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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 23 Recap

It was still an ordinary and sweet day. Xia Rui made a cup of ginger tea Coke, which made Nan Xi nervous to get sick and catch her cold. She also moved forward and retreated with Xia Rui together to taste this unique cup of ginger tea Coke, which made him drink doubtful. life. Since cohabitation, although there are many differences in habits, it is wonderfully harmonious.

Zhao Yishu did not perform well in the final summary performance exercises. She couldn’t show tears of resentment when she was in love. In her heart, she could only give and wait silently. Zhao Yishu no longer hides from Cheng Erluo, and even takes the initiative to apologize to the other party. This is one of the problems that she and Cheng Erluo can never make progress.

Several people met Sibo’s senior at Yi Ze’s Yami Cafe. Cheng Erluo showed extreme admiration for him. He also keenly discovered that Sibo and Zhao Yishu always seemed to avoid each other intentionally or unintentionally, but could not find out about him. Your own emotional problems. Even Nan Xi couldn’t stand it anymore and actively encouraged Zhao Yishu and Cheng Erluo to confess their emotions. This matter was also scheduled after the final summary.

Because Xia Rui took care of Chen Hao before, the coffee machine that Mr. Shao promised came as promised. Nanxi became a guinea pig that same day, and Xia Rui was blessed with the idea of ​​sharing difficulties with him, and tasted a variety of different flavors with him. New formula. The result is that it doesn’t count if two people sit in the toilet, and they can’t sleep in all kinds of nights, with their eyes staring until dawn.

The coffee competition is coming soon, Xia Rui also works harder to learn to develop a variety of different coffees. Although she can make very good works in terms of taste and quality, Xia Rui prefers coffee with latte. The best garland is originality. Xia Rui, who has been unable to find a clue, also gave initiation under Yi Ze’s reminder.

In order to make a delightful garland, Nan Xi accompanied Xia Rui and held a pen to design a coffee garland pattern, that is, the bell dolphins that they met and acquainted with. Nan Xi carefully taught Xia Rui how to draw patterns, so that the dolphins were no longer monotonous, and the hearts of the two people were getting closer.

Nan Xi’s final exam and Xia Rui’s coffee competition happened to collide with each other. Although they could not accompany each other to cheer, their hearts gave each other encouragement at the same time. The East China Coffee Preliminary officially started, Xia Rui also displayed her strength normally, and Yi Ze’s smile also proved that her coffee must be good.

Sure enough, Xia Rui’s coffee successfully entered the semi-finals, but she never thought that she could pass the semi-finals, so there was no coffee work ready for the semi-finals. Xia Rui was perplexed and at a loss, and she hoped that Nan Xi could be by her side and give her confidence. And Yi Ze’s words once again gave Xia Rui the inspiration and confidence to face the game three hours later.

After receiving Xia Rui’s message, Nan Xi also speeded up the completion of the examination papers, and even handed in the papers half an hour earlier without checking, as if flying out of the school and rushing to the competition venue. After Nan Xi arrived, Xia Rui just made a dolphin drawing and pulled out the ocean on it.

Xia Rui and Nan Xi were so nervous that they were holding hands and waiting for the result, but they did not qualify for the finals. It was an unexpected surprise that Xia Rui could enter the semi-finals, and she did not expect to take a step forward, but instead comforted Nan Xi, who was more lost than her. Although today’s coffee did not win the competition, it is the coffee Xia Rui thinks is the best.

Just as Nanxi went to the bathroom, an Italian judge personally approached Xia Rui, expressing that he admired her talent and keenness for coffee, and invited Xia Rui to go to the Italian system to learn coffee technology. However, in order to stay in the country, Xia Rui put in a lot of hard work, she very decisively rejected the other’s kindness, but all this has been heard by Nan Xi, who has already returned, and put it in her heart.

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