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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 18 Recap

Mao Fengzhen’s men confessed to their lair. Chen Jie drove Qiao Nuo to the lair to arrest Mao Fengzhen. Chen Jie drove too hard, and Qiao Nuo yelled all the way, causing severe motion sickness. Mao Fengzhen came to the company and wanted to destroy the criminal evidence in advance. Before he could have time, he heard the sound of the police breaking into the search. He panicked and put a box of money to try to escape. He ran into Chen Jie who ran in. Chen Jie didn’t know him. Mao Fengzhen, they passed by, but Qiao Nuo, who was vomiting by the car, recognized Mao Fengzhen at a glance. He chased after him without a word.

Mao Fengzhen accidentally slapped his foot and was caught by Qiao Nuo. They fell to the ground. , Jono was so motion sickness that he couldn’t help but vomited out. Chen Jie came to check Qiao Nuo’s situation. He suddenly asked a question, why did Uncle Shi call her Xiao Nuo? Qiao Nuo explained that it was his nickname, and Chen Jie was still curious. Qiao Ya’s nickname should be Xiaoya, how could it be Xiao Nuo? Qiao Nuo replied kindly. Mother asked her to keep her promise, so she named Xiao Nuo. Seeing that Qiao Nuo was a little unhappy, Chen Jie quickly explained that it was her own occupational disease and asked her not to care.

Li Xuyao ​​heard that Qiao Nuo followed Chen Jie to handle the case, and was worried, so he came to check the situation. Who knew he saw the real Qiaoya around the corner. Li Xuyao ​​stepped forward to say hello, Qiaoya hurriedly bowed his head and walked away. Li Xuyao ​​was wondering and looked up. When he arrived, Qiao Nuo was right in front. He greeted him hurriedly, caring about Qiao Nuo’s situation, and told him that he saw a girl who looked very similar to her.

Qiao Nuo knew that it was the real Qiao Ya, as Li Xuyao ​​said. He ran to the place where he looked around, but did not see Qiao Ya. Li Xuyao ​​ran over and asked. Qiao Nuo explained that he was just curious about what the girl who looked like him was. Li Xuyao ​​believes in the truth. Mao Fengzhen and his staff were arrested by the public security organs for illegally selling counterfeit drugs, fraud, illegal profiteering, and so on. What awaits them is legal sanctions.

Qiao Nuo went to visit Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi thanked Qiao Nuo for reconciling their father and son, so he invited Qiao Nuo to eat at home, and Shi Lei personally cooked. Uncle Shi happily told Qiao Nuo that his daughter-in-law and grandson were going to live in Jianan City together, and that his grandson was going to kindergarten here. Qiao Nuo told Uncle Shi if anyone asked, she was called Qiao Ya and Xiao Nuo was her nickname. Uncle Shi agreed.

Qiao Nuo called her mother and there was always no one to answer. She hurriedly stopped a car to go home and found her mother was sleeping, which was relieved. Mom said that she was just too busy at work and wanted to sleep well. The mother warned the company employees not to tell her daughter about her illness and hospitalization.

Yang Boqing worked overtime and forgot his son’s birthday, and didn’t remember it until his wife called. Yang Boqing hurried home to cook for his son’s birthday. Yang Yi ate the cake by herself and comforted her mother with grievances in her heart. His mother explained to his father that Yang Yi cooperated and took a bite of Yang Boqing’s cooked meal, but he still complained about Yang Boqing that his birthday was over.

Fan Jiayi won the lawsuit, but she was a little unhappy. The opponent’s poor level made her not happy. The colleague ridiculed her whether the feeling of missing her opponent is the same as the feeling of missing her lover. Fan Jiayi gave her a blank look.

Zhao Peng asked Jono to watch a movie on the weekend, and Jono just wanted to sleep. Zhao Peng felt sorry for the wasted movie tickets, and Qiao Nuo asked Lulu to watch it. Zhao Peng and Lulu both showed disgust when they saw each other. The two stunned each other.

Qiao Nuo attended a class reunion. Because the head teacher was going to go abroad to see his grandson, he asked Qiao Nuo to replace him as a tutor for Ge Lifan and make up for Ge Lifan’s math class. Although Qiao Nuo was very good in high school, he hadn’t watched it for many years, and had forgotten about it. Instead, Ge Lifan needed to help her remember.

Seeing this scene, Ge Lifan’s mother questioned Qiao Nuo’s ability. Jono praised Ge Lifan, but Ge Lifan’s mother satirized Jono and Ge Lifan. Qiao Nuo didn’t understand why Ge Lifan’s mother wanted to belittle her son. She believed in Ge Lifan very much and encouraged Ge Lifan to believe in herself, and she would definitely get good results in the exam. Ge Lifan really changed. He listened carefully, and his unremitting efforts made him really achieve good results, but some people couldn’t bear it. He was stopped after school, the paper was broken, and he was beaten.

Seeing the change in her son, Ge’s mother thanked Qiao Nuo and apologized for the unscrupulous last time. Ge Lifan returned home, a little strange. Qiao Nuo and Ge Lifan’s mother only thought he failed the exam. Qiao Nuo knocked on the door and went into the room to comfort Ge Lifan, and found that his paper was damaged and there were injuries on his body. Under her questioning, he learned that Ge Lifan had been suffering from school violence. Jono promised to help him to the end.

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