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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 45 Recap

The director and Mayor Wen listened to Qin Henian’s speech by Liao Jie, and analyzed the last few poems of Liao Jie together. Qin Henian remembered that he once taught Liao Jie a poem. That time, Yang Zhiliang blocked the gun for him. After the release, public opinion condemned them, and the Chu army was even more enthusiastic.

As a result, Zhuang Tingfeng was dismissed and Liao Jie was raised, but still did not catch up with the war. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, Liao Jie came back to see Qin Henian from the front line. Liao Jie said that he had to abide by Shangfeng’s orders. The Secret Bureau was only to rule out the secret agents around Qin Henian, but Qin Henian watched Yang Zhiliang stand for him.

After the bullet, of course he would not believe the secrets of the Bureau, nor could he bear to watch thousands of Chinese people die because of the civil war. Qin Henian taught Liao Jie a poem about the Mid-Autumn Festival, saying that in order to prevent the civil war, he can save his life. The highest honor of a soldier is to stop the war. But at that time Liao Jie believed that the only way to usher in peace was to eliminate the Communists. Qin Crane drove him away angrily.

Staff Qian led people to find the source of Liao Jie’s few poems and still no progress. At this time, he received a reply from the Bureau of Secrecy, saying that two scholars of liberal arts were transferred to participate in the deciphering and told him the result. Liao Jie’s poem was combined with the frontline battle situation. It seemed that Liao Jie was alarming them. Qin Henian remembered that the 10th Corps had Jiang’s direct line. In other words, the 10th Corps was not the Chu army but Jiang’s direct line. Liao Because of this, Jie is controlled by others, and what he really wants is peace.

In fact, Liao Jie wanted to tell Qin Henian that the Hengjiang embankment affected the safety of the lower reaches. He wanted him to know the truth. The special envoy sent by Liao Jie might be on that train. After reading the analysis of the poem, Counselor Qian hurriedly asked someone to see what Liao Jie did today. Mayor Wen confirmed that Liao Jie’s train departed from Hengjiang at zero, but it would not reach Songjiang until the day after tomorrow. Liao Jie asked for a truce. The sky is completely peaceful. Qin Henian said that when he saw the special envoy, he would show him his attitude towards peace. But whether this special envoy can safely see Qin Henian is still a problem, and they are likely to attack the special envoy.

Staff Qian found out that Liao Jie had been to the Military Law Department and hurried over. Qin Henian felt that Liao Jie would send Zhuang Tingfeng as a special envoy. He was the veteran who had been with him for the longest time in the Chu army, and he was the most suitable. Ouyang Xiangling quickly found Zheng Dejiang’s identity information, and began to investigate social relations, Zheng Dejiang was unmoved. Principal Fang suddenly thought that he had missed Zheng Dejiang, who was directly involved in the jellyfish group operation, and was anxious at this time. Zheng Dejiang finally failed the interrogation and decided to confess to Ouyang Xiangling, but the condition was to ensure the safety of his family.

Liao Jie sent Zhuang Tingfeng to the train station. Staff Qian arrived in the rain or came a little too late. He knew that Zhuang Tingfeng had been sent away by Liao Jie, and he could only let Songjiang find a way. When Ouyang Xiangling learned that Zheng Dejiang was Boss Qian, he rushed there, but happened to receive a call from Principal Fang asking him to leave. Before the phone was hung up, Boss Qian showed up and was shot to death. Section Chief Cao felt that Pu Jiang’s voice on the phone was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while. On the train to Songjiang, the Communist Army began to check the passports of passengers.

The director went to see Su Wenqian, who was full of guilt. Principal Fang decided to report to the bureau immediately after returning. When Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling came back, they heard that the director was interrogating Su Wenqian, and Ouyang Xiangling rushed over with emotion. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao told the director of the matter tonight that Songjiang had a huge underground spy network of the Secrecy Bureau, but the clues were broken. The director asked Section Chief Cao to go with him to see Su Wenqian and deliberately dismissed Ouyang Xiangling.

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