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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 29 Recap

Because Long Ao was always greedy, he ordered the people to consign his elbows. The speed was not comparable to that of ordinary official roads. Li Qingliu was aware of it and asked Long Ao to learn the truth. Then he suggested to use the water transport secret road south at the meeting. The northward transfer of grain to solve the grain shortage in Chang’an.

Pang Shizhong disagreed and did not approve of this move. In addition, Li Zhao objected from the side, making the emperor hesitate until Li Qingliu took out new rice from southern Fujian and wanted Qinglong to participate in the transportation of relief food. Yuan Zai and others The ministers also expressed their views. In the end, considering the urgency of the situation, the emperor simply allowed the expropriation of civilian power, and Sinong Temple and the Ministry of Households would be responsible for supervision.

The imperial concubine summoned the harem concubine and the royal family members, intending to share the worries of the court. Concubine De concubine wanted to use the three-system monthly salaries for disaster relief. Du Xiaoxian seconded to set up a congee shop in the neighborhood to show the royal love for the people. Only Long Aoyi laughed at them for doing useless work, causing Concubine De to scold her and punish her for copying Scripture 1. volume.

Li Qingliu cared about Long Aoyi and was willing to take the initiative to copy for her, but he would not allow Long Aoyi to leave, instead sitting around and watching. Long Aoyi found that Li Qingliu’s appearance was indeed extraordinary, and laughed and teased him, but the two of them actually forgot about copying the scriptures and just played around. Weng Dayou sent someone to send some copies of the sea bottom. According to the secret language, Long Aoyi learned that in addition to the official and civil waterways, there are several more convenient waterways that can transport food smoothly.

In the next few days, Wandan grain arrived in Chang’an one after another, and Emperor Longyan Dayue praised Li Qingliu in public. However, the Longzhu gang found that the relief food had not been distributed truthfully to the victims. Instead, they were transferred to the official warehouse by the household carriage after they landed ashore, and then sent to the military food department at night.

The disaster food is full of the army, and Li Qingliu hurriedly played the emperor. How could Pang Shizhong and Du Changfeng hand over a contingency plan beforehand, saying that the amount of food transported by the water was too small, and there was very little left after the normal cost. Moreover, the battle in the north was uncertain and the military demand Being tight is really helpless.

Now that Du Xiaoxian is about to get married, Chang’an aristocratic women have gone to congratulate her one after another, and at the same time they also fight for her, thinking that Long Ao Yihu is charming and confusing. Long Aoyi successfully removes the birthmark on Han Zhaorong’s forehead, allowing him to regain his holy favor, and now the two have a good relationship with each other. Pang Yan’er planned to take the opportunity to teach Long Aoyi, so she took the initiative to give her the precious silk fan on the grounds of friendship.

Long Aoyi discovered that there was a mandala hidden in the silk fan pendant pouch, and immediately understood that the other party was malicious. The imperial concubine dismissed the Shanghai Festival performance as nothing new, so Long Ao volunteered herself and planned to do a skirt dance for everyone, falsely claiming that this dance method came from Jiaermu and needed others to take off his coat to cooperate.

The imperial concubine was interesting, and immediately named the women present, including Du Xiaoxian and Pang Yan’er. Long Aoyi took the opportunity to wipe the mandala on the hem of the two of them, using his own way to treat his body. It happened that the Tianzhu snake charmer came on stage to perform. The poisonous snake smelled the mandala and suddenly bit at Du Xiaoxian. Li Qingliu appeared in time to kill the snake.

Seeing Li Qingliu’s hero saving the United States, Long Aoyi was both angry and annoyed, reminding him that the most beautiful snake is also the most poisonous before leaving. Concubine De concubine knows that Du Xiaoxian indulges Pang Yan’er to make such a reckless and obvious behavior, and she can’t help but complain, telling her that as the mistress of the house, she should not be jealous with a lowly woman. Instead of harming others and herself, she should put her mind on the right path and use fright. Do something about one thing.

Geng Zi and others investigated the Chang’an grain and rice market and unexpectedly discovered that someone was selling grain and rice at a price that was as high as 20 times. Long Aoyi took a rice bag to find Li Qingliu, but he didn’t expect Du Xiaoxian to be there, pretending to be pure and kind to provide food for the people. Du Xiaoxian deliberately annoyed Long Aoyi and brought the topic to Li Zhao. Li Qingliu, who was standing behind the curtain, was jealous when she heard this. Long Aoyi immediately understood that Du Xiaoxian had used the next three methods to instigate the discord. The rice bag was thrown to Li Qingliu and turned and left.

Du Changfeng invited officials from the DPRK and the central government to the mansion for a meeting before her daughter’s marriage, and then handed out all the family property to Du Xiaoxian in public, intending to marry her. Du Xiaoxian was moved and raised a toast with his father. After Du Changfeng dismissed Du Xiaoxian, he ordered his servants to put the whole box of gold in front of several colleagues and share the profit of this disaster with them.

Originally, Li Qingliu wanted to investigate the large amount of new rice sold on the black market, but Du Changfeng had already prepared his excuses. He and Pang Shizhong hired several businessmen as scapegoats to block Yoyo’s mouth and the emperor’s accountability. Yuan Zai believes that the problem of transportation capacity has become more serious since the Anshi Rebellion, and it is now out of control, so he wanted to take this opportunity to mobilize all parties to solve it together. The emperor agreed with the prime minister and ordered his officials to come up with a solution within three days. Consumers can get heavy rewards.

Li Qingliu asked Liu Shilang from the Ministry of Industry to discuss the official road of water transport. Long Aoyi stood beside him in disguise and learned that many people from the Wei family had been ordered to transfer the water. They opened water trade and recorded detailed official road maps. There was no one to take care of this dynasty. Long Aoyi asked Xiaoqin to forward the letter to Han Zhaorong’s cousin, Wei Qishi. Immediately after passing by Du Xiaoxian’s courtyard that night, he misunderstood Li Qingliu and Long Ao’s rendezvous through the shadow of the window, and then left in annoyance, but he didn’t know that Du Xiaoxian intended to do so. In fact, he took the initiative to ask Li Qingliu to help make clothes, and even created an illusion by the window.

Long Ao sneaked out of the house to see Wei Ge, and successfully obtained the detailed waterway drawing of the official water transport road. Wei Geshi knew that she was doing this for Li Qingliu, and couldn’t help feeling that she and his wife Li Qingliu were deeply in love, but when Long Ao thought of what had happened before, his heart was still frustrated.

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