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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan were sitting together in the wine shop. Ye Luxian was in poor health. Xiao Yanyan asked her wife to bring a pot of tea. She drank the wine alone. The two sat on the floor. Xiao Yanyan talked about the origin of her favorite person. Ye Luxian’s eyes were slightly disappointed, but he stepped back and became Xiao Yanyan’s blue confidant. He also gave a set of books to Xiao Yanyan. A favorite person.

Later, when Xiao Yanyan brought up her insights on national politics, Ye Luxian was impressed. He learned that Xiao Yanyan admired Queen Shulu very much, and also deliberately believed that Xiao Yanyan might become a nation in the future, Xiao Yanyan did not know what Yeluxian said. Meaning, only when Yelvxian was coaxing her.

Mrs. Li and her daughter came to the Han Mansion to discuss the marriage of the two. Miss Li knew that Han Derang liked Xiao Yanyan, and Mrs. Li gave her daughter peace of mind. One is that Mrs. Han likes her daughter very much, and the other is that Xiao Yanyan is a descendant and it is impossible to marry them. Southerner. When she arrived at the residence, Miss Li came to see Handerang first. She looked at Handerang’s wounds and learned that Handerang had a conflict with the imperial sons. She couldn’t help telling Handerang to be cautious. Although the Han family was crowned king, the southerners were always southerners. , Can’t be compared to the royal family.

Ye Luxian sat with Xiao Yanyan for a while, he found an excuse to leave and came to see Gao Xun. Gao Xun has ambitious ambitions, but because of his background he is stuck in a small official position. After he talked with Ye Luxian, the two decided to pursue a great cause together. After meeting Gao Xun, Ye Luxian was also going to return to the palace. Before he returned to the palace, he made an appointment with Xiao Yanyan again and met again next month.

Mrs. Han was very happy about Li Sier’s arrival. She exaggerated Li Si’er’s gentleness, and she deliberately matched Han Deran with Li Si’er. When the two sat together, Li Sier deliberately mentioned Xiao Yanyan’s identity, saying that Xiao Yanyan would be her concubine in the future. At this time, Xiao Yanyan came to send books to Handerang.

When she heard Li Sier’s words, she interrupted Li Sier angrily and told Li Siler clearly that Handerang’s heart was with her, so don’t worry about Handerang anymore. Xiao Yanyan’s tone was decisive, Li Sier apologized to Xiao Yanyan with an ugly expression, and Xiao Yanyan asked Li Sier to leave first. Han Derang remembered his mother’s instructions. He asked Li Si’er to stay. Xiao Yanyan listened to Han Derang’s words and left Han Mansion angrily.

Xiao Yanyan was angry and walked on the street. She waited for Han De to come and look for her, but she did not expect to wait for Mo Lugu. Mo Lugu invited Yanyan to play with him. Yanyan was unwilling to agree, but when she saw Han De letting her come to look for her, she agreed to Mo Lugu. Handejean came to stop the two of them.

He let Yanyan calm down, but Yanyan still blocked her breath and didn’t want to pay attention to Handejean, and Handejean also left with a temper. Xiao Yanyan was anxious. She tried to get rid of Mo Lugu and wanted to find Han Derang, but Han Derang was waiting for her at the other end. He promised Yanyan that these things would never happen again in the future, and he also planned to let her father Go to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to propose a marriage, he and Xiao Yanyan want to show everyone in the world.

He just didn’t find a string of precious jewellery. He wanted to go to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to please Xiao Yanyan. Although An had a deep affection for him, he couldn’t just give up his great foundation for An. An only heard Zimou’s words in the dark. She wanted to jump into the river to find her death, but she didn’t hurried down to rescue her. He assured An that he would never fail An, otherwise he would be condemned by God.

King Taiping personally went to find a master craftsman to make a good headdress for Hu Nian. Hu Nian knew that Chaozhong had many eyes staring at King Taiping. She didn’t want to be too swagger to cause trouble to King Taiping. The King of Taiping hugged Hu Nian in his arms, and now his imperial wife is gone. Hu Nian is the most noble woman in Daliao. He will spoil her and love her if he marries Hu Nian. Soon after, King Taiping hosted a banquet and invited his family to go to Nanjing to see off Di Lie.

Di Lie’s wife praised Hu Nian’s prosperity and wealth. Looking at Hu Nian’s happiness in her bones, she felt quite uncomfortable in her heart. Do not rely on the power of the Taiping King, rely on the Taiping King’s good words before the Lord to restore other officials.

The three sisters gathered together in the room, black bones admiring Hu Nian from the bottom of their hearts, but from the bottom of my heart, they thought Xiyin would give her all the glory and wealth in the future. Seeing Xiao Yanyan’s sad expression on her face, the two asked, only then did they know that Han Derang was going to Xiao Mansion to propose marriage, and also learned about Li Sier.

Hu Nian analyzed the temperament of Han Deran, and believed that there was indeed no Li Sier in Han Deran’s heart, so that Xiao Yanyan should stop making her temper. At this time, on the other side, Han Derang also came to his home. He asked his father to go to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to propose marriage. He wanted to marry Xiao Yanyan.

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