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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian sat on the grassland and chatted together. Xiao Yanyan was in a bad mood, but Ye Luxian made Xiao Yanyan smile. Xiao Yanyan believed that Ye Luxian was more suitable for being an emperor than others, and that he could sit in that position by relying on her own ability.

The two had a good chat. Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan became secret friends, and they no longer returned the Pisces jade pendant. On the way back to the palace, Ye Luxian talked to his wife about his plan. He wanted to take a look at Yan Yan and leave, but he still couldn’t help but consume too much physical strength to stay, but although he wanted to marry Yan Yan, The moment is not the best time.

On the second day of the wedding, Xiao Hunian and King Taiping came to see the Lord. King Taiping introduced his younger brother Di Lie and Di Lie’s family to Hu Nian. Today is a family banquet. The Lord ordered the two after they arrived. The banquet was held and the two were more enthusiastic, urging them to have a son as soon as possible. Di Lie wanted to win some opportunities for his son Frog. He set up Frog before the Lord.

The Lord didn’t want to see the third brother. He only sent the two of them to the guard of Nanjing to feel the atmosphere of the battlefield. At this time, Xiyin and Wu Guli came to see the Lord, and the Lord only let the two of them wait, and continued to enjoy the family banquet with the Taiping Wang and his wife. After a while, the master sent Xiyin and Wuguli away. If Xiyin hadn’t married Princess Taiping’s sister, he was still in the house, and he didn’t want to see Xiyin at all. Xiyin and Wuguli stood outside the palace, they swallowed their anger, but vowed to double today’s humiliation from the Lord one day.

Handejean and Xiao Yanyan were playing and playing on the grassland. The two met Mo Lugu. First, Mo Lugu laughed at Handejean as a small domestic slave and unworthy of marrying their descendants. Later, he led Ou to fight Handejean, and Hande made him outnumbered. Xiao Yanyan was also accidentally injured. Fortunately, Yelu Xianzhen stopped him, and Brother Xiu also came to stop Mo Lugu, which avoided a conflict. Handejeong was injured.

Xiao Yanyan gave Hande medicine to her. She was unwilling to return to the house and told Handejean not to leave her because of her family background. Xiao Yanyan wanted to know when Han Dejang could go to Xiao Mansion to propose marriage. Han Dejang didn’t want to hurt Xiao Yanyan, but Xiao Yanyan was willing to live and die with Han Dejang, and Han Dejang also gave Xiao Yanyan medicine and the two were sweet and greasy together.

Brother Xiu brought Mo Lugu to his father Hugu, and informed him of the dispute with Han Dejang. Although Hugu admitted that his son, Mo Lugu, was bullying more and less, he also believed that Brother Xiu favored the Nan people. Brother thinks that he is not helping his relatives. After Brother Xiu left, Mo Lugu was reluctant to take his younger uncle Yelv Xiezhen out to play, but Master Hugu taught his son that Yelu Xiezhen’s family is prominent, and it is only good for him to get close to him.

When Ye Luxian went out of the mansion, someone from the Taiping King followed Ye Luxian in the dark. Ye Luxian had to come to Xiao Mansion to find Xiao Yanyan. It happened that Yanyan had just returned from the Han Mansion, and Ye Luxian invited her to sit in the wine shop together, and she agreed. Ye Luxian saw Xiao Yanyan’s wound, he asked her mother-in-law to get Xiao Yanyan medicine, and he also knew from Xiao Yanyan that her face was injured because of Mo Lugu, and Han Derang was injured to protect Xiao Yanyan.

The two were chatting, just as the influence of Lu Gu’s body was on the opposite side of the wine shop, Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan decided to grind Lu Gu to make way for Han De. As everyone knows, Ye Luxian went out of the palace today to meet Gao Xun, but the people of the Taiping King realized that he had to use Xiao Yanyan to dispel the Taiping King’s doubts.

Xiao Yanyan used Han Deran to lure Lu Gu to the private room of Gao Xun’s envoy. Mo Lu Gu mistakenly thought that Han Deran was in the private room. Gao Xun asked Mo Lugu to be beaten to death. King Taiping received the news that Gao Xun and Yelvxian had entered the same restaurant, and hurried over, just to see how Mo Lugu was beaten. Gao Xun told King Taiping about Mo Lu Gu’s status. Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian stood on the sidelines.

Taiping King looked at the few people in front of him, and only let Mo Lu Gu go back to the house. The attitude of King Taiping satisfied Gao Xun, and Gao Xun also left. His subordinate Yixin asked about King Taiping’s views. King Taiping looked at Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian from the back, only thinking that Ye Luxian wanted to win over Xiao Simwen and marry the daughter of the Xiao family.

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