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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 44 Recap

Mayor Wen and the director transferred many people to escort Qin Henian. Qin Henian was a little disgusted but couldn’t refuse. The director instructed Chief Cao to make sure that nothing went wrong before sailing. After Ouyang Xiangling killed Duan Zhenpeng, he found a plan and a ferry ticket in his bag and quickly went to call Qin’s house, but Qin Henian had already set off at this time, and the people from the Public Security Bureau had also left. When the Victoria arrived, Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue still refused to board the ship and said they would wait.

Xiaoxue was unwilling to leave Su Wenqian behind and go to Hong Kong. Ouyang Xiangling glared at the bicycle and rushed to the dock, and Su Wenqian also arrived at the dock. Li Beicai and the others have already boarded the boat. Xiaoxue found the clues that Su Wenqian had brought, and quickly told Qin Zishu that Qin Henian would come, and if he didn’t come, they had to go safely, Su Wenqian would protect him. It would be too late to board the ship. Xiaoxue reluctantly watched Su Wenqian and Qin Zishu in the distance getting on the ship.

As soon as Su Wenqian was about to leave, the Public Security Bureau escorted Qin Henian to the pier. Chi Tiecheng and Shan Leng were already in ambush. Xiaoxue was very happy to see Qin Henian, and the three quickly got on the boat. The Public Security Bureau checked the documents of everyone on board, but found nothing. The boat was about to sail, and Section Chief Cao could only leave after wishing the three of Qin Henian a safe journey, but let Dagu stay and could not leave until a moment before sailing. Duan Zhenpeng did not return.

Chi Tiecheng ordered Zheng Dejiang to sail to Taiwan if he did not return in the end. Ouyang Xiangling came to the dock to tell Su Wenqian that he was cheated and Chi Tiecheng was going to rob Qin Henian to go to Taiwan! Su Wenqian hurriedly rushed into the pier, met Chief Cao, and told them that the ship was not going to Hong Kong, but was going to Taiwan, and the ship could not be driven away! As soon as Dagu was about to disembark, he unintentionally found Li Beifa and others, and suddenly realized that Qin Henian was in danger.

Section Chief Cao asked someone to take Su Wenqian away and took the people onto the ship. Gunshots were heard everywhere. The drums carefully protected the three Qin Henian and Chi Tiecheng to ensure that the ship left Songjiang. Section Chief Cao fought desperately with the secret agents on the ship. The drum was shot in the leg for protecting Qin Henian and the passengers on the ship were panicked and the scene was uncontrollable. Dagu locked Qin Henian, Qin Zishu, and Xiaoxue in a room, and protected them outside the room. Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling also joined the battle and asked Section Chief Cao to anchor the control box. The anchor failed, and the jellyfish team went crazy and started shooting.

Xiaoxue cried and let the big drum rise, but the big drum slammed the door tightly. Li Beicai and the others couldn’t open the door and had to shoot into the door, and the big drum was beaten into a sieve. Section Chief Cao and the others got on the ship smoothly and began to hit the small boat where Chi Tiecheng was located. Li Bei Raft banged open the door and found that there was only a breath of drums left. They had to withdraw first because the Communist Party had already boarded the ship. Li Beifa, Leng Qiao and others jumped into the water.

When Ouyang Xiangling and Su Wenqian found Qin Henian and others, they only saw Xiaoxue crying heartily beside the corpse of the drum, and Qin Henian regretted not having it. Everyone carried the drum and disembarked. He completed the defense mission with a gun alone. Xiaoxue was still crying very sad. She knew that the drum was by her side all day to protect her, but at this time it was too late to say anything.

Su Wenqian was handcuffed and taken back to the Public Security Bureau. Before leaving, he left only one question about Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue, don’t believe him anymore. Principal Fang was very angry when he learned that there was such a big noise on the dock, and there were still their people on the boat. For safety reasons, he could only choke off the online and offline. Group 3 and Group 7 could not be reached by phone, and Principal Fang asked Uncle Ge to go there in person.

The task force caught a few people at Songjiang Station, but the other party refused to say they were online, and the task force found nothing. The director found that the Kuomintang warships were hovering until they were withdrawing just now. Qin Henian found it ridiculous, and even the warships were dispatched for himself. Liao Jie proposed a two-day truce. Two days later is the most critical period for Hongfeng. It is very likely that some people want to do tricks on the Hengjiang Dike. The front line agreed to evacuate for twelve hours. As for whether to give two days or not, there is still no answer.

The Military Commission worried that the 10th Corps would suddenly explode the dyke two days later to lose astronomical numbers, but Liao Jie was forced to lose too much. Now everything depends. Liao Jie. The director felt that Liao Jie might have some difficulties, but Qin Henian felt that he was the commander of the Corps. Who would force him. The director told Qin Henian that Liao Jie finally read a poem.

Staff Qian is asking people to find the source of a few poems read by Liao Jie. Liao Jie is not a persuasive person. He believes these poems must be tricky.

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