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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 30 Recap

Long Aoyi dressed as a man and went to the brothel to drink. Although it was Qu and Yejing, the huge Chang’an City made her feel lonely and missed Sister Feng more and more. When Li Zhao met her here, he couldn’t help being overjoyed. Even if he was drinking at the same table, it was still difficult to overcome.

Li Zhaocheng confessed in drunk that when he talked about the scene he saw for the first time, it was because of Long Ao’s unobtrusiveness and no other woman’s demure, like a small deer in the wild, obviously surrounded by various crises, and the result was still rampant without any restriction. If you talk about love at first sight, it seems that Li Zhaoyuan was earlier than Li Qingliu, and he also longed to be able to stand side by side with Long Aoyi, and there would be no regrets in this life. However, Long Aoyi only focused on Li Qingliu from the beginning to the end, and now he even drank his sorrow.

Yan Bin went to send Antai Yinzi. Unexpectedly, Long Aoyi was not in the room. Xiao Qin planned to go out to look for it, but Li Qingliu suddenly appeared and went to the brothel alone. He happened to see Long Aoyi staggering back on the street. Li Qingliu hugged Long Ao back to the palace. Li Zhao woke up without seeing Long Aoyi. He was immediately furious. He was slapped on the spot because of the martial arts failure and warned him that he would never be called “Mrs. Jun Wang” again.

After Long Ao was sober, he found Li Qingliu standing by the bed, but when he remembered the scene between him and Du Xiaoxian, the depression in his heart had not subsided. Li Qingliu explained the reason and took the initiative to kiss him. Long Aoyi was shocked. After reacting, he said that the royal family was self-righteous, especially Li Qingliu had many flowers and three wives and four concubines.

Just as Long Aoyi was still losing his temper, Li Qingliu accidentally knocked over the tea cup and dampened the official road map of the water transportation. This time, a blessing in disguise, he discovered the problem on the official road map. Although most of the official roads are currently blocked, if some of them can be used in conjunction with private waterways and used in a staggered manner, transportation efficiency will definitely be improved.

Du Xiaoxian passed by the door and heard the conversation between the two, including Li Qingliu’s detailed deployment. Li Qingliu picked up the bamboo and wood that Long Aoyi lost on the day of the Shanghai Festival. He simply made a wooden comb as a gift, and combed her hair with great gentleness. He felt that he once thought that as long as he studied Shu embroidery skills, he could do a good business in silk and satin shops. , But now I find that I have the ability to do more things and fulfill the long-cherished wish between him and Long Aoyi.

Seeing the sweet love between the two in the room, Du Xiaoxian gritted her teeth. She ordered Yue’er to inform Li Zhao of Li Qingliu’s strategy, and then secretly exchanged Li Qingliu’s memorial, causing him to submit a blank memorial at the next day’s meeting, which aroused the emperor’s anger. Punishing him to go to the Imperial College to study and revise the family history is tantamount to demotion.

Since Li Zhao was the first to play a good strategy, the emperor handed the matter to Li Zhao. Li Qingliu concealed his anger and hurriedly returned to the house to search for the memorial, but the memorial disappeared out of thin air. Thinking that the insiders were only him and Long Aoyi, he couldn’t help but be a little skeptical. When Long Aoyi heard about this from Yan Bin, he immediately asked Xiaoqin to inform Li Qingliu to help find the missing comb in the back garden.

Li Qingliu became angry, but he still went there in person, unexpectedly Long Aoyi ordered someone to remove the lantern in advance. With countless fireflies flying up, Li Qingliu immediately understood that Long Aoyi wanted to let him go, and the so-called missing wooden comb was placed in a prominent place. Xiaoqin passed a message on behalf of her own master, saying that “the world is colorful and colorful, the more you value it, the easier it is to be confused, and you can only see it clearly when it fades.” Long Ao thought about these words all day long, but she was embarrassed to say it to her face, Li Qingliu smiled with satisfaction and suddenly became cheerful.

Long Ao went into the palace as usual to see the imperial concubine. He happened to see the imperial concubine’s funny foreign bird named “eggplant” and wanted it to sing. Long Aoyi suggested going to the back garden. Maybe he could find a way to open his voice, but Du Xiaoxian thought that Long Aoyi was arguing that if the birds sang a male and female attraction would be necessary, so he brought a female bird. It didn’t work, but Long Ao opened the cage and returned the foreign bird to freedom, and finally let it sing joyfully on the tree.

The imperial concubine was overjoyed, and she also very much agreed with Long Aoyi’s free speech. She had been in the palace for many years and knew that the imperial city seemed glamorous, but after all, it was a cage. People outside the city expected to come in, but people inside the city wanted Going out, the longer you will understand the value of freedom and the involuntary suffering.

Du Xiaoxian saw that the imperial concubine loves Long Aoyi very much, and felt uneasy. He could hear the imperial concubine curious about Long Aoyi’s pregnant belly, so he carefully observed Long Aoyi’s expression and thought of Li Zhao’s previous guess. In order to prove that Long Aoyi was falsely pregnant, Du Xiaoxian specially let the maid deliberately tore Long Aoyi’s skirt, causing the cotton in her clothes to fall all over the floor.

Li Qingliu was shocked when he learned that Long Aoyi was pretending to be pregnant for investigating the murderer. He was even more saddened. He thought that the two had a mutual understanding and should trust each other, but he never thought that Long Aoyi had never trusted him. In the end, Long Aoyi stopped making any more excuses, anyway, she was too tired to face these young daughters in the mansion, and she was too tired, so she decided to leave Zhaowang Mansion and completely reconcile with Li Qingliu.

At the same time, Pang Shizhong believes that it has been three years since the death of Queen Dugu, and that she should move out of the forbidden area as soon as possible and enter the land for safety. Moreover, the palace’s excessive sun may damage the peace of the queen. The emperor felt that what Pang Shizhong said was not unreasonable, so he agreed to choose a good day and be buried in the back mountain of Qinglong Temple.

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