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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 2 Recap

After Gu Yaodong came out of the interrogation room, he was taken to the door of the deputy director’s office, and then stood dejectedly in the corridor, carrying two similarly dejected salted fish in his hands. Everyone who passed by covered their noses with disgust.

At this time, the atmosphere in the office was a little dull. Although the relationship between the two places was pretty good on weekdays, it was the people under his hands who caused the trouble. Xia Jicheng did not expect Gu Yaodong to study surprises from the salted fish. His dismissal not only discouraged police officers from maintaining public order, but also disrespected the government’s emphasis on improving the cultural quality of public servants.

In the end, the deputy director didn’t pursue the investigation in depth, and planned to wait until Ruixian’s restaurant was found out. Xia Jicheng was worried that it would be difficult to convince the crowd, so he punished Gu Yaodong to clean the bathhouse. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong was still thinking about returning the salted fish to the owner.

Captain Yang Kui took his men to report the situation. He originally hoped to find some missing details from Ruixian Restaurant and dig new clues, but unfortunately nothing was found. Wang Keda investigated Shen Qinghe privately, but there was no doubt, but Xia Jicheng made him a little jealous.

Since this incident offends the first sentence, the evaluation of Gu Yaodong by the colleagues of the second sentence is summed up as “holding a heart to be a hero, but it is the life of checking the household registration.” Only Zhao Zhiyong whispered a few words for him. Just as Gu Yaodong was working hard in the bathhouse alone, a criminal policeman took advantage of the situation and directly pinned the door and locked him inside. When Gu Yaodong heard Yang Kui’s voice outside the door, he knew they were intending to retaliate, and there was no other way, so he continued to mop the floor.

Xia Jicheng hurriedly visited Section Chief Kong before Yang Kuilai retrieved the files, and gave him his favorite fruit candy, and stayed in the household registration section next to chess.

Because of Yang Kui and others’ arrogant attitude, they demanded that Chief Kong obtain the information of the Communist Party suspect immediately, so they angered him and the two had a quarrel. When Xia Jicheng saw that the time was ripe, he smiled on the face to be a peacemaker, took the note and handed it to Chief Kong, so that he could see the name on the note.

After Yang Kui left with the information, Section Chief Kong gradually faded and expressed his gratitude to Xia Jicheng. At the same time, he praised Gu Yaodong for his diligence and ability. Since he helped in the household registration section, he has basically been able to handle the efficiency of several people. When he was about to get off work, Xia Jicheng saw that the door of the bathhouse was held back by someone with a broom, and suddenly became angry and reprimanded Gu Yaodong for being bullied and didn’t know how to resist. However, Gu Yaodong had a stubborn character and insisted on cleaning the bathhouse.

The riverside wharf at night, far away from the noise of the city, looks a bit elegant. Xia Jicheng left the police station and drove to see Shen Qinghe to inform the police that the police station was investigating Chen Xianmin. The two stood on the bridge with their own thoughts, silent for a while, Xia Jicheng took off her coat considering the cold at night, and planned to put it on her, but suddenly hesitated and put her clothes directly on the guardrail. Shen Qinghe looked at Xia Jicheng’s back, full of melancholy, and then walked on the street, passing by Gu Yaodong.

A group of police officers from the Second Penalty Division returned exhaustedly from their tasks. When they first arrived at the office, they complained. Xiao Datou even vented his grievances on Gu Yaodong, reprimanding him for recklessness and influencing everyone. At the critical moment, Xia Jicheng walked from the door while eating chicken legs, and Xiao Datou immediately changed his appearance, pretending to be a good senior with a serious heart.

In order to make up for the mistakes, the Second Criminal Division specifically investigated and dealt with a batch of smuggled goods. The deputy director agreed to Xia Jicheng’s will and agreed not to punish Gu Yaodong. Wang Keda learned about Chen Xianmin from Shi Liyou. He was worried that the Secret Bureau would steal clues, so he deliberately staged a tricky trick in front of the deputy director and Xia Jicheng.

In the evening, Xia Jicheng and Old Dong met secretly, and Chen Xianmin had been given a new identity. He would always leave Shanghai by boat by sending smuggled goods.

Gu Yaodong followed everyone to the suburban warehouse to count the smuggled goods. Because he was busy looking around, he hadn’t noticed that Xiao Datou and a few others had bad intentions, falsely claiming that the warehouse key had been lost, and then tricked him into opening the window. Zhao Zhiyong just wanted to help, but was blocked by Xiao Datou.

As the truck stopped at the door of the warehouse, Shen Qinghe smiled and took out the bill of lading. Unexpectedly, Xiao Datou glanced symbolically before taking everyone away. Gu Yao learned that his colleagues had abandoned him, and couldn’t conceal his disappointment, so he silently moved the goods onto the truck, and it was dark after all the goods were moved.

Xia Jicheng drove over to hand over the “benefits” of the goods with Shen Qinghe. Gu Yaodong saw Shen Qinghe take out a stack of banknotes, but he immediately avoided it due to the privacy of his superiors, but didn’t know that Xia Jicheng took the opportunity to hand over the special permit for leaving the city to Shen Qinghe. Everything was in order according to the plan. Proceeded.

Seeing that it was getting late, Xia Jicheng personally sent Gu Yaodong home. The two men mentioned in the car their original intention of becoming a policeman. While Shen Qinghe was transporting the goods, he accidentally found the bag left by Gu Yaodong.

At this time, the smell of oily fume filled the room of Gu’s stove, and neighbor Yang Yixue brought a basket full of eggs to thank you, and the Gu family’s husband and wife warmly treated them. Gu Yaodong walked to the door and heard his father talk about himself proudly. He was a little sad and confused for the future.

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