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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 12 Recap

Yuan Mobei saw that Li Chunxi, whom he had secretly loved for many years, was treated indifferently by Ouyang Chen, and resented Ouyang Chen very much. At Wei Siqi’s birthday party, Lu Li helped Qian Qinqin get drunk. In desperation, Qian Qinqin had to send Lu Li home. I learned that the kind person who bought his bag turned out to be Lu Li. The two slept together for one night, and the atmosphere was ambiguous. Faced with Lu Li’s confession, Qian Qinqin reluctantly refused, knowing that he was a female writer from another world, Li Chunxi. Qian Qinqin, who refused Lu Li’s courtship, regretted it, and finally chose to face his heart bravely. The two were finally together, and the long-planned Shen Yijia also appeared…..

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