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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 10 Recap

After learning that Qian Qinqin was injured and moved into Lu Li’s house, Ouyang Chen came to Lu Li’s house with jealousy and asked Qian Qinqin to leave with him. Qian Qinqin clearly told Ouyang Chen that Lu Li was the most secure person for her. When Lu Li went out, Qian Qinqin wanted to get to know Lu Li, but unexpectedly discovered that Lu Li was a pure assistant on the surface, but secretly investigated himself! Qian Qinqin couldn’t accept that Lu Li approached him for another purpose. The two quarreled, Qian Qinqin left sadly, and their relationship reached freezing point. Thinking of all the things that happened to him recently, Qian Qinqin felt an unprecedented helplessness.

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