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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 15 Recap

Xiao Yanyan instructed Han De to be careful of everything, especially the people watching Ye Luxian around him, and Han DeJang reassures Yanyan that the person watching Ye Luxian should have been subdued by Ye Luxian. When Ye Luxian and Han Derang wanted to subdue Chu Bu, Chu Bu’s righteous brother was killed by the master. Xiao Yanyan was afraid that Ye Luxian would be involved. Han Derang had also asked Ye Luxian before, but Ye Luxian denied him, and Han De let himself It was Yelvxian who trusted Yeluxian. He told Yanyan about Yeluxian’s goodness.

Although they were called kings and ministers, they were as close as flesh and blood. Both Yeluxian and Yanyan were the most important people in his life. But Ye Luxian was calling Chu Bu to see him now. Chu Bu was very frustrated with the Lord because of Bai Hai’s death. He would like to follow Ye Luxian and support him.

In the hunting grounds of Montenegro, the master leads people to hunt. In winter, the prey is scarce. The master is furious, even shooting the accompanying attendants as prey, enjoying the fun of brutal killing. His behavior made the surviving portable servants feel terrified, and everyone gathered together to be anxious. Chu Bu was ordered by Yelvxian to come to visit the personal servants of the Lord. He urged several people to turn against the Lord.

Several people conspired to kill him while the Lord was drunk, but the Lord noticed that he called the Guards to subdue them. When the Lord was preparing to kill a few people by himself, one of the guards boldly stepped forward and stabbed the knife into the Lord’s chest. He repeatedly killed the Lord, although he was also killed on the spot for murder. Death, but the tyrant died in his hands, he died without regret.

Xiao Siwen and Han Kuangsi came to the palace. Now that the Lord is dead, they must think about the next step. On that day, the Lord made an oath before the first emperor’s body. He will treat Yelvxian as himself and raise them up. Now they should first Blocking the news, and then proclaiming that Yeluxian will come to the palace to inherit the rule, only then is the right policy. Ye Luxian received a letter from Black Mountain Daying for flying pigeons.

He must rush to Montenegro as soon as King Taiping noticed it. However, King Taiping temporarily changed a new token to go out of the city because he caught the fine work in the mansion. Han Derang had to come to Yanyan. Let Yanyan help him find a way to get the pass token of Taiping Palace.

Yanyan came to Hu Nian. She said that she wanted a set of Taiping King’s books as a makeup item. Hu Nian took Yanyan to the study, and Yanyan seized the opportunity to secretly get the pass token. After coming out of the Taiping Palace, Yanyan quickly gave the token to Handerang, and she also tied a ribbon to Handerang’s wrist to bless Hander for a safe trip. After leaving, Han Derang lowered his head and kissed Yanyan, and assured Yanyan that they would get married when he returned from Montenegro.

Xiyin received the news that the Lord had died in Montenegro. He summoned the dead men and prepared to rush to Montenegro, and Wu Guli was also willing to fully support her husband to seize power. Kexiyin was captured by the Taiping King’s soldiers at the gate of the city. King Taiping received news of Xiyin’s entry and a secret letter from Montenegro. He assumed that something must have happened to the Lord, and Yelvxian was no longer in the palace, so he arranged for some of the soldiers and horses of Dongdaying to stay in Beijing, and another part of them. To kill Black Mountain, Ye Luxian must be cut off.

The sky was full of snow, and the vast night enveloped the entire Liao Dynasty. Yelvxian was weak and couldn’t last long. While encouraging Yelvxian, Han Derang took Yelvxian to Montenegro on horseback, just like when the two were young, relying on each other. A group of people rushed to Montenegro in time, and the barracks were all unresolved. Xiao Siwen and Nu Li summoned all the officials to announce to everyone that the Lord was dead. The Lord was killed by a close attendant beside him. Before he died, he ordered Ye Luxian to rush to Montenegro , Inherit the Datong.

King Taiping rushed to Montenegro with his troops and horses, but he was still a step late. Knowing that his elder brother was dead, King Taiping started to kill and rushed into the barracks in the snow. In the barracks, Xiao Siwen read out the edict they had created on the spot, and respectfully invited the new monarch Yelvxian into the temple. Han Deran accompanied Yelvxian and watched Yelvxian complete his great cause and sat in the position that should belong to Yelvxian.

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