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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 43 Recap

Liao Jie started a radio speech. He dumbly picked up the speech prepared by Staff Qian and began to read, answering the communist army’s question of peace, saying that the Chu army had never surrendered. It was his lifelong belief to be loyal to the party state and he would make peace. The brothers of the Tenth Corps lived and died together. Qin Henian looked heavy when he heard these words, and Staff Officer Qian left with satisfaction after the speech.

However, at this moment, Liao Jie’s voice came on the radio again. This may be the last time he broadcasted a speech, and he spoke the real heart. Staff Qian hurried back to pull the switch, but Liao Jie’s two The poem has been broadcast. Mr. Hengjiang could hear the boundless land, and Mayor Wen tasted these words repeatedly. Of course, Liao Jie refused to be the marionette of the staff, and the staff was very angry.

After Qin Henian came back, Qin Zishu quickly wanted to take him away, saying that this was for a real family reunion, and Xiaoxue’s father came back. Qin Henian called him a savage man. He abandoned Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter for ten years. What could he have in mind? Even if he couldn’t come to propose marriage, he should meet him. This is the most basic etiquette. Qin Zishu persuaded Qin Henian to go with him to see him, and Qin Henian became even more angry.

Who is he? It is so difficult to even come to see him. Qin Zishu treats his words as a sacred decree, and the suffering he has suffered for so many years is white. have you eaten? It was about to board at half past nine, and Qin Henian insisted that he come to see him. Qin Zishu was so angry that he put on airs. Qin Henian, who had just been angry with Liao Jie, became even more angry and asked Qin Zishu to leave and leave Xiaoxue behind.

Qin Zishu refused, saying that Xiaoxue didn’t have his grandfather, only his own mother! Qin Henian was sad and angry, and fell the photo frame in a fit of anger. The director asked Qin Zishu mother and daughter to find out where they were going. Xiaoxue unsuspectingly told Dagu that they were going to Hong Kong, and the two found an excuse to go to the toilet, and Dagu hurriedly called someone back to report.

Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu went to the window according to the agreement. Su Wenqian gave them the ferry ticket, and learned that Qin Zishu and Qin Henian had broken up. Su Wenqian asked them to go to the dock first, and went to persuade Qin Henian. Section Chief Cao learned that Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter were going to Hong Kong, and Su Wenqian urged the two of them to go to the dock. Whether they succeeded or not, he would go to the dock to see them off. As soon as Section Chief Cao was about to look behind him, Qin Zishu opened the door. Section Chief Cao hoped that they would stay and help with the investigation. Qin Zishu ignored it and took Xiaoxue to the dock.

The Qin family. Su Wenqian ventured through the window and entered Qin Henian’s room and asked him what he thought of the people who assassinated Muto and Bai Songqi. Of course, Qin Henian thought they were heroes. Su Wenqian told them that he was a shepherd fish, and he knew how Qin Zishu’s eyes were blind. Su Wenqian told Qin Henian that Qin Zishu went to see Bai Songqi for his safety, and that Qin Zishu concealed all this for his safety.

Qin Henian deeply regretted it, but did not expect him to blame Qin Zishu for so many years. Su Wenqian went on to say that Xiaoxue’s father was the other person who assassinated Mu Teng, Chi Tiecheng. He had a special status and could not take care of Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter. Su Wenqian left the ticket, and Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue would wait for Qin Henian to the last moment.

Mayor Wen knocked on the door to come in, and Su Wenqian hurriedly left. Qin Henian decided to go to Hong Kong. Mayor Wen and the director quickly persuaded him and told him that Chi Tiecheng had killed Yin Qiansu, who was also Xiaoxue’s biological father. Qin Henian said that he already knew, and told them not to persuade himself, he had already made a decision. Dagu sent Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter to the pier and still refused to give up.

They had to watch them board the ship before they would leave. Ouyang Xiangling struggled to get the carving knife of the woodcarving fish and cut off the rope on his body. At the same time, Duan Zhenpeng came, but when he entered the room, Ouyang Xiangling had already broken free and hid under the bed. Duan Zhenpeng caught Ouyang Xiangling after seeing through. After a severe beating, Ouyang Xiangling desperately resisted and strangled Duan Zhenpeng with curtains.

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