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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 5 Recap

Facing Qian Qinqin’s attitude of far and near, Ouyang Chen was puzzled. Lu Li, in a depressed mood, came to his brother Lu Yang’s tomb to talk about his concerns, but was bumped into by Yu Xiu who came here by accident. Lu Li couldn’t stop Yu Xiu’s burning gossip soul. Qian Qinqin, who was worried that he would appear again, met Ouyang Chen and had to hide under the table and “disappear” on the spot. Qian Qinqin, who thought he had escaped a catastrophe, came to the hospital for review, but met Ouyang Chen again.

Qian Qinqin tried to evade, but Ouyang Chen asked Qian Qinqin to accompany him to find the famous writer Yayoi who refused to cooperate. Qian Qinqin was keenly aware of the reason why Yayoi refused to publish, and decided to help Yayoi fulfill his dying wish.

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