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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 3 Recap

During dinner at night, the old couple kept putting vegetables in a bowl for Gu Yaodong. The eldest daughter Gu Yuexi complained that they were partial and could only eat fried eggs when they returned home. Gu Yuexi’s seven-year-old son ran out in a police uniform, just as the neighbors in the lane were playing cards and chattering under the street lights.

When everyone saw the household registration armbands falling out of their clothes, they looked at each other first, and then talked about each other. The conversation was full of mockery, and they didn’t know when the Gu family’s four stood by, especially Gu Yuexi was more like a firecracker. Directly rush to the argument, don’t look at her habit of teasing Gu Yaodong, but no one should dare to say anything bad about her brother.

Gu Yaodong stood silent until he saw Shen Qinghe appear at the entrance of the alley, and then returned his bag. Knowing that Gu Yaodong had become a registered policeman, Shen Qinghe guessed that Xia Jicheng had deliberately arranged it. He just remembered the scene in which he was isolated in the warehouse in the afternoon. Looking at the prospects, he did not know how to comfort him.

This night in the Gu family was calm and not peaceful. Du Duo lay on the bed and was beaten by Gu Yuexi in the ass, crying screaming. The old couple were afraid that Gu Yaodong would be sad, and boasted about the benefits of the household registration police, but their parents had never been good at lying. Now these remarks made Gu Yaodong’s eyes flushed. Taking advantage of the moonlight, he took out his leather shoes from his bag, wiped them clean and placed them in the shoe cabinet neatly.

After Ruixian Restaurant failed, Wang Keda secretly traced Chen Xianmin. The only clue was that the traitor Shi Liyou confessed that Chen Xianmin regularly took the heart medicine called “Kedxiao”. However, Yang Kui searched all over Shanghai and only three hospitals could buy it. However, in recent months, there was no purchase record of Chen Xianmin. Therefore, Wang Keda determined that Chen Xianmin had other identities.

At the moment, the first place of punishment is so busy that it’s exhausted, while the second place is still slack, and only Gu Yaodong is still cleaning. While several people were discussing the “Double Ten Agreement” signed by the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, Xia Jicheng reminded Gu Yaodong to report to the household registration section, and Zhao Zhiyong urged him to check his household registration and refrain from nosy.

After leaving the police station building, Gu Yaodong rode his bicycle to Changde Road near Jing’an Temple. He registered from the first house at the intersection and quickly went to the French apartment at No. 195. Ding Fang, the female head of the household, sat on the ground to write and draw, and she had no time to greet her. The surroundings were full of messy manuscripts and there was almost no place to stay.

Ding Fang asked Gu Yaodong to open the drawer to turn out the household registration book, and then continued to work. Unexpectedly, a male reporter followed Gu Yaodong and successfully broke into the house. The male reporter entangled Ding Fang facelessly, and took out secret photos to threaten her to disclose exclusive information, such as the love story of Feng Huaxueyue. As a result, the two had torn between them, causing Ding Fang to be injured.

Originally, Gu Yaodong had registered his household registration book and was about to leave, but he heard the sound of smashing porcelain behind him, so he rushed back to the room. The male reporter was so arrogant that he refused to follow him back to the police station, and even wanted to make a move to hurt others. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong instinctively avoided it, seeing the male reporter hit the door and the camera broke.

Nowadays, in the Office of the Second Criminal Division, there are constant anger, camera parts and a copy of “The Luan Feng Xi” are on the table, but the bruise on the forehead of the male reporter attracts the attention of his colleagues. . The male reporter Hu Chuanzang falsely accused Gu Yaodong of beating people and insisted on asking for compensation, otherwise he threatened to report.

Because this matter caused dissatisfaction with the director, Qi Shengping notified Xia Jicheng to go through the resignation procedures for Gu Yaodong as soon as possible. Xia Jicheng couldn’t continue to intercede for Gu Yaodong, and simply went back to the second place to deal with the male reporter. Not only did he send him away with a word, he even managed to get back Ding Fang’s private photos.

Although the matter has been resolved, Xia Jicheng’s face is still terrifyingly dark. Captain Li leads everyone away, leaving only Gu Yaodong and Xia Jicheng in the office. The male reporter took the camera and left the crumpled copy of “Luan Fengxi” on the table. Gu Yaodong carefully smoothed the cover and put it in the drawer. Just thinking about returning the book to the owner when he was free, Xia Jicheng came over with a roast chicken. Invite him to taste it.

For the common people, Gu Yaodong is undoubtedly a good policeman. Unfortunately, the police station does not need such a person. Xia Jicheng believes that Gu Yaodong’s leaving the police station is not a bad thing. Rather than helping justice, it is better to learn from his faith in life. Gu Yaodong didn’t say anything. After he finished his last bite of roast chicken, he stood up and declared that he would stay in the police station.

Since there were 327 men who bought Kode’s filial piety in recent months, although the household registration department has begun to screen the base card, because the progress is too slow, Wang Keda ordered them to work overtime. When Gu Yaodong walked to the door of the household registration section, he just heard the police officers protesting and complaining that Gu Yaodong had hurt everyone and isolated him.

The household registration department is like a huge library, with rows of wooden cabinets dedicated to storing the bottom card of the household registration. Gu Yaodong separately classified the list and listed the same surnames in a form. He was busy until dawn, with dark circles under his eyes. Hand over forty base cards to Chief Kong.

According to Shi Liyou’s identification, the penalty department quickly found the address of the carpenter’s shop and immediately organized a manpower to arrest it. To protect Shen Qinghe from being discovered, Chen Xianmin could only stay in the room and catch him. Yang Kui noticed someone upstairs and hurried after him. Fortunately, Shen Qinghe hid under the balcony in time and escaped.

Three police cars drove away to watch the crowds turn birds and beasts away. After Chen Xianmin returned to the case, Xia Jicheng followed Wang Keda and Qi Shengping to the interrogation room. He saw that Chen Xianmin had been beaten to the point of being an adult, so he did not disclose any information. Wang Keda asked the household registration department to identify and determined that Chen Xianmin’s two sets of certificates were all from the household registration department.

Qi Shengping knew that Xia Jicheng and Section Chief Kong had made friends with each other, so he guessed that there was a ghost in the household registration department. However, Xia Jicheng cleared up the suspicion, saying that many people have fraudulently obtained ID cards, and Wang Keda also admitted to selling missing persons documents on the black market.

Qi Shengping hosted a banquet at the Chunlin Restaurant, planning to celebrate at his own expense. Xia Jicheng, Qi Shengping, and Wang Keda sat in the private room. While congratulating Wang Keda on his arrest of the leader of the Communist Party’s intelligence team, they learned from him that a Communist Party mutiny had provided intelligence. Qi Shengping urged everyone to confirm that Chen Xianmin was a murderer. The transcript should be kept as clean as possible, walked through the scene, and transferred to Tilanqiao Prison a week later.

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