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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 19 Recap

Knowing that Ge Lifan was bullied by Xu Tianhe, Qiao Nuo decided to make his way for Ge Lifan. She followed Xu Tianhe. The son of Xu Tianhe had a wonderful life. First, he went to a high-end restaurant for dinner with friends. Qiao Nuo looked at the expensive menu and the waiter standing beside him, very embarrassed. At the end of the meal, Xu Tianhe went to KTV to sing again surrounded by friends. They played until midnight, until Qiao Nuo was too sleepy to open his eyes and Xu Tianhe went home.

Xu Tianhe’s stepmother wanted to discipline Xu Tianhe, but Xu Tianhe didn’t put her in sight. Qiao Nuo rushed in and accused Xu Tianhe of lack of discipline. Qiao Nuo asked Xu Tianhe why he bullied Ge Lifan. Xu Tianhe didn’t care, had no remorse, and said without shame that Ge Lifan was willing, and picked up his schoolbag and dumped all the contents. The nanny on the side hurriedly picked up the book. Xu Tianhe looked high and asked the nanny with contempt if he was willing. The nanny was obviously used to bullying by him and didn’t dare to resist. In Xu Tianhe’s eyes, Ge Lifan and the nanny are the same, and they don’t want to be bullied by themselves and can leave.

Xu Tianhe’s arrogance annoyed Qiao Nuo. She reprimanded Xu Tianhe for being nothing without a father. Xu Tianhe was said to be in a painful spot and wanted to start hitting Qiao Nuo, but Qiao Nuo broke his wrist. Xu Tianhe cried out in pain. Xu Tianhe’s father, Xu Aofeng, chairman of Shengtang Aoshi Investment Co., Ltd. heard the movement and went downstairs.

When Xu Aofeng heard about what his son had done, he didn’t think his son was wrong, but threatened to ruin Qiao Nuo. Qiao Nuo finally realized why Xu Tianhe was so lawless, she left a message for Xu Aofeng to see in court. Xu Tianhe’s stepmother suggested that Xu Tianhe should be disciplined, but Xu Aofeng glared at him and did not dare to say more.

Jonuo was a little guilty when she went out, and she was afraid of being found out as an imposter. But he was not willing to let Xu Tianhe and his son go. Ge Lifan called to ask about the situation. Seeing that Qiao Nuo had done so much for himself, Ge Lifan decided to tell his mother the truth. After hearing this, my mother decided to go to court.

Qiao Nuo went to Wei Yutai and wanted her to help Ge Lifan in a lawsuit. Wei Yutai claimed that the attorney’s fee was high, and he would consider it unless Fan Jiayi was the prosecutor. Qiao Nuo knew that Ge Lifan’s injury was not a minor injury, nor was it a criminal case. Fan Jiayi could not be prosecuted. She whispered that Wei Yutai was the same as before, regardless of friendship. Wei Yutai was helpless and decided to provide a free legal consultation within three minutes. Qiao Nuo hurried to make a long story short. As soon as Wei Yutai heard about Xu Aofeng’s concern, he asked Qiao Nuo to hire another lawyer.

A lawyer named Zhao He introduced himself to help Qiao Nuo. Qiao Nuo thought he was grabbing Wei Yutai’s job, and without much thought, he agreed. Zhao He asked Ge Lifan’s mother to bribe Xu Tianhe’s friend to prove that Xu Tianhe’s injury was caused by Ge Lifan. Zhao He hinted that Ge Lifan’s injury was too minor to affect Xu Tianhe at all. Ge Lifan took the initiative to provoke Xu Tianhe. Xu Tianhe saw Ge Lifan’s intention and was not fooled. Ge Lifan had to beat himself with a rope.

At the court hearing, Zhao He became Xu Tianhe’s lawyer. Ge Lifan’s mother knew that she had been fooled. As expected, Zhao He gave Ge Lifan’s mother a bribe to Xu Tianhe’s friend and gave video evidence of Ge Lifan’s self-abuse to the court. Ge Lifan’s mother was so angry that she passed out on the spot.

Qiao Nuo rushed to the hospital, where Wei Yutai was. Wei Yutai told Qiao Nuo what happened, saying that Zhao He violated the lawyer’s professional regulations and was investigating and could no longer represent Xu Tianhe’s case. Then, next time, the lawyer may be Wei Yutai, because he is the legal counsel of Xu Aofeng Company.

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