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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 13 Recap

When Xiao Yanyan returned to the palace, she learned about the major events in the palace. It was only Ye Luxian’s only brother, she was worried in her heart and ran outside the house again. Ye Luxian summoned An Zhi in the palace, and now it will only cause the situation to be harmed by An.

He can stay An only life, but no matter what method An uses, he must keep him out of food and medicine. If you can’t survive, Anzhi must go to the funeral. It was only because of Anzhi that something happened, and the person who had to tie the bell was needed to untie the bell. After all, the arrival of Anzhi still made him regain his confidence in life and would like to live hard.

After dealing with the little things, Ye Luxian decided to go out of the palace to see Xiao Yanyan. He didn’t want to disappoint Xiao Yanyan. It was a taboo to go out of the palace late at night, but Ye Luxian wanted to let himself go. He went to the wine shop and met Xiao Yanyan as he wished. Xiao Yanyan confessed that she had an appointment with Hande Rang in Japan, but Hande Rang missed the appointment due to an incident.

Later, she learned that something went wrong in the palace and remembered that she had an appointment with Ye Luxian, so she came to the restaurant to wait for Ye Luxian. Ye Luxian let go of his tightness in front of Xiao Yanyan. Not only did he cry in front of Xiao Yanyan, but he fell asleep drunk. Ye Luxian dreamed of the nightmare of the year in his sleep, and he woke up, only to find that he slept peacefully in the wine shop. Looking at Xiao Yanyan’s back, Ye Luxian believed that Xiao Yanyan was the best gift given to him by the God of Tengli. He had never slept so peacefully in more than ten years.

Ye Luxian and Han Kuangsi came to visit, but they didn’t recover quickly. All this was because of Anzhi’s care. Since there is no need for Anzhi’s care, Anzhi must always take care of it. Han Derang was absent-minded in shooting arrows with Xiao Yanyan. He deliberately delayed the marriage of the two because his family had been tied up with the Emperor of Humanity, and he also assisted Ye Luxian. The royal battles are getting more intense now, and he is afraid that Yanyan will be affected by the battle for royal power. But Yanyan is not afraid of these. She supports Han Dejang’s choice, thinking that Yelvxian will be a Mingjun.

Yelvxian was willing to stay in peace for only one life, because Yelvxian also agreed to the marriage of the two. He asked the Lord for marriage, and the Lord agreed. King Taiping has always been vigilant and guarding against him. Not only did he give his eyeliner Tabs to Ann as a maid, but he also found a line of sight to make him become Hu Gujiao’s horse.

Ye Luxian knew about the recent finger-marriage incident. He asked Han’s father to help him. He wanted to escape the finger-marriage by recovering from illness. He also learned from Han’s father that Han Dejang has been busy making a marriage recently, and the person to be married is Xiao Simwen’s young man. His daughter, Xiao Yanyan, is also his favorite.

Hu Gujiao and Zhiwei held the wedding together, and Ye Luxian toasted to the two of them, hoping that they could live a happy life. While drinking, Ye Luxian fainted at the marriage ceremony according to the pre-designed “sudden illness”, which attracted great attention from the Lord and King Taiping. Father Han came to diagnose and treat Yelvxian. He informed the two of Yelvxian’s condition. Now he has to move to the palace for temporary treatment. The Lord and King Taiping were wary in their hearts, but the Lord still responded. Yelvxian was allowed to move to the palace. In order to keep his eyeliner by Yelvxian’s side, King Taiping offered to cheer for Yelvxian.

Yelvxian refused, and the Lord no longer forced Yelvxian. However, King Taiping was always concerned about this matter. He thought about it and decided to stop. The heirs of Yelvxian and Anzhi were passed on from the side branch to the two. In this way, the two were not important, and the three branches of the Taizu line were also in his control.

Han Derang came to see Ye Luxian, Ye Luxian asked Han Derang to help him meet with Xiao Simwen, and asked Han Derang about his family, country and the world. If he loses Han Derang because of his family, what should he do. Hand let his heart be in the world. He is willing to die without regret for Yelvxian’s great cause. Yelvxian hopes that Handel can remember today’s words.

No matter what happens in the future, he hopes Hande let accompany him on this long road of reform in the Liao Dynasty. . As everyone knows, Ye Luxian decided to stop him after he learned of Han Deran’s relationship with Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan was destined to be the person who accompanied him on the storm after the future Liao.

Wu Guli was pregnant for more than two months, and Xi Yin was ecstatic when she learned of the joy. Wu Guli wanted to tell her two sisters about it, but Wu Guli stopped in time, not allowing anyone to reveal any news.

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