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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 11 Recap

According to some memories he recovered, Qian Qinqin determined to investigate the truth of the matter. Faced with Lu Li’s apology, Qian Qinqin couldn’t accept it, but he couldn’t accept Ouyang Chen’s pursuit. Li Chunxi, who was left in the cold, went to see the art exhibition in sorrow, and met Yuan Mobei, who was also interested. During the conversation between the two, Yuan Mobei saw that Li Chunxi was depressed and regained his affection. Qian Qinqin came to the detective office and asked the other party to investigate the car accident information and Lu Li in his memory. Who knew that the other party asked for too high a price, and Qian Qinqin had no choice but to sell his collection of bags. Fortunately, all the bags were bought by well-wishers.

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