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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 12 Recap

Handerang revealed his heart to his father. The relationship between him and Xiao Yanyan is strong. If the great cause fails in the future, he also believes that Xiao Yanyan will not complain, but will always be by his side. Even though Father Han and everyone thought that Li Sier was the best choice for Handerang, Handerang was willing to get out of control for Xiao Yanyan. Father Han knew what Handerang wanted, and for the sake of his son, he also promised to go to Xiao’s family to propose marriage brazenly.

The southern lord sent troops to Daliao, and asked the lord to send troops to rescue before the front line. The Lord was so drunk that he didn’t care about the affairs at all, and only indulged in alcohol and murdered, making the maidservant around him shiver. All this reached Ye Luxian’s ears. Ye Luxian looked at the portrait of Xiao Yanyan he drew and decided to find a suitable time to go to the Xiao family to propose marriage. The palace is always full of killings. Xiao Yanyan is smart and kind, who is the best to stay with him. The woman of the great Liao River.

At this time, Hand in hand and Xiao Yanyan went shopping, riding a horse, and enjoying flowers. Hand in hand told Yanyan that his father had agreed to go to Xiao Mansion to propose marriage, and both were full of expectations for the future. But Mo Lugu begged his father at home to help him propose marriage to Xiao Mansion.

He liked Xiao Yanyan since he was a child, and naturally wanted to get Yanyan. Although Lord Hugu was dissatisfied with his son’s preference for the daughter of the Xiao family, he could not help it. And An has always had lingering fears just because he witnessed the scene of the king drinking and killing. He showed panic when meeting only privately, but did not comfort the beloved woman once, while promising that as long as he gains military power, he will eventually regain the throne and revive the king Prestige.

Han Kuangsi brought Han Derang to the Xiao family to propose marriage, and Hu Gu also brought Mo Lu Gu to beg for marriage at this time. Xiao Siwen was in a dilemma and directly invited Xiao Yanyan out to let Xiao Yanyan choose. Xiao Yanyan chose Handerang without saying anything, but Xiao Siwen directly rejected Hu Gu. Hu Gu was furious because of Xiao Siwen’s choice. He looked down on Handerang’s background from the bottom of his heart, so he left with Mo Lu Gu angry.

The frontline was defeated, but the lord only knew about killing. This move made Ye Luxian angry. He did not expect that the lord would ruin the Liao Dynasty so much. Only in this defeat, he has not been looking for opportunities to seize the military power. He contacted the clan privately, and this move reached the ears of King Taiping.

The King Taiping reported to the Lord, and the Lord wanted to use the charge of treason, but he was suppressed by the King Taiping. Unexpectedly, it was known to the Lord that the only thing that hadn’t been an fornicating with the maid’s peace was still known by the Lord. The two were arrested to open the palace. Ye Luxian knew that something was not good, so he hurried to ask the Taiping King, and Hu Yan didn’t say anything. King Taiping decided to go to the palace because of Hu Nian, but he did not intercede.

They just didn’t hit the lord at the top of the open palace, and scolded the lord to seize the throne they had deserved, but they didn’t perform the duties of the lord of a country and ruined the Liao Dynasty. The only thing that is nothing is the following crime.

In addition, the Lord is cruel and suspicious. He didn’t hear these words. He ordered the only thing to be dragged out and divided into five horses. Ye Luxian and King Taiping arrived in time, but they stopped at all No more than a mouth. He didn’t continue to speak to the Lord, and the Lord threw out the sword with great anger, and poked him in his right eye. He aggressively wanted to kill him on the spot. King Taiping stopped.

The Lord saw that King Taiping and Yelvxian were willing to forgive him, but his life was inevitable, but the death penalty was unavoidable, and the living sin could not escape. He ordered the imperial sentence to be imposed on him, and he would use a hundred sticks after 10 days.

The cruel heart of the Lord hated Ye Luxian, but Ye Luxian knew that he could no longer plead for him, and he would not be in danger, so he had to endure humiliation and thank the Lord, and watched the Lord’s order and the man was dying. Only did not throw out of Kaihuangdian. Standing at the gate of the palace, Ye Luxian looked at his only hand, foot, and flesh covered with blood. He was extremely angry, but could do nothing. He only vomited blood and fell at the gate of the palace.

Xiao Yanyan was waiting for Handerang at the wine shop, but Handerang was delayed because of things in the palace. He stayed by Yelvxian’s side and accompanied Yelvxian who woke up to see him. The younger sister of the two, Hu Gujiao, stayed by his side, but refused to take medicine. Ye Luxian cried and persuaded him. In this world, only the three of them are connected by blood and bones. As long as they live, there is a glimmer of hope. He only became a castr and a half blind. He was just a living dead, and he had no idea of ​​living. Ye Luxian had to let Hu Gujiao accompany him first. He dismissed Han Dejang and Han Kuangsi and planned to be alone. One person quietly.

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