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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 27 Recap

Ma Xiaoxiao and Madada were worried that their separation would affect their relationship and advised Aunt Niu not to move. Aunt Niu complained that if there is no such shop, the family’s living expenses cannot be supported. Although she has a lot of dissatisfaction in her heart, she feels particularly uncomfortable with Ma Yingjun. Ma Yingjun can’t understand her at all. Ma Xiaoxiao told Madada that life is not easy, and as children, you must be more sensible.

Madada found Sun Xuan. She didn’t want to participate in the singing competition because of the fact that Aunt Niu left home. She hoped that Sun Xuan would tear up the registration form for herself. She would go to the cram school to study for college entrance examination, but she knew she really hated studying. Ma Xiaoxiao enlightens Madada. Madada has acting talent and can’t be easily given up. It’s not about Madada’s business that Aunt Niu moves or Ma Yingjun’s illness. When the sky falls, Ma Xiaoxiao bears it. Ma Xiaoxiao knows what it’s like to give up her dreams, so Madada must cherish her dreams.

Yi Dongdong and Yi Xiqian were eating dumplings made by Aunt Niu. Yi Dongdong laughed as they ate, feeling that this dumpling was like Ma Xiaoxiao’s. Yi Qianqian went to the room to find Yi Nannan’s story meeting, and accidentally found a confession letter from Yi Dongdong under the bed to Ma Xiaoxiao, and knew that Yi Dongdong had not given up on Ma Xiaoxiao.

Aunt Niu chased Maddah and ran on the street. Neighbors in the neighborhood came to stop him. It turned out that Madada participated in the singing competition. The advertisements shot in a swimsuit were seen by Aunt Niu. Aunt Niu thought that Madada was not ashamed of being photographed by others in so little.

Hearing Madada explained that she was about to hit her. Both Lin Jiahao and Chen Lili felt that this kind of dress was not very good, and Aunt Niu felt that the singing competition was not serious. Aunt Niu didn’t believe that Madada would not participate in the competition because of her family. Madada ran away angry.

Sun Yan was worried about Madada’s safety, so I asked Yi Dongdong to help him find it. Yi Dongdong didn’t want to distract Ma Xiaoxiao, who had just stabilized at the law firm, and went to the cinema to retrieve Madada by himself. Aunt Niu had a dispute with Madada, and Aunt Niu agreed to let Madada participate in the competition and let Madada prove his ability.

Ou Xiaojian illuminated Ma Xiaoxiao’s room with a flashlight, and Ma Xiaoxiao pulled the curtains closed. Since Ou Xiaojian was released from prison, Ma Xiaoxiao has not seen him. Madada said that Ma Xiaoxiao was dubious. Ma Xiaoxiao was angry and never saw Ou Xiaojian because Ou Xiaojian didn’t want to see him in prison.

Ou Xiaojian took the initiative to admit her mistake and listened to a song to Ma Xiaoxiao, planning to take her to the movie “First Kiss” next time, and then kissed Ma Xiaoxiao on the mouth.

Aunt Niu’s breakfast shop is next to Xiao Hong Kong. She was a little surprised to see Ou Xiaojian operating in Xiao Hong Kong for the first time since his release from prison. Yi Dongdong came out to help Ma Yingjun deliver breakfast, and saw Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian eyebrows, feeling a little disappointed. Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian started dating, watching movies together, holding hands together, they looked like a little couple.

After the movie ended, Ou Xiaojian said that there would be a second part of the movie. Ma Xiaoxiao wondered whether the hero and heroine in the movie would be together. Ou Xiaojian answered that he would. After the two returned home, they were often crooked on the balcony, sending their hearts to each other with flashlights.

Suddenly, Yi Dongdong couldn’t find the love letter under his sheets. He was very anxious. He heard that it was all sent by Yi Qianqian, and his heart was about to collapse. He hurried to Ma’s house and happened to see the post office delivering a letter to Ma Xiaoxiao, but he didn’t fall. stop. When Ma Xiaoxiao saw the content of the letter, Yi Dongdong smiled and said it was a play, so that Ma Xiaoxiao should not have a psychological burden.

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