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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 28 Recap

When Long Ao was looking for fun, he brought Li Qingliu to Bo Yuge to play a few games. Li Qingliu distributed silver to all the gamblers and ordered them not to gamble with Long Aoyi.

After hearing about Li Zhao’s drunk brothel, Concubine De Fei personally went to reprimand him as a prince. She would only add jokes to others and let Li Qing Liujiu occupy the magpie’s nest, thus replacing him in the emperor’s heart. . Because of what his mother said, Li Zhao suddenly realized that he should not continue to be decadent. He is not only the sixth prince of the Tang Dynasty, but also the future emperor, but the word emperor made Concubine De hesitate to speak.

Since the last time Du Xiaoxian questioned that the child in Long Ao’s belly had made Li Qingliu unhappy, now she continues to show her hospitality and brings meals daily. Li Qingliu couldn’t get angry with her anymore, but after all, he still had to say something, and then said that he had always regarded Du Xiaoxian as a close partner, so the emperor had no objection to the marriage. He was afraid that too much resistance would damage the reputation of the woman. Do your best to give status, but there is no love between men and women.

Du Xiaoxian cried when she heard the words, but she was still adamant and asked Li Qingliu to ensure that she was still the mistress of the palace. Later, Shanggong Bureau used the ceremony of the Tang Dynasty and at four o’clock the Meng Yuexiang Temple canonized Du Xiaoxian as the princess of Jun. The wedding ceremony was selected in the Dali, and Long Aoyi was the ruling.

Afterwards, Long Aoyi followed Du Xiaoxian into the palace to see the concubine. However, the concubine in the palace only wanted to befriend Du Xiaoxian, and did not put her inferior ruin in his eyes. It was extremely difficult to find clues about the jade ornamentation. . Just as Long Aoyi was deeply depressed, Fei Defei suddenly visited her, not only was she ridiculed, she even warned her that she should not be ostentatious if she is married, otherwise she will suffer sooner or later.

At the harem banquet, Long Aoyi deliberately befriended the imperial concubine but was alienated. He happened to hear the imperial concubine mention various fruit wines, so he went down the conversation and even talked about the folk customs of Jiaermu in public. Because Jiaermu respects women and is rarely seen, everyone finds it very interesting, and the imperial concubine laughs from ear to ear.

At the same time, Li Qingliu got Babao chess from Funan Business Travel, which made the emperor reluctant to think about Shu. It happened that Li Zhao went to the palace to ask for peace. He had learned a couple of times with Yuan Zai. The emperor was overjoyed when he heard the words and planned to have time for the father and son to discuss another day, while Li Zhao looked at Li Qingliu with a bad eye.

Gengzi’s second sister, Menghan, left Yincheng for Chang’an in the early years. She didn’t want to be a maid. Because of the strict rules in the palace, she was not allowed to go out at will, so that she could not give Gengzi a letter. Long Aoyi promised to help her lead the conversation, but Menghan brought in many court ladies and eunuchs in the same situation. They were indeed from the Longzhu Gang, and their ability to organize gangs was really first-rate.

Usually there is nowhere to go in the palace, Long Ao panicked for a moment. The only pleasure is to fight with Li Qingliu, but every time Li Qingliu “teaches” her, it makes her blush and heartbeat. Long Aoyi entered the palace to learn etiquette, and was punished to copy the papers for her rude words. Fortunately, Menghan took good care of her and brought her to eat.

Long Ao asked Menghan to help pay attention to the pattern of the white jade koi, so Menghan searched for the koi throughout the palace, and there was no similarity. The eunuch’s small table helped Long Aoyi sneak into Concubine De’s palace, knowing that she was addicted to jade like her life, but the different styles of the koi jade tiles made her go for nothing. Han Zhaorong found that Long Aoyi was distributing spices everywhere, and he was very interested in it. He wanted to ask her to help find the beautifying sea mud that he had paid tribute to in his early years.

Nowadays, there is a famine around Chang’an, and the people rely on the official warehouse to distribute food. However, there are too many people and little food. Facing the emperor’s questioning, Pang Shizhong said that the Ministry of Household had already followed the order to transport grain from Jiangnan and other places, but the Cao Canal Road was in the dry season, so the transportation progress was greatly reduced.

Li Qingliu suggested that positions must be opened to suppress food prices and crack down on unscrupulous merchants. However, Pang Shizhong thought that King Jun’s arguments were flashy and opposed on the spot. Even Li Zhao agreed with Pang Shizhong’s remarks. Yuan Zai took the initiative to speak on behalf of Li Qingliu. After the dynasty was dismissed, Li Qing fluted Yuan Zai to take care of Yuan Zai at the meeting, and at the same time asked him for advice and politics.

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