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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 16 Recap

Yelvxian ascended the throne as emperor, and the officials worshipped. The voice of “Long live my lord” shocked King Taiping. He realized that Yelvxian was the emperor, but he did not recognize Yelvxian, so he led people to the Black Mountain account camp. There were shouts of killing outside, and Ye Luxian sentenced King Taiping to a rebel on the spot. He asked Nu Li to lead troops to support Gao Xun. Regardless of life or death, he must win King Taiping.

Gao Xun and Nu Li led the Black Mountain camp with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses to fight against King Taiping. King Taiping was not the opponent of the two at all. He was wounded on his body and was persuaded by his confidant Sticky Mugun to retreat. They could not fight head-on in Montenegro. The King of Taiping didn’t know this.

He endured this breath and decided to return to Beijing to summon two Orudo warriors, let them help him regain power and take down the conspirators like Yelvxian. As everyone knows, the House King also learned about the Black Mountain Incident. He believed that Yelvxian could serve the people and become a good king of Daliao, so he asked Brother Xiu to bring the leaders of the two warriors to him. If the two parties are unwilling, the two warriors will be detained first to prevent King Taiping from using the power of these two warriors.

King Taiping came to the warriors of the country’s Aran Oroduo to deploy troops, but Brother Xiu is already in the military account, part of the country’s Aian Oroduo has been attributed to the new king, even the house king chose to stand on the side of the new king, Taiping Wang was fully aware of the current situation, he could not borrow soldiers from the two Orudo warriors.

In Yelv Lihu Mansion, Xiyin was injured, but Xiyin was taken care of by the black bones. Xi Yin thought it would be King Taiping succeeding to the throne, but when he heard that it was Yelvxian succeeding to the throne, Xi Yin laughed.

The two daughters of Xiao Siwen are married, and Xiao Siwen did not choose to help King Taiping, and Yelvxian is sick and weak. Xiyin thinks Xiao Siwen will definitely be on his side. He lets the black bone go home to coax Xiao Siwen, as long as Xiao Siwen can Help him sit in the position of Lord of Daliao. Daliao will be the child in his bones.

Only did not accompany Anzi in the house to enjoy the flowers, but Anzi was worried about King Taiping’s seizure because he did not involve himself, so he secretly pleased King Taiping’s eyeliner. At this time, there was only no good news to learn that Yelvxian had successfully enthroned.

The King of Taiping hurried to Taiping Palace, he asked the housekeeper to clean up the things in the house and take out Hu Nian. They immediately went to Shatuo. The steward of the Taiping Palace told King Taiping that Hu Nian had gone to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. The King Taiping had a heartfelt meal and asked people to pack things first, and he went to pick up Hu Nian.

Earlier, Hu Yan had learned that the token was missing, and she thought a little, and then knew that the person who stole the license was Yanyan. With the loss of the token, coupled with the Black Mountain Incident, Hu Nian also realized the current situation and guessed that Xiao Simwen was Yelvxian’s person.

She panicked in her heart and didn’t know what she should do and what the King Taiping should do. I came to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to find his father, and wanted to ask why Xiao Siwen didn’t help King Taiping and his son-in-law.

In the Xiao Mansion, Xiao Siwen faced Hu Yan’s questioning. He mentioned Yelvxian’s consideration of Daliao’s future and believed that Yelvxian was the most suitable person to be the lord of Daliao. After the Taiping king succeeded, he would only repeat the cruelty of Yelvjing That’s all, Hu Nian disagrees with Xiao Siwen’s words, and King Taiping has not worked hard for the beauty of Daliao.

It is Xiao Siwen who has never asked Taiping King, and Taiping King should be the one who succeeded to the throne clearly, even though she was nonsense. She came from a descendant and might become a queen in the future, but she has never deliberately deliberated about her post. It was not because of the emperor that she questioned Xiao Siwen’s words. She just thought Xiao Siwen was too harsh on the Taiping King this time. Not convinced. These words of the two were heard by the King Taiping outside the door.

King Taiping wanted to come and kill Xiao Siwen, but he still let go of his murderous intentions for Hu Nian. He showed up and held Hu Nian’s hand tightly, thinking that he really did. Hu Nian is not mistaken, Hu Nian will share weal and woe with him. There is no place for King Taiping in Shangjing. Xiao Siwen persuaded King Taiping to become a minister. King Taiping was unwilling. He took Hu Nian to leave Daliao and told Xiao Siwen that one day Xiao Siwen would pay for his choice.

Xiao Yanyan was delighted to learn that Yelvxian was enthroned, but when she knew that Hu Nian had been taken away by King Taiping, she still rushed to the gate of the city with some worry, where Xiao Siwen had ordered Darin to stop King Taiping.

At the gate of the city, King Taiping fought hard to resist, and Han De let the dark arrow hurt King Taiping. Hu Nian was in love with King Taiping. She threatened with her life and asked Han Deran to release King Taiping. As long as they are willing to release King Taiping, she will follow them back. Now letting the King Taiping go is no different than letting the tiger return to the mountain, but Hu Nian insisted, and Han De had to order Da Lin to open the gate and let the King Taiping leave.

Hu Nian told King Taiping that he saved his life in the bones that day, and now she saved King Taiping’s life, one life changed for another, the relationship between the two of them ended here, and she no longer owed King Taiping anymore. I don’t know what Hu Nian thinks about him. Before he leaves, he promises Hu Nian that Hu Nian will be his wife all his life. No matter where he goes, he will come back to find Hu Nian.

Yelvxian went to Beijing to ascend the throne as the emperor. He vigorously rewarded all those who had done meritorious service and rewarded Xiao Simwen, Nuli, and Gao Xun for their merits. Although Xiao Siwen was appointed as an official, he was not partly divided in his heart. He had spent his entire life for the word “family and country”.

In Xiao Mansion, Hu Nian has been depressed since King Taiping left. The two younger sisters wanted to accompany Hu Nian more, but they were sent away by Hu Nian. Wu Guli was always thinking about Xiyin when she returned to Xiao Mansion this time. She was pleased with Xiao Siwen. Xiao Siwen knew her daughter’s intention to please, and she suddenly lost a good mood in her heart.

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