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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 2 Recap

In view of the previous scoring behavior, Qian Qinqin came to the hospital suspecting that he was seriously ill. He came across psychology professor Yuan Mobei. Yuan Mobei suggested that Qian Qinqin use reverse psychology to contact Ouyang Chen to find the law of his scoring. That night, Qian Qinqin was invited to the party. Unexpectedly, Qinqin broke out again.

Qian Qinqin seduced Ouyang Chen in public, but Ouyang Chen ridiculed him. After returning to normal, Qian Qinqin was ashamed. He was about to leave the party secretly but saw a girl being bullied. Qian Qinqin was pushed into the swimming pool after seeing a righteous act. At the critical moment, Lu Li dived to rescue Qian Qinqin. Back at Qian Qinqin’s house, the two soaked people were alone, and the atmosphere was a bit subtle..

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