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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 4 Recap

When Mr. Xie turned on the switch, Yaoyao’s heart fluctuated in an instant. It turned out that this was in Yaoyao’s dream. The person knocking on the door awakened Yaoyao. She was very angry, but she was moved when she saw that it was Mr. Xie. It turned out that he was here to bring them breakfast. Afterwards, Gu Chenyu went out and said that there was something to do with Gu Fei. Gu Fei said that they had already arranged an appointment to go on an outing together, but then Gu Chenyu also said that he was going for an outing.

The four were grilling in the suburbs together. Xie Fei was very dissatisfied with Gu Chenyu sitting next to Xia Xiaoning. Xie Fei’s dedication to Xia Xiaoning was also blocked by Gu Chenyu. Xia Xiaoning was recommending Mo Buyu to Gu Chenyu again, and Xie Fei also watched. Xia Xiaoning went fishing, Yaoyao told Mr. Xie how obsessed Xia Xiaoning was, and Xie Fei followed him when Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu were fishing.

Gu Chenyu asked Xia Xiaoning if he really likes Mo. She was heard by Xie Fei. When talking about Mobuyu, Xie Fei said that Mobuyu was not good, and took the opportunity to splash Gu Chenyu with a bucket, pretending to be careless, and walked away Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu put on the funny clothes in Xie Fei’s car,

Xie Fei was still trying to bring down the silent image of Xia Xiaoning’s heart. Gu Chenyu pretended to be intimate and handed over a glass of water, pretending to be slippery, and splashed the water on Xie Fei’s pants.

During the meeting, Xie Fei knocked on the door and complained that they would not call him for the meeting. As soon as he came in, he recommended Xie Wuchang, who is well-known in the online distribution circle, as the male lead. At this time, Xia Xiaoning still said that Mobuyu’s voice was the most appropriate, but Yanran However, he said that his kind of coffee position is very full, and may not be able to contact, but Xia Xiaoning said to give it a try.

Yan Ran asked Xia Xiaoning to try it out in anger, and entrusted her with this arduous and almost impossible task. Xia Xiaoning returned to her work station and saw Mobuyu read her private message. She was very excited.

Gu Chenyu, who was watching from the side, laughed unknowingly when she saw her happy appearance. Both of them looked at each other in embarrassment. Gu Chenyu called Xia Xiaoning up to tell her to give up the idea of ​​dubbing Mobuyu. Gu Chenyu said that Mobuyu pays attention to his privacy. The role of Wangchuan might leak some of his privacy. Xia Xiaoning said that he had made a plan. She would protect Mobuyu’s privacy, and she also produced information to prove that Gu Chenyu was a little moved, so she let her go on doing it, and Xia Xiaoning left happily.

Xie Fei danced lightly while wearing headphones. It turned out that he was Xie Wuchang, and laughed at Xia Xiaoning’s love of Mo. Xia Xiaoning sat on the table in a daze, Yan Ran came to ask her about the task of contacting Mobuyu, and told her to know how to advance and retreat, and do what she could. Yanran came to Gu Chenyu to show that she had given Xia Xiaoning a very difficult task before. Gu Chenyu said that she wanted Yanran to give newcomers more tolerance and opportunities. After talking about some work content, Yanran said that she would have dinner with Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu hesitated and finally agreed. Go there later.

There was unexpected wind and rain, and suddenly it started to rain. Xia Xiaoning was doing nothing in the office, but she was told her mother was poisoned by a phone call. The rain outside was so heavy that she couldn’t call the car for a while, and she was wet from the rain. Gu Chenyu’s car stopped in front of her and took her to the hospital. Xia Xiaoning cried and talked about her relationship with her mother. When I arrived at the hospital, I was told that my mother had been in the emergency room for two hours. Aunt Zheng told Xia Xiaoning how she discovered that her mother was poisoned with gas and left.

Gu Chenyu waited outside with Xia Xiaoning, when Xia Xiaoning received a private message from Mobuyu encouraging her on her mobile phone. But Yan Ran ordered dumplings at the restaurant and waited and no one came. It was dawn and the operation was over. The doctor said he had been rescued but he needed to be hospitalized for observation.

The doctor also said that Gu Chenyu had completed the hospitalization procedures. Xia Xiaoning was very optimistic and said to Gu Chenyu that they were thankful that these people around him were helping him. Gu Chenyu sent Xia Xiaoning to the house to get things. Gu Chenyu saw the pictures of herself on the wall of her house and fell into memories, thinking that she was determined to do something to prove to her father A professional dubbing company will not let anyone know that he is his son.

Xie Fei came to Xia Xiaoning. Yanran saw that Xie Fei liked Xia Xiaoning, and Xie Fei admitted frankly. Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu returned to the hospital. Xia Xiaoning asked Gu Chenyu to see if she was haggard. Gu Chenyu approached her and took a leaf from Xia Xiaoning’s hat in a hug gesture. After that, they smiled and ran away.

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