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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 35 Recap

Wang Yong temporarily supported AME’s strong financial resources. Kuang Mingchou approached Jiangcheng and asked why he couldn’t. Jiangcheng is exploring AME’s e-commerce sales network and intends to break its e-commerce monopoly.

The former engineer of Weijin Company who sold key technology to Chaoxin explained the reason for the technology stop. This is a long time and costly system of AME research, but there is no result because it has been patented and then began to plan to block Chaoxin. Sell ​​it to Chaoxin. Hao Bing discussed the launch of the 3G network with the British doctor he previously hired, but this plan also lacked key technologies.

AME sent a notification letter to Chaoxin, asking Chaoxin to give AME, a larger shareholder, some explanations about the company’s operations. AME’s pressure made Yao Kun angry and called Mr. Chai angrily. Mr. Chai had already colluded with Michael. Kwong and Yao Kun discussed how to deal with AME’s internal and external attacks, and Kwong decided to fight back.

Hao Bing discussed with Yu Wenjing that she wanted to transform into communications business, but this required a lot of capital investment. Yu Wenjing promised to report to the head office for Hao Bing, and the head office would agree to it as long as it is cutting-edge technology research and development.

Hao Bing promised to repay Chaoxin with the best technology. Michael wanted Mr. Chai to return to Chaoxin as the agent of AME. Mr. Chai disagreed and only needed AME to purchase his own shares in Chaoxin at the highest stock transaction price.

Zhou Dingbei and Kwong Mingchou sat and chatted together. Zhou Dingbei told Kwong Mingchou that fishing requires patience and the people on board need to work together. This is a metaphor for what Chaoxin and Kwong Mingchou should do at this time. Hao Bing returned to Chaoxin to mention his plans to produce communication tools and 3G networks to Kuang Mingchoo. In the future, mobile phones that can contact 3G networks will become affordable products for everyone.

Kwong Mingchou took Hao Bing to the old leader, Director Li, and introduced the partners of the institute through Director Li. Chaoxin provided the core structure and the follow-up funds for the research. The research and development results belong to the institute. Although the confidential parameters will not go to the tide The letter is open, but the commercial part is all back to the trend letter.

Hao Bing thinks this cooperation is very good. Kuang Mingchou and Hao Bing are very grateful to Director Li for the matchmaking. Kwong and Yao Kun face Michael and Thomas together. Both sides know each other’s trump cards. Yao Kun and Kwong have more shares than AME. AME’s strategy is to control the servers independently developed by Chaoxin.

Jingqi’s self-developed safety system has passed the test, which is a major event for Jingqi. Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao are doing charity for Hope Primary School together. AME turned around and found Chuangkai to sell the preferential server to Chuangkai, but Hong Yuqiao refused directly. Hi-Tech’s servers have no funds to continue, and the money for 3G servers cannot be moved. Yao Kun decided to take risks to embezzle the plant funds directly supervised by the board of directors.

Su Yan understood why Hong Yuqiao rejected AME. Shopping malls are like battlefields. AME is not so kind to take advantage of Chuangkai, but AME only wants to invade the Chinese market. Hong Yuqiao met with Jiangcheng and Wang Yong.

AME has bought many small domestic companies. At the critical time when Chaoxin is developing servers, Hong Yuqiao, Jiangcheng and Wang Yong are trying to help Kuang Ming to help China’s own servers. Hong Yuqiao proposed to find a partner to create a foundation, and then the foundation will inject capital into Hi-Tech. Hong Yuqiao is willing to bear half of the capital. Jiang Cheng and Wang Yong both agreed. Kwong Mingchou couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and stayed up with his colleagues from Gaoke Technology.

Fortunately, Banner’s security management system is updated, otherwise it will fall into the trap of AME. Mr. Chai continued to collude with Michael to get a wave of letters. Jiang Cheng interviewed Yao Kun and told his foundation that AME’s action against the banner started. It would not choke the banner at all costs, just to kill the chicken and the monkey.

Thomas found Kwong Mingchou to continue to persuade him to abandon the trend and join AME, but a country and a nation would never have a way out without the support of firm beliefs, Kwong Mingchoi refused again. Mr. Chai participated in the board of directors of Chaoxin as the general agent of AME. He produced a large amount of data to show that Chaoxin invested 600 million yuan in Gaoke Technology and could not get a return.

He proposed that Gaoke Technology should go bankrupt and liquidate. Death the entire tide letter. Yao Kun asked Mr. Chai to be so considerate of Chaoxin at this time, why he had to sell his shares to AME, who was in the wrong mind. Kwong Mingchou directly responded to President Chai Chai at the meeting that Chaoxin’s server is about to be developed. This represents the progress of the country’s servers. It is of milestone significance. At this time, if someone wants to destroy the Chaoxin server, it is to bring down Chaoxin.

Mr. Li of Hi-Tech Technology is only one step away from sudden death due to overwork, but Liu Yinhua is another village. Professor Tang finds Professor Huang from the University of Science and Technology who has targeted research on servers, and Mr. Kwong finds Professor Huang to help him detect the trendy server.

The problem. Hong Yuqiao still insists on renting and not buying AME servers. Hong Yuqiao and Wang Yong agreed on a fund plan, and everyone is doing their best to help Chaoxin and Kuang Mingchou. Professor Tang is still encouraging Kwong Ming-chiu in the laboratory at his advanced age. Now AME is selling servers at low prices. If Kuang Ming-chiu is discouraged at this time, even if the Chaoxin server is successfully developed and upgraded, it may lose the market. Kwong Mingchou notified Yao Kun of the major breakthrough, and Mr. Chai is ordering everyone to vote on the resolution to liquidate Hi-Tech. Fortunately, the news arrived in time.

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