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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 24 Recap

After returning home from the game, Xia Rui personally cooked and prepared a table of dishes. Faced with many delicacies, Nan Xi’s attention was focused on Xia Rui’s hands. Because of cooking, Xia Rui’s hand was burned, which made Nan Xi feel distressed, and she was explicitly forbidden to enter the kitchen. Although it seemed a little overbearing and authoritarian, who didn’t like such a boyfriend.

Yami Cafe also regarded Xia Rui’s coffee as a new product, especially the Little Whale Coffee, and once again gave Xia Rui and Nan Xisa the opportunity to eat dog food, which really killed Cheng Erluo and Liu Bin. But this time, Nan Xi came to let Xia Rui go to Italy. He had already decided on Xia Rui and applied for a language class.

In order not to be separated from Xia Rui, Nan Xi specifically approached Professor Gu to make sure that the first place in the architectural competition could go to Italy for exchange. Although Nan Xi does not like competitions, he is willing to accept it for Xia Rui. Love and dreams should not be two conflicting things. As for Nan Xi’s social phobia, as long as Xia Rui is there, it is his best medicine. .

Cheng Erluo received Zhao Yishu’s invitation as soon as he finished training. He thought it was just a normal gathering of four people, and he also tried to invite Sibo to go with him, thinking that he could ease the relationship between him and Zhao Yishu. At the entrance of the restaurant, Sibo saw Zhao Yishu sitting alone in the restaurant with anticipation and nervousness. After reading the name of the restaurant, he also understood what the meaning of today is.

Sibo made an excuse to leave. He knew that today was the day when Zhao Yishu wanted to take the initiative to confess to Cheng Erluo, and he hoped that Cheng Erluo could become a better himself. It’s a pity that Cheng Erluo, a guy who was so emotionally slow to heinously, was even moved by Sibo’s encouragement, but his protagonist was completely outside the situation.

Zhao Yishu used Nan Xi and Xia Rui as an excuse that something could not happen, Cheng Erluowei didn’t take it to heart, and only enthusiastically said that the idea was good. Zhao Yishu was nervous, and his words of confession reached his lips for several times and he couldn’t say it. Cheng Erluo opened his mouth and closed his mouth and only had adjectives like friends to regard his relationship with Zhao Yishu. This made Zhao Yishu, who wanted to confess, even more unable to speak. , And even give up the idea of ​​confession today.

After experiencing today’s failure, Zhao Yishu also began to think about whether she likes Cheng Erluo sincerely or habitually. She deliberately told Xia Rui when Nan Xi was not at home to explain her renunciation and hope the other party can keep her secret. .

In the evening, as soon as Liu Bin got off work, he saw Yang Yufei coming home alone across the street, and then saw a sneaky man behind her. He didn’t know well and hurried to chase after her. Sure enough, when passing an unmanned road, the man carried Yang Yufei into the green belt and wanted to violate her. Fortunately, Liu Bin stopped in time.

Liu Bin finally calmed down the frightened Yang Yufei and promised to send her home at any time if necessary. Yang Yufei sat in the back seat of Liu Bin’s car. A sense of security from her heart gave her a better impression of Liu Bin. Moreover, Yang Yufei never looked down on Liu Bin, but felt that he was righteous and emotional.

The construction competition is still one month away. The theme of this time is called First See, but in the understanding of Nan Xi and Xia Rui, the most beautiful thing is to know each other after knowing each other. When two imperfect people are together, they become the most perfect companions, just like the two pieces of wood designed by Nanxi. Although they are not beautiful, they become perfect works when put together.

In order to find suitable wood, Nan Xi and Xia Rui ran all over the timber shop, and were even caught climbing trees in the park. Finally, with the help of Uncle Wang, they came to the log sales area. Nan Xi finally found the wood he likes in the huge wooden site. Although it is some rotten wood, they are from the same tree and have been together for hundreds of years, which fits the theme.

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