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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 42 Recap

Zhuang Tingfeng told Liao Jie that everyone did not recognize him but recognized Qin Henian. Only Qin Henian’s words could be convinced by the whole army, and the fate of the Chu army was left to him. Zhuang Tingfeng knew that although Qin Henian and Liao Jie had a fight, they still missed each other in their hearts.

If Liao Jie didn’t know what to do, he would not come to Zhuang Tingfeng. But Liao Jie was worried that Qin Henian’s temper would not be eliminated, not to mention that he could not go to Qin Henian even if he was soft. Zhuang Tingfeng said that he could run errands for him, but he had to be able to get out of here first. The Communist Party didn’t give much time to Liao Jie. Don’t wait for Zhuang Tingfeng to fight with the Communist Party before Liao Jie could see Qin He.

Liao Jie came back and told the Communist Party representative that he would give them a reply. However, there are two conditions. The truce will allow the people to escape the war from the city for two days. He hoped that they would pass the train with their family members. The other party said he would report back. Chi Tiecheng wants to take Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu to Hong Kong, but Xiaoxue is not happy, and Qin Zishu is also worried about Qin Henian.

Su Wenqian didn’t go with them, and Xiaoxue’s eyes darkened again. She didn’t know when she could meet after she left. Xiaoxue watched Su Wenqian weeping, but Su Wenqian refused to look at her, but felt very uncomfortable, so she quickly found an excuse to go out and breathe. Su Wenqian ran out of the house in tears, and ate the chocolate Xiaoxue gave him with tears. Chi Tiecheng helped Xiaoxue wipe her tears and said that she would buy a lot of new clothes and toys for her, but Xiaoxue plunged into Qin Zishu’s arms. Qin Zishu asked Chi Tiecheng to see Su Wenqian.

Su Wenqian suddenly realized the danger when he heard the phone downstairs malfunctioning, and found the killer on the roof. Su Wenqian hurriedly signaled Chi Tiecheng and told him that there was a killer on the roof. Chi Tiecheng hurriedly went back to find a single-lens with a gun to let her take care of Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and turned on the top floor. After Chi Tiecheng stunned the killer, he asked Shan Leng to drive over. The killer was no one else but Duan Zhenpeng. Duan Zhenpeng said that Principal Fang sent him to kill Chi Tiecheng, and Chi Tiecheng has been designated as a traitor in the bureau. The bureau has also sent a sword assassination team.

They will continue the assassination of Qin under the leadership of Principal Fang. Chi Tiecheng told Su Wenqian that the sword assassination group was an assassination group recently established by the Bureau of Secrets, with extremely cruel methods. Chi Tiecheng mercilessly killed Duan Zhenpeng and took him to the unicorn bike to leave. Su Wenqian asked Chi Tiecheng to leave as soon as possible, but Chi Tiecheng refused. He wanted to leave Xiaoxue, Qin Zishu and Qin Henian!

Ouyang Xiangling was exhausted after losing the only clue to Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter. She was afraid that Su Wenqian would be pulled back by Chi Tiecheng, causing him to go further and further on the wrong path. Ouyang Xiangling suddenly became suspicious when he remembered that Qin Zishu didn’t take away the medicine that he had to take three times a day when he left.

The black under the lamp is old-fashioned but always effective. Are they at home? Qin Zishu was very excited and wanted to find Qin Henian. Chi Tiecheng also pretended to be flustered. Su Wenqian could only come out to preside over the overall situation. Chi Tiecheng had only a dead end here. The best way to protect Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue was to take them. leave here.

Chi Tiecheng in turn questioned Su Wenqian, without him and himself, Qin Henian would only have a dead end! So Su Wenqian decided to let Chi Tiecheng take Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter and Qin Henian tonight. The two decided to take the waterway and leave on the Victoria. Ouyang Xiangling rushed to Qin Zishu’s house, and happened to meet Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian sending Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue, they were going to persuade Qin Henian to leave with them.

Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian then went upstairs. Ouyang Xiangling wanted to call Section Chief Cao but the phone broke down and had to follow up alone. Su Wenqian asked Chi Tiecheng to deal with the identity issue, otherwise he couldn’t get on the ship. Chi Tiecheng thanked Su Wenqian very sincerely. As soon as the two were about to leave, Ouyang Xiangling showed up with his gun, his hands shaking nervously. Ouyang Xiangling asked Su Wenqian to pick up the handcuffs.

Chi Tiecheng took the opportunity to come over the gun in Ouyang Xiangling’s hand. Su Wenqian quickly blocked Ouyang Xiangling and asked him not to shoot, and even did not hesitate to do it with him. Chi Tiecheng and Ouyang Xiangling insisted on their own words. Su Wenqian knocked Ouyang Xiangling unconsciously and assured Chi Tiecheng that they could not confuse them when they left Songjiang. At the same time, Li Beicai and others also set off.

Su Wenqian tied up Ouyang Xiangling. After waking up, Ouyang Xiangling quickly persuaded Su Wenqian. Chi Tiecheng’s words were not credible. Three years ago, he made Su Wenqian so swearing to kill Yang Zhiliang, not to mention that Su Wenqian returned Xiaoxue to him. Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue were not happy either, they loved the beautified Chi Tiecheng by Su Wenqian instead of this demon.

Su Wenqian blocked Ouyang Xiangling’s mouth and left a small wooden fish. The day after tomorrow is Yang Zhiliang’s memorial day, I hope Ouyang Xiangling can help him. There was no news from Ouyang Xiangling, but Qin Zishu came with Xiaoxue instead. Qin Zishu persuaded Qin Henian to go to Hong Kong with himself tonight. Qin Henian said that he could not leave tonight because he had very important things. Qin Henian went to listen to the radio, leaving Qin Zishu in a hurry.

The commander heard that Liao Jie’s request was very strange, but he didn’t understand what little calculation he had and said that he would report it to the Central Committee. Su Wenqian got the ticket and met Duan Zhenpeng in Chi Tiecheng after he left. It turned out that everything just now was a scene performed by Chi Tiecheng and the apprentices.

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