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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 23 Recap

Fu Rong’s dagger had already been pulled out, and Ge Chuan held up a copper coin and threw it out and knocked out the dagger in her hand. If Xu Jin didn’t wait one step later, Fu Rong would be killed. The next day Xu Jin woke up and Ge Chuan told the whole story. This was the temptation of Concubine Shu and the emperor. They were not sure about Fu Rong’s feelings for Xu Jin. Xu Jin himself was very angry. He sent his mother back to the palace and fined Ge Chuan to pour Yexiang.

Looking back at Fu Rong, she knew Xu Jin would not be too happy to be too happy, and was not angry at all. Xu Jin looked at her like this and felt distressed again, and pressed her tightly into his arms. On the other hand, these days, Fu Rong’s strange behavior probably has an explanation. It is nourishing soup and invites him to sleep in the same bed, hoping that there will be a little Su King.

When Ruyilou’s ban was released, Xu Jin took it to Fu Rong, knowing she would be happy. Sure enough, Fu Rong tugged his sleeves like a sticky cat. Xu Jin was very helpful to this. Xu Jin went to the palace again to meet Concubine Shu. As a mother, it was indeed wrong to use her life to test Fu Rong, but everything was for Xu Jin. He never complained or bears grudges. From then on, Concubine Shu only wanted him to be his wife and wife. Qin Se and Ming.

Ruyi Building reopened, and Fu Rong, as the new shopkeeper, presided over the overall situation. He was quite generous in his words. He was not at all a naughty kid who would only shrink behind Liu Ruyi. Three days before the opening, the price of various jewellery is concessional, and the lady in Ruyi Lou is in an endless stream. Even the owner of the dried fruit shop that Fu Rong frequents on weekdays also brought something to congratulate.

The reason why the emperor had to re-elect the general of Huxiao Camp was because some people in Huxiao Camp secretly stole oil and water and hid the dirt. Therefore, it was urgent to reorganize the Huxiao Camp by taking advantage of the exercises. The spy discovered that someone was smuggling weapons in Huxiao Camp, who was bold enough. I am afraid that the previous Guanyan Town Army Food case was also the work of the people behind this. It is not easy to transport weapons in the capital. Not only do people need to meet them in Beijing, but also to catch the fish in troubled waters and mix them with other gold, silver, copper and iron.

King Cheng and Xindu Hou learned that Wu Baiqi had made great achievements in the martial arts conference, Xindu Hou loved money like life, and Huxiaoying was his pain point. Right now, Wu Baiqi is most likely to become a brave general. Non-toxic and not a husband, not to mention that Wu Bai didn’t recognize his father as early as possible. If his interests were threatened, Xinduhou would never be merciless. On the other side, Wu Baiqi had asked Ge Chuan to send the invitation to the performance meeting to Fu Xuan early. With Fu Xuan to help out, Wu Baiqi was afraid that he would be more popular.

Fu Rong received a rough-worked copper hairpin, and originally disliked its workmanship with Xu Jin, but Xu Jinyi said that he personally went to the copper shop to make it today, and this hairpin instantly became extremely delicate and unique. Regarding the bed and bed issue, Xu Jin still insisted on sleeping on the bed. Fu Rong refused to invite him to bed. He insisted on saying something after the performance of the martial arts conference, so they agreed not to cheat.

Gu Yuan went to Xiaoshui Xiaozhu and passed the news of Xinduhou to King An. Since Liu Ruyi’s death, the only thing she can count on is King An.

That night, Liu Ruyi and Wang An were on the same level, but Gu Yuan held a dagger and threatened Liu Ruyi with suicide. She was disturbed, Wang An took advantage of the situation and pushed her to Gu Yuan’s knife, so Gu Yuan killed Gu Yuan indirectly. After Liu Ruyi, An Wang comforted Gu Yuan. This was only an accident. From then on, for stability, Gu Yuan was used by An Wang. The secret room in Ruyi Tower was emptied after she told An, and Fu Rong went to the secret room again. Can’t find anything.

Many camps were stationed in the wild mountains and forests, drums and horns rang, and the great brothers showed their talents today. This place is full of blood on the battlefield. My daughter never stayed idle. Concubine Shu prepared a flower and fruit ring for everyone and gave this to the hero in her heart, wishing him a good harvest. Wu Baiqi started looking for Fu Xuan a long distance away, and everyone looked at the hero in their hearts for the first time.

Qingping County Lord Qi Zhu took the wreath and was about to leave, and accidentally bumped into the king. Fortunately, the arrival of the king at this time made the situation less embarrassing. Fu Rong went straight to Xu Jin after wishing An Wang a smooth match, and this flower and fruit ring was naturally given to him. It’s just that Xihe County lord has suffered, and he doesn’t go to the hunting grounds in anger, but sulking in the palace alone. Fu Xuan’s flower and fruit ring hadn’t been sent out yet, Wu Baiqi came to claim it by himself, and none of the other girls would be accepted. He only wanted Fu Xuan’s. Fu Xuan’s flower and fruit ring is not to wish him the top spot, but to hope that he is safe. Wu Baiqi is in a great mood, so please watch him take the lead.

A group of flying birds was stunned over the hunting ground. All the sons opened their bows and arrows. For a time, the birds were scattered. Wu Baiqi’s skill was able to hit a pigeon’s belly. Everyone applauded and admired. Suddenly Wang An’s figure turned and the arrows flew. As soon as one thrush fell through its neck, the other thrush was dead and flew without what to do. King An shot another arrow to complete a pair of desperate birds. Xu Jin suddenly took a bow and went out and knocked it out. An Wang’s arrow, afterwards, the feathers of the arrow remained straight forward, piercing the beak of a soybean bird that flew afterwards. Xu Jin is the first one, An Wang is the second, and the third is naturally Wu Baiqi. The emperor is very optimistic about him.

Duan Concubine and Wu Baiqi collided head-on this time. On the surface, there was nothing wrong with family affection, which made Wu Bai feel chilly, but what made him even more chilled was that even when it came to Feng Laiyi, Duan Concubine still did not have the slightest guilt, Feng Laiyi She sat down as if she were doing it, without Wu Baiqi saying. It seems that Concubine Duan really doesn’t care about this family relationship, and Wu Baiqi respectfully retires.

King An gave Fu Rong a jujube cake, and Xu Jin took it away the next moment, but he was not allowed to eat it if someone gave it to Fu Rong. He turned around and told Wu Baiqi to be careful of the villain to count the time. He also gave the jujube cake to Wu Baiqi’s horse, wishing it run fast, and taking Wu Baiqi to win the brave general. Although Wu Baiqi knew he was kind, he still didn’t know it Xu Jin said.

Wang Cheng asked the county lord of Qingping to walk around, and came to an uninhabited trail. He tried to touch her hand. The lord of Qingping was resolute. If Cheng Wang wanted to offend, she would rather die immediately. She would just leave these words behind.

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