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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 14 Recap

Wuguli and Xiyin were going to conceal the children’s affairs first. After all, the Lord was worrying about what they had not done just now. They were also worried that the Lord and King Taiping would not let other clan successors. For the sake of the future, Xiyin is prepared to act first before showing up in the black bones, seizing power and protecting his wife and children.

Xiao Yanyan came to Wuguli to play. Wuguli told Xiao Yanyan that she was pregnant. She and Xiao Yanyan had a good relationship since childhood, and she didn’t even guard her sister at all, but Hu Nian is now married to Taiping Palace, she is afraid of peace. Wang would be disadvantageous to the child in her womb, so Xiao Yanyan was asked to conceal the news of her pregnancy.

Handerang and Ye Luxian are planning a major event. If this matter fails, they will lose their lives. Handerjan fears that he will hurt Xiao Yanyan, and he hesitates again about their marriage. Xiao Yanyan knew that Handejang was thinking for her own sake, and she had made up her mind to spend her life with Handejang, and she did not flinch even if the difficulties were ahead. When Handerang’s great cause has come back, she married Handerang and became Handerang’s wife.

Ye Luxian has been thinking about Xiao Yanyan, he has lost too much in his life, and what he wants to get next will never let go, even if the opponent is Handejang, he has no desire to retreat. In order to marry Xiao Yanyan, Ye Luxian came to Xiao Mansion in disguise. Xiao Yanyan met Ye Luxian in the mansion. She learned that Ye Luxian came for a great cause, so she talked about her views on political affairs. Ye Luxian was praised.

Xiao Siwen also heard Xiao Yanyan’s insights on political affairs. He let Xiao Yanyan go ahead and talk about the great cause with Yelvxian. After he chose Yelvxian, he would follow the emperor’s loyalty to Yelvxian in the same way that the house quality followed the emperor.

Ye Luxian asked Xiao Siwen to support the master, as long as the master went to the Black Mountain Dongnabo alone, and the King of Taiping guarded the capital, they would have the opportunity to start. Xiao Siwen nodded in response, and Ye Luxian then talked about his views on Xiao Yanyan. He would like to be one with Xiao Yanyan and his wife and share the world. He also thinks that Xiao Yanyan is the most likely person to become Queen Shulu in the future.

As a descendant, the Xiao family was the only one who had never had a queen. Ye Luxian asked Xiao Siwen to consider this matter, not only to give him a chance, but also to give this descendant a chance. After Ye Luxian left, Xiao Siwen asked about Xiao Yanyan’s recent situation. Xiao Yanyan had been looking forward to marrying Han Deran. Xiao Siwen was in a dilemma. He came to Xiao Yanyan’s room and heard Xiao Yanyan’s urgent desire to marry Han Dejang, and could not bear to say Ye Luxian That remark just now.

The Lord went out hunting, and on a whim, he again killed the attendants. This time he killed Bai Hai. This man was Chu Bu’s righteous brother. Chu Bu was the one who guarded Ye Luxian and the person of King Taiping, but Chu Bu was a man of love and righteousness, and Ye Luxian got a chance from it. He looked for opportunities to test Chu Bu.

Ye Luxian and Han De let go around the palace openly, and then went to see Nu Li. He also took the opportunity to bet that Chu could not reply and tell the King Taiping that everything was ready, and when the day of the great cause arrived, he would succeed in the world. After the two saw Nu Li, Ye Luxian asked Han Derang to go back first, and he came to Liu Zigu’s house alone. It turned out that Yelvxian had already inserted eyeliner beside the Lord, and Liu Zigu was one of them.

Xiao Yanyan came to have dinner with Hu Nian. She mentioned the current situation and believed that the Lord was cruel and tyrannical. Now she has to give Youzhou Sixteen Prefectures to others. The King of Taiping will only wipe the Lord’s buttocks.

If this goes on for a long time, peace The king will lose heart. Hu Nian was married to King Taiping. She didn’t want Xiao Yanyan to say that King Taiping was not good, so she argued a few words for King Taiping, but Xiao Yanyan thought that learning Hu Nian had changed. Hu Nian clearly told Xiao Yanyan that in her heart, Xiao Siwen and two younger sisters were the most important in her life, and no one could compare them.

Seeing Xiao Yanyan’s hesitation, Hu Nian guessed that Xiao Yanyan’s appearance was related to the black bones. She asked about Xiao Yanyan, and only then did Xiao Yanyan tell the happy things in the black bones and let Hu Nian conceal the king of Taiping. The younger sister and the King of Taiping, Hu Nian, still knew that she was a little disappointed and treated her as an enemy defense. At this time, King Taiping returned, and Hu Nian and Xiao Yanyan had to change the topic. After Xiao Yanyan greeted King Taiping Leaving Taiping Palace.

Xiao Yanyan came to see Han Derong. She was a little disappointed that Hu Nian defended King Taiping in this way. He understood that they were husband and wife. He didn’t blame Hu Nian, and only asked Xiao Yanyan to keep the matter secret and not to mention it to King Taiping. At the same time, Handerang also told Xiao Yanyan about their Montenegrin plan.

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