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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 25 Recap

After taking ginseng, Long Ao gradually improved and woke up, but Pang Shizhong discovered that Li Zhao had stolen the ginseng and learned from Du Changfeng that this woman had a close relationship with the two princes. Pang Shizhong was worried that Long Aoyi would become a hidden danger, and planned to join forces with Du Changfeng to get rid of her, thus discovering that there was someone else who had assassinated Long Aoyi.

Du Xiaoxian visited Zhaowang’s Mansion to see Long Aoyi, but Li Zhao refused to admit it, and even advised her to take care of her duties. Wu Lin blocked the door to stop Xiao Qin, Li Zhao was obstructed by Du Xiaoxian’s side, so he could only let Xiao Qin go back first, and then told Wu Lin not to know anyone and be sure to conceal it.

Yan Bin determined where Long Aoyi was and hurriedly informed Li Qingliu, and then went to Zhaowang Mansion with Li Qingliu. Li Zhao turned Li Qingliu away and concealed something from Long Aoyi. Li Qingliu took the Liaodong ginseng and sat in the carriage. He waited from dark to dawn until he saw Emperor Qin coming out of the mansion and learned about Long Aoyi. Having been out of danger, I was finally relieved.

Li Zhaoshou was beside Long Ao’s bed and heard her murmur Li Qingliu’s name when she was unconscious. He couldn’t help feeling depressed. Knowing that Li Qingliu was still at the door, he simply prepared a generous gift for Madam Qin and asked him not to go abroad. Talking about Long Aoyi’s situation. Long Aoyi was grateful for Li Zhao’s life-saving grace and believed that he and Lu Erye were the only one to rely on in Chang’an. Li Zhao was curious about why Long Aoyi went to the Boyu Pavilion Casino. Long Aoyi did not want him to be involved in the storm and lied. Said itchy hands and play two.

However, these remarks did not dispel Li Zhao’s suspicion. He asked the martial arts general Xiaoqin to take care of Long Aoyi, and then took the martial arts to find the boss of Bo Yuge instead of learning the true situation. It turned out that the boss of Bo Yuge was the princess Shengping, the fourth sister of Li Zhao. She saw that Li Zhao liked Long Aoyi and heard that two younger brothers were fighting for a daughter. She was immediately excited and couldn’t help gossip.

It is a pity that the royal family is ruthless. As a prince who likes civilians, he would not be tolerated by etiquette. Moreover, the prince was exonerated because of his status, but if Long Aoyi was held accountable, he would probably be severely punished. Princess Shengping thought that since Li Zhao liked Long Aoyi, she should be let go instead of staying with her forcibly.

At the same time, Li Qingliu was ordered to enter the palace to see the imperial concubine, but he was unfamiliar with the road in the palace and almost went to the forbidden area by mistake. Fortunately, Lu Erye appeared in time to lead him personally. During the period, Li Qingliu asked Lu Erye about the situation of her mother and concubine, and learned that Liangdi and Dugu noble concubine were close friends in the boudoir. Because Dugu noble concubine was very much loved by the emperor, the emperor pursued her posthumous empress after her death, and personally divided the forbidden area and placed the coffin. , Send heavy troops to guard.

After many years, the imperial concubine saw Li Qingliu again. He had grown up and she couldn’t help crying with joy. Since the princess loves this grandson very much, she hopes that Li Qingliu can often enter the palace and walk around. If she is not satisfied with the marriage given by the emperor, she can also refuse. Li Qingliu didn’t directly express his inner thoughts, and casually stated that Du Xiaoxian was gentle and graceful and sure to be a good wife, but the empress dowager didn’t think she was amazing when she was used to seeing the ladies.

While the grandfather and grandson were chatting, Princess Shengping suddenly appeared with a pot of exotic flowers and weeds. Because of her cheerful personality and very different from other women in the palace, she was very pleased with the imperial concubine. Princess Shengping knew that Li Qingliu was once a master of Shu embroidery, so she asked him to help make a dress in Shu. Li Qingliu had a good impression of Shengping, and she naturally responded.

After leaving the concubine’s palace, Li Qingliu asked Princess Shengping to find out about the secrets in the palace, but also wanted to understand why the mother and concubine left the palace. However, Shengping was still young at the time, and many things were gradually forgotten. After that, he was rarely mentioned. Li Qingliu wondered how the Dugu clan, being the emperor’s favorite concubine, would have died prematurely. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Shengping immediately interrupted in a panic and told him not to mention it to others.

Yan Bin wanted to take Long Aoyi back to the mansion, worried that she and Li Zhaori had been in love for a long time, but Li Qingliu hadn’t resolved the current troubles and didn’t want to drag Long Aoyi. Instead of caring about feelings, he was most concerned about the safety of Long Aoyi. . Li Zhao tried to get close to Long Aoyi many times, but found that she was deliberately keeping her distance, and instantly felt disappointed.

After receiving news from Long Aoyi, the Longzhu gang quickly rushed to Chang’an. The Thin Monkey, Gengzi, and Hei Pang arrived first, and went to the Zhaowang Mansion with the small hall master to meet Long Aoyi. The few people reunited after a long absence, and they were overjoyed and felt that things were wrong. Once Long Ao decided to take root in Chang’an, Li Zhao helped them find a few shops.

The shopkeeper of the elbow shop brought his buddies to buy low-priced ingredients, but it was inevitable to be a little frightened to see everyone full of gangsters. At this time, Long Aoyi was flexing his muscles and bones in the backyard, but when he saw Concubine De was coming from the opposite side, it seemed that the person who came was not good.

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