and arranged his hat for him. Gu Yaodong didn’t seem to wake up from the dizziness of the flash, and suddenly suffered too much love and praise, and it was inevitable that he was a little confused. Shen Qinghe never forgot the content of the report.

His face was gloomy throughout the whole process, and he finally left the seat first, turned and sat in the back seat of Xia Jicheng’s car, until Xia Jicheng returned to the car full of food and drink, and then expressed his doubts, dissatisfaction, and Angry emotions. But in the face of this incident, Xia Jicheng firmly believed that Gu Yaodong was being used by others, and he had no knowledge of Chen Xianmin’s identity.

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