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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 36 End Recap

The server has been thoroughly researched and developed, and all directors of Chaoxin also fully recognize Kuang Mingchou’s ability as chairman. Kwong Mingchou is not in a hurry to get the server listed. Yao Kun told Kwong that there is a venture capital fund that is willing to fund server research and development. Wang Yong also told Jiangcheng about the successful development of the Chaoxin server, and everyone arranged to celebrate in the evening. Yu Wenjing originally took Hao Bing to discuss technology, but the other company temporarily received urgent questions.

Michael and Thomas discussed that they would lower the server price again and fully occupy the market so that Chaoxin has no way out. Kwong Mingchou told Wang Yong and Jiang Cheng that he was not in a hurry to list the server. Kwong Mingchou’s sale is very interesting. Wang Yong said that in the future, Jingqi will use Chaoxin servers, and Jiangcheng’s companies and e-commerce channels will all serve Chaoxin servers.

Kwong Mingchou celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the company’s directors and employees, and everyone united to carry forward the trend. Yao Kun has collected AME’s dumping evidence and formally submitted it to the Ministry of Commerce for anti-dumping review.

Banner’s security system occupied the European market, which slapped AME in the face. Thomas blamed Michael for being too aggressive to rebel. Michael and Thomas still believe that Jiangcheng cannot do without AME, and put their final bet on Jiangcheng.

Yu Wenjing and Hao Bing continued to discuss projects to sell 3G technology with the telecommunications company. Because the telecommunications company exempted the communication fees from the disaster area, which made Chaoxin look at the state-owned companies with admiration, the price of 3G was very favorable, and it was treated as Chaoxin to the telecommunications company. The return of the claim. Kwong Mingchou called Yu Wenjing to ask about Mei Zhaohe’s situation. Mei Zhaohe has been released from prison but has not been willing to contact Yu Wenjing.

Michael and Thomas questioned why Jiangcheng’s independent e-commerce system went online without notifying AME. This is an act of perfidy. AME needs shares in the Jiangcheng e-commerce industry chain. Jiangcheng already has the mind to get rid of AME, so he is not afraid of the second.

People showdown. Su Yan worried that Jiang Cheng’s break with AME would have an impact, but Jiang Cheng thought that Kuang Mingchou had already done something to win glory for the country, and she could not let go. Kwong Ming-choo met with Mei Zhaohe and told him that everyone was thinking about him, especially Yu Wenjing, who always wanted to see him.

In fact, no one can make mistakes in the world, but Mei Zhaohe wanted to grow up with a few people, but Kuang Ming-choo She was always better than herself, and later met Yu Wenjing, who was also better than herself. Mei Zhaohe was unwilling to prove it to everyone. Later, she liked Yu Wenjing and wanted to prove it to her, but things backfired. Kuang Mingchou persuaded her to tell Yu Wenjing these words. Mei Zhao met with Yue Yu Wenjing and told her that she had thought clearly in prison and could not give Yu Wenjing happiness, and now she wanted to leave Pingdu and find a new direction to start again.

Yu Wenjing persuaded Mei Zhaohe to stay, and Chao Xin would still have a place, but Mei Zhaohe had no face to reply to the letter, and Yu Wenjing did not force her to stay, and lent her savings to Mei Zhaohe to start a business. Kuang Mingchou and Yao Kun were preparing to participate in the final test of the server, but they were still a little nervous, and Yu Wenjing also called to wish success.

Wang Yong, Jiang Cheng, Zhou Dingbei, Professor Tang and many directors waited for the final result in the conference room. Some regular projects on the server passed smoothly, and there were some nodes that had problems before. Mr. Li felt a little unsure. Kuang Mingchou decided to suspend and start again after a break. Everyone is nervously waiting for the final result. The server independently developed by Chaoxin is completely successful, and is beyond the most advanced level in the world.

Jiang Cheng told Kuang Ming that the fund to fund the server was initiated by Hong Yuqiao, and good brothers are reliable. Mingchou Kwong also told Hong Yuqiao of the news. Hong Yuqiao was very happy. Everyone’s original dream was realized. All Chuangkai games are equipped with Chaoxin servers.

Before Michael left China, he signed a contract termination agreement with Jiangcheng. Jiangcheng expressed his welcome to return to China in the future. Before Mei Zhaohe left Pingdu, Yu Wenjing sent it off. Mei Zhaohe wanted to prove that he would come back again, and Yu Wenjing hugged him and separated.

Thomas will also return to China, and the academic exchanges between Kuang Mingchou and Thomas will not stop. The successful research and development of Chaoxin server has taken a solid first step for domestic brands, marking the victory of independent brands of Chinese technology companies and also heralding the arrival of the golden age of the Internet.

The partners who started the business together took different paths, but they used their youth and life to pursue their dreams and finally embarked on a higher platform. Professor Tang won the Science and Technology Award.

If it were not for the contributions of these old scientists, the science and technology companies would not be what they are today. Hong Yuqiao went abroad to participate in the game conference. He couldn’t participate in the opening ceremony of Hope Elementary School, but he sent a video for the Internet conference.

He would push the Chaoxin server to foreign companies and let more people use the Chaoxin server. Kwong Mingchou spoke on behalf of Chaoxin. Chaoxin has been established for more than 20 years. In the past two decades, in response to the call of the country, he walked from the blue road and watched the high-rise buildings slowly built. Dreaming for the country, in order to live up to this era, everything is worthwhile.

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