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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 3 Recap

Mr. Xie went into Mr. Gu’s house for a drink. They talked about Xia Xiaoning. Mr. Gu was eating oranges while thinking about his and Xia Xiaoning’s relatives tonight. They lost their minds and left after a lot of greetings. The next day, Xia Xiaoning came to work as usual. She was preparing to talk to Mr. Gu about what happened last night by the elevator, but was interrupted by the crowd going up and down the elevator. They got on the elevator together.

The people in the elevator were discussing how intense the last night was. Xia Xiaoning thought it was she and Mr. Gu and interrupted hurriedly, but the people in the elevator were talking about the boxing match, and Xia Xiaoning had to force the fans to agree.

After that, Mr. Xie took them to a meeting and listened to the sample recorded by Mr. Gu. However, Xia Xiaoning was in a daze because of what happened last night and forgot to close the sample. After the sample, the sound recorded by Mr. Xia Xiaoning and Mr. Gu in the recording studio came out again. The sound of their affectionate kissing.

At this time, a staff member said that Mr. Gu was not satisfied after listening to the sample last night, so he called Xia Xiaoning to come to a kiss scene with real guns and live ammunition. I hurriedly made up the recording and said that the entire conference room was boiling. At this time, Mr. Gu came in and called Xia Xiaoning away. They had coffee together, but Xia Xiaoning kept peeking at Mr. Gu and felt that Mr. Gu was too hot today. .

They left the company and halfway through the car, Mr. Gu stopped the car and fastened Xia Xiaoning’s seat belt himself. In the company, Mr. Xie saw that the staff were playing tarot card fortune telling, so he also gave himself a divination. The tarot card said Mr. Xie’s true destiny would appear with natural enemies and own cacti. At this time, sister Yanran who is in a bad mood comes The staff who had nothing to do were driven away. In the store, Mr. Gu was reading the lines on TV, but Xia Xiaoning thought Mr. Gu was confessing to her. Before he could say anything, Mr. Gu waved her away and said that he was blocking him. After the check, they went out and parted ways.

Xia Xiaoning bought a pot of cactus on the road and walked along the road. While driving, Mr. Xie was wondering who would take a cactus on the tarot card and walk on the road. Then he saw Xia Xiaoning. Mr. Xie said he wanted to send Xia Xiaoning, but Xia Xiaoning refused. , But Mr. Xie was reluctant and moved out of the previous ones to intimidate her. While walking in the community, Xia Xiaoning apologized to Mr. Xie for the past. At this time, a dog walked on the road. Mr. Xie was so scared that Mr. Xie hurried to hide behind, while Xia Xiaoning went to hug the puppy. Mr. Xie looked at Xia Xiaoning and The dog in his arms remembered the words on the staff’s tarot card.

After Mr. Xie got home, he was thinking while taking a bath. In the evening, Mr. Gu and Yanran discussed Wang Chuan’s lines in the office. At this time, the message that Hua Xiaoning sent to Mo Da rang, and Gu Chenyu realized that this Hua Xiaoning should be Xia Xiaoning. When Xia Xiaoning returned home, it turned out that the cactus I bought outside was given to her roommate Yaoyao, and Yaoyao’s house was also full of cacti.

The next day Mr. Xie repeatedly practiced what he wanted to say to Xia Xiaoning in his office. After Xia Xiaoning came, he told her that he wanted Xia Xiaoning to be transferred to him and be his first special assistant. Xia Xiaoning also immediately refused, and Xie I always have to play games with Xia Xiaoning. If the match is won, the job transfer will not happen.

Xia Xiaoning hesitates and agrees. However, no matter how many rounds of the match, Xia Xiaoning won. Xia Xiaoning accidentally got caught When the line tripped, two people went to help her at the same time, but Mr. Gu waved Mr. Xie away, and hurriedly asked Mr. Xie where he was hurt. Mr. Gu then asked Mr. Xie, but Xia Xiaoning couldn’t stand still. As a result, Mr. Gu hugged Xia Xiaoning by a princess. .

Mr. Gu said he wanted to send Xia Xiaoning home. In the elevator, Mr. Xia Xiaoning asked Mr. Gu to put him down, and Mr. Gu put him down and squatted down to help her rub her ankles. Xia Xiaoning returned home after expressing his determination that he would not leave. Yaoyao and Xia Xiaoning analyzed his two bosses, and then there was a power outage. As soon as Yaoyao went out and saw Mr. Xie, she was immediately exasperated. At this time Mr. Gu also came out. Mr. Xie informed them that he had also moved next door and they were just as close.

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