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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 4 Recap

Qian Qinqin and Lu Li came to Fan Chengzhi’s hometown. Qian Qinqin ran into the hardcore uncle and spit on Fan Chengzhi for “spoken words”, and he did not know each other. The uncle invited the two to eat and stay overnight. Qian Qinqin and Lu Li talked late at night, and the relationship became closer. The next day, the pure Qian Qinqin would use all the money to help take in his uncle, but he didn’t know that the uncle was the general manager Fan he was looking for.

Qian Qinqin kept his job and won the favor of Ouyang Chen. To celebrate, Qian Qinqin took the initiative to invite Lu Li to dinner. The well-dressed Lu Li waited hard, but waited for the message that Qian Qinqin was working overtime. Lu Li sent a supper to the company, only to see that Qian Qinqin was so diligent to Ouyang Chen, and finally lost.

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