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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 17 Recap

A man was drunk and was taken into the Public Security Bureau, where he was still clamoring about how his eyesight was able to kill the police. Chen Jie couldn’t get past him and reprimand him. Can his eyesight save that? The mother and child injured by him? The man instantly lost his confidence. After getting rid of Xiaoliu’s stalking, Qiao Nuo came to the police station to call Chen Jie and call the police with a large pocket of health products.

He told Chen Jie about the situation of the Tai Defeng Health Products Company and the situation of Uncle Shi’s participation in the lecture to buy health products. Chen Jie hoped that Qiao Nuo could help them to remove the criminal gang, but Qiao Nuo’s current identity It has been exposed that they will reappear, and they will surely stun the snake, so that their leader will take the opportunity to escape. Qiao Nuo proposed to let Uncle Shi do the internal response, but he must first find Uncle Shi’s son and let Uncle Shi’s son persuade Uncle Shi.

A recording engineer, who has not been home for more than two years, received a call from Qiao Nuo and rushed back. Chen Jie introduced him to the situation. He was very worried about his father when he heard that he wanted his father to respond. Safe, and disagree. After Uncle Shi’s son Shi Lei rushed home, he saw that the house was full of health products bought by his father, and he had a dispute with his father without fighting.

Uncle Shi didn’t think Tidefeng’s People are liars, but they feel that they call themselves Xihan Wennuan more than their sons every few times. No matter how much money he spends on health care products, he spends his own money. It has nothing to do with his son. He does not need him to feel distressed. Living, at such an age, spending some money to buy some health care products for yourself is understandable. Shi Lei and his father couldn’t say to go together, and left with the suitcase.

Qiao Nuo saw that Shi Lei and Uncle Shi were not conflicted just because they were busy at work and did not care about the elderly. There must be a knot between them. Qiao Nuo persuaded Shi Lei to tell them the truth, and maybe he could help them untie their knots. So Shi Lei said, it turned out that many years ago, his mother was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. Uncle Shi called Shi Lei, hoping that he could come back. But Shi Lei took a very anxious job. He felt that there was nothing serious about his mother, so he did not go back.

That night, my mother had a heart bypass operation, which was very successful. But the mother had a strong rejection reaction the next day. In this way, Shi Lei did not have time to see his mother for the last time. Uncle Shi resented Shi Lei very much, and Shi Lei himself was very guilty. He once hoped to bring his wife and children back here to accompany his father, but because his father’s attitude was too cold, he could not make up his mind.

Qiao Nuo went to find Uncle Shi, and he took Uncle Shi to the cemetery. Shi Lei told his father about his regret and guilt in front of his mother’s tomb. Uncle Shi forgave his son.

Shi Lei Qiao Nuo and the others explained Tidefeng’s deception to Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi decided to help the police and complete the arrest task. They agreed to call the police after Uncle Shi entered the venue. There was no need to be connected, only three ringtones were needed, and the police would be able to dispatch all of them, and they wanted to kill them all at once. On the other side, Tidefeng’s general manager Mao Fengzhen is still a little worried. He asked Koyanagi to stare at Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi was nervous, but still grinned and dealt with Koyanagi. At the door of the venue, Uncle Shi quietly sent a message to Qiao Nuo, which was the address of the last venue.

Mao Fengzhen ordered all the old people’s cell phones to be put away. They whispered and asked to open the back door. Uncle Shi strongly resisted their behavior of receiving mobile phones at first, but later found that he was not able to accept them, so he hurriedly sent a message to Xiao Nuo. Xiaoliu secretly read the information of Uncle Bridge and found that he was only advertising Ted Fung, so he suspected that he was thinking too much. But after receiving this information, Qiao Nuo understood that Uncle Qiao was probably involuntarily controlled by the suspect. He told Chen Jie the news.

Chen Jie and the local police arrived in time and uncovered the fake medicine fraud gang. But Mao Fengzhen, the leader of Tidefeng, has disappeared.

Yang Yi liked a violin, but because he couldn’t pay the full price, he negotiated with his boss to pay in installments. Yang Boqing followed his son. After learning about this, he bought the violin as a birthday present for Yang Yi.

Ge Lifan has been suffering from campus violence. He saw his bullying classmates surround a female classmate. He could walk away quietly, but after hesitating for a while, he chose to walk over and let Xu Tianhe see himself on purpose. , Xu Tianhe immediately shifted the target and beat herself, the girl took the opportunity to escape. Xu Tianhe is domineering outside, but he is not happy.

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