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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 28 Recap

After Yi Dongdong finished speaking, he left with a sweat all over his body. When he returned home, he saw the aggrieved Yi Qianqian and knew that he had just spoken seriously.

Madada was called to take a photo by the TV station, but when she came out happy, she got her ankle and was just seen by Sun Xuan at the door. Sun Xun hugged her directly to the bus stop, and Madada asked Sun Xun to help her take a video. Sun Xuan seemed to have a love seed sprouting in his heart.

After Madada went back, he asked Ma Xiaoxiao to participate in his introduction video shooting, and Ma Xiaoxiao only agreed after being soft and hard. Sun Yan took out a camera bought abroad, and after everyone’s brainstorming, the introduction video shot by Maddah was the most popular MV, Chasing the Wind. Yi Dongdong, Yi Nannan, Liang Xiaobao, Sun Yan, and Ou Xiaojian all participated.

Everyone’s shooting is very fanciful. Compared with other contestants’ singing and dancing videos, Madada’s introduction video is more distinctive.

After the video shooting, everyone had a dinner together. Ou Xiaojian came out to drink alone. Yi Dongdong asked him if he participated in the live match in Madada, because he was very happy when he saw Ma Xiaoxiao’s video recording today. He also knew that Ou Xiaojian was Ma Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend. I hope Ma Xiaoxiao will always be so happy. I wish Ou Xiaojian can Aunt Niu and Ma Yingjun approved, and they smiled at each other.

Yi Dongdong saw Ma Xiaoxiao’s smile on her no longer worries, and thought that it might be right to let go now. After all, the person who has liked for a long time can make her happy. It might be the best for the two to become friends with each other.

Zeng Xing came back from studying abroad. Neighbors from the neighborhood came to watch him, and reporters from the TV station also came to interview him. It is said that Zeng Xing came back with the famous architect Noah and planned to make urban planning for Guangzhou. Noah was The teacher of Zeng Xing, Zeng Xing is also responsible for the core planning matters and communicates with relevant departments in advance.

The major newspapers have published the things that have contributed to the motherland after returning to the country, and they have instantly become famous in Mayang Street.

Zeng Xing took Ma Xiaoxiao to see his teacher for dinner. The table kept asking Ma Xiaoxiao to study abroad, thinking that Ma Xiaoxiao’s foreign-related legal profession could only have a line of experience when he went abroad. Someone in the private room next door was drinking and talking loudly, and Zeng Xing asked the waiter to remind him. When he came out after eating, Zeng Xing was besieged by Jing Ge and others in the next room.

Ma Xiaoxiao saw that the situation was not good and stood in front of Zeng Xing and moved out of the legal terms. Unexpectedly, Jing Ge would not eat this set. Fortunately, Ou Xiaojian came, but Ou Xiaojian asked Ma Xiaoxiao to apologize, and Ma Xiaoxiao was very angry. Zeng Xing continued to talk bad things about Ou Xiaojian in Ma Xiaoxiao’s ear, imposing his ideas on Ma Xiaoxiao.
Ou Xiaojian hurried to catch up with Ma Xiaoxiao and apologize.

The reason why she was asked to apologize was because he was afraid that Brother Jing would cause trouble, but Ma Xiaoxiao was afraid that Ou Xiaojian would return to the old injured days. Grandma Zeng held a celebration banquet for Zeng Xing and invited major neighbors on Mayang Street. Zeng Xing deliberately thanked Ma Xiaoxiao at the banquet, and then provoke Ou Xiaojian alone and asked him to let Ma Xiaoxiao go abroad.

After the banquet, Zeng Xing approached Ma Xiaoxiao to confess, but was rejected by Ma Xiaoxiao. Ma Xiaoxiao hoped that Zeng Xing would not waste time on himself. Ma Xiaoxiao accompanied Ma Yingjun to the hospital for follow-up consultation.

Ma Yingjun mentioned that Zeng Xing could not compare with Yi Dongdong, worried that Ma Xiaoxiao would follow Zeng Xing to go abroad and abandon herself. He also disagrees with her and Ou Xiaojian, thinking that Ou Xiaojian’s mixed society is a waste. After all, Ma Yingjun is worried that Ma Xiaoxiao will ignore him.

Zeng Xing talked to Zeng Zhenmei. Zeng Zhenmei hoped that Zengxing would not have a psychological burden, and that it would be easy to let it go. She also mentioned that she wanted to move her family to Shanghai and live in a different environment. Zeng Xing hesitated. When the Zeng family moved out, the friends from Mayang Street all came to see them off.

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