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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 3 Recap

Qian Qinqin followed the doctor’s instructions to face Ouyang Chen, but he was not guilty and felt that avoiding Ouyang Chen was the best policy. However, Ouyang Chen became interested in Qian Qinqin who was full of justice. Although he temporarily lost his memory, Qian Qinqin decided to change his mind and work hard. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, I met Ouyang Chen, who took the opportunity to get close to him. This incident caused discussions among the office staff, and Lu Li was a little bit disappointed when he learned about it.

Director Li Chunxi, who has been adoring Ouyang Chen for a long time, returned to China and came to Ouyang Chen excitedly, but when he heard that Qian Qinqin had already taken Ouyang Chen, Li Chunxi was dissatisfied. He deliberately made things difficult for Qian Qinqin at the company meeting and asked for an interview. The reclusive business tycoon Fan Chengzhi.

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